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What specific behaviors that invalidate the people who exhibit them

Using the world "fag." It's not that I feel protective towards homosexuals. It's that "fag" is just a generic insult that is used on non-gays about 100 times as often as it's used on actual gay people. When you use it to insult a non-homosexual, you're basically showing that you can't come up with anything specific to insult. Which is a really bad indicator of a person's intelligence, because while positive opinions are very general, holistic, and nuanced, negative opinions tend to be very specific (i.e. "That dude looks like a rapist"). If even your negative opinions are incoherent and ill-defined, then you're probably functionally illiterate.

Note: it's not very productive to point out ideologies or general worldviews, if you hate a political faction or religious agenda then pointing out a set of behaviors characteristic of that mindset is very profitable.

The real purpose of elections is to make the people hate each other more than they hate their government.



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