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Saionji Slapper
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Anything you've wanted to see our title heroine do?

ok so im in cosplay right now so if you ever have wanted to see a slightly chubby utena doing weird/ ooc/ ic stuff here ya go. Keep it pg13, im underage

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Bitch Queen
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Re: Anything you've wanted to see our title heroine do?

Just off the top of my head:

- hula hoop

- nose picking. Fake it or not, I don't care emot-biggrin


- Hannibal Lecter mask. Facsimile is fine, crappy facsimile is lulz, bloody steak or something of the sort also welcome.

- overdramatic death scene, you know, gasping, clutching at heart, that sort of thing

- jumping out of bushes to scare passersby, scared passersby a must

Any, all, or none of the above.

Edit for retard: Or next time you happen to be cosplaying. Whenever. emot-keke

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