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Juri Jeerer
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Live Action TV and Movie recommendation

Watched Hannibal, Silence of the lambs, and Blacklist and looking for more of the same.  Something with twists and turns, thriller action.  Also, I like the mind game relationship between Clarise and Hannibal and how Red and Liz kind of remind me of them.



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Yaoi Pet #1
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Re: Live Action TV and Movie recommendation

I have to recommend The Wire. I'm pretty sure having watched the whole thing means I'm legally obligated to recommend it to anyone who asks for TV recommendations. It doesn't reach the level of thriller that Silence of the Lambs provides, but there's plenty of interesting mind games being played and the characters are very compelling.

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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: Live Action TV and Movie recommendation

Twin Peaks is worth diving into, if you haven't, especially with the long-delayed third season showing up on cable in a bit here and the new movie David Lynch put together for the boxset. It's got a higher comedy to meanness ratio, perhaps, but it's the blueprint for a lot of what The Wire, The Blacklist, and the modern dark twist and turn tv show plays like.

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Touga Topper
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Re: Live Action TV and Movie recommendation

I just saw 'It Follows' with low expectations but it turned out to be honestly one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. Just a very good movie overall, I can't say enough about the cinematography and the soundtrack. Would recommend if you want thrills.

It reminded me a lot of some of John Carpenter's movies so I guess if you like those you'll also like this.

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