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Gougai! Gougai!

To the person whose account just got deleted, I'm so fucking sorry, I'm going to try and dig your information up in the databases but I did it on accident responding to your spam report. :((((

Brand new site update live now! After the Revolution is now hosted on EM, as is a ton of brand spanking new stuff, artwork, essays, new site sections, doujin, and more. Come celebrate Akio's birthday. ;)

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Bears, Sighs and Virgins - The YKA OST (THERE BE SPOILERS)

...I never noticed that the Yuri Approved had Ava Maria threaded through it. A lot of 70's style instrumentation in the electronica bits, too.

Someone with knowledge of the Suspiria movie, how much likeness to Goblin's work is this?

(Also yes, it has internet presence.)

Starting listening about 30 minutes ago.

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