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Wakaba Wrangler
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You have to see this male model.

Akio, Touga, or Saionji...take your pick.

His name is Francesco Uriel Serafini, he's Italian, and here are his FB pages: … 1531301798



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World's End
From: Cloud Nine
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Re: You have to see this male model.

Hmm, I do love me some long haired men.  etc-love

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is on a BOAT!
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Re: You have to see this male model.

Very nice thank you, I hope whomever he is is married to puts that to good use. emot-keke
I think that he could cosplay  Saionji  well/ok, the attention to detail could make it.

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Wakaba Wrangler
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Re: You have to see this male model.

Oooh wowie, who could it be, maybe all three?



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Chrome Homura
Poor Saionji :(
From: Oregon, USA
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Re: You have to see this male model.

His features definitely have that same kind of rough edge I can see in Saionji's. He could easily get away with cosplaying even Ruka at any given convention, but he'd look the most authentic as Saionji imo.

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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: You have to see this male model.

Bedroom eyes? Touga.
Pouty emo lips? Saionji.
Nose? Not really either of theirs.

In short? This would be their love child. Or hate child.

You never know with them. etc-saiowank

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