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Book Reccomendations

So we have a thread where everyone shares the books they have been reading and their opinions on them.  This will be a little sister thread specifically for book recommendations.  If you read a book and just thought it was okay, it's not relevant to this thread.  :3

What Do:

*List the book, author, and whether or not it is fiction, non-fiction, comic or poetry. 

*Include reasons why you are recommending the book along with a quick summary or hook.  Maybe it's a popular classic that lives up to the hype, maybe it's a short but informative nonfiction book on a fascinating topic, maybe it made you cry and you totally love books that make you cry.

*Trigger warnings are NOT required.  I do this because for some stories trigger warnings are spoilers, or can be assumed based on the summary or genre.  Still, include them, no-matter how specific, if you do feel like it and feel free to ask if a certain book includes something that you know triggers you.  If someone asks for this clarification there is to be no making fun of them or like, I dunno, typing eye-roll emotes or whatever.  The idea here is that, of course someone would want to know about any potential triggers in a work; this is a recommendations thread and people come here to see if they can find something that suits them.  Let's all be nice and from here on out assume that you risk running across or reading both spoilers or triggers in this thread (and the books), but do not fear asking whether or not a recommended book contains triggering material.

*By all means, second recommendations, discuss the books, ask for specific recommendations or thank others for recommending something that you ended up loving!

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Re: Book Reccomendations

Title: A Chorus of Stones: The Private Life of War

Author: Susan Griffin

Genre: Nonfiction, considered Women's Studies because it is the war history that contradicts the means and motives of the study of war history

Pitch: This book... the only way I think I have any chance of understanding how devout Christians see the Bible is to think of how I see this book.  It... the best way I can summarize it is to say that it is a deeply personal lament about all the things that have gone wrong in the last century, which somehow manages to sanctify all of them in the light of hope.  You should read this book because I can almost 100% guarantee that it will make you a better person.

But the real reason I want to suggest is this is because of the mention of trigger warnings.  I am fairly certain that, if a list was made of all the fairly standard triggers that this book contains, the trigger warning would be longer than the book itself.  This is a book that will break you.  It will make you cry.  And that is why you should read it.

Me?  I cried over the brief description of Heinrich Himmler's death.

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