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ITT: Perfectly Cromulent Words!

So, as everybody may have noticed by now, I've become a field agent for TV Tropes. (That is, I try to get everybody I know IRL hooked on the site. My success rate is...variable, let's just say.) And spending hours staring at trope pages and examples doesn't really help your skill as a writer, because you start writing against the tropes and not the plot or characters. Trying to see which ones are dead horses so you can play them ironically straight, trying to subvert/invert/avert the usual suspect-tropes, that sort of thing.

Also, I thank Tamago immensely for the links, and want to pitch him in the nearest bottomless pit. emot-tongue That's neither here nor there, though.

This morning, I thought of a "perfectly cromulent word." You know, the words you say that people turn around and fire back, "That's not even a word!" Which they're right, I suppose, but the words are still fun, aren't they? Doing the job other, actual words can't seem to be arsed to do. I even thought of one, and started wondering (and it gets dangerous when I start wondering, I assure you).

"Why don't I ask the other vIRGins which ones they use?"

So that's what this thread I'm making is for. Also, because of the nature of perfectly cromulent words, and how we could sit here all day contemplating our navels and coming up with them, I'm putting it in the Shaved Ice Lounge.

Here's an elegant and finely-crafted link as the basic/refresher course. emot-keke

My first one, and the one that'll kick off this thread, is subperior Which is a perfectly cromulent way to say inferior. Especially if you're trying to get people to underestimate your general intelligence. >>;;;

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