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Golden Heroes Returned: Exalted Third Edition

(Just as a note. I am well aware that there was involvement with the two people who can be said to have spearheaded Ex3 with the whole GG/anti-GG mess and I am of the opinion both sides currently look really dumb so let's not have this turn into a GG debate thread. I'm sure enough of us are sick to death of the noise. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH)

There is, currently in layout, the Third Edition of Exalted, which will likely be out this month once they have the page count of a weight less than making Orichalcum edition a potential murder weapon.

For those who do not know, Exalted is the story of heroes returned to a fantasy world unlike our own in a Time of Turmoil the past five years. A queen has fallen and you have a simple choice.

Here's your shovel-will you clean it up or will you finish digging Creation's grave?

Inspired by Pegana: Tales of the Flat Earth, King Arthur, wuxia, anime, traditional mythology, Ninja Scroll and much much more, it's one of both some of the most progressive and incredible writing.

After a very troubled second edition, the third edition has helming it a number of people who have gone through some rather heroic measures to bring it to you. It's been delayed several times but is, again in final layouts.

There's a spitballed sig Sidereal of Endings whose name is White Rose Prince, who was once a princess who was very sad her mother and father had died, when along came a traveling prince...

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