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Wakaba Wrangler
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Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

Cinderella is an obvious one where Akio constantly fondles people's feets and the fairytale is based on the whole 'being chosen by a prince and living happily ever after.'  Akio is shown as being unable to give anybody a happy ending and the goal of being a princess is shown to be an empty one.

Snow White is another where the princess is asleep in the coffin and is awakened by a prince.  The riffs are showing Anthy and Utena in coffins and being awakened and the constant appearances of apples throughout the show.  However, it's then undercut by what makes them step away from the coffins and the high probability that Kanae is being poisoned by them but is never shown to recover/awaken from them.

This is weaker but I'm also reminded a little of Blue Beard.

Any other fairytales you think it riffs on?

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Dark Whisperer
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Re: Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

There are quite a few. It's been ages since I've watched the show so the one thing that immediately springs to mind is the image of the Bremen Town Musicians in the background of one scene. I'm too lazy right now to go searching for the screen cap.

Sleeping Beauty also since Anthy seems to be a princess who has been "asleep" for a thousand years.

I can totally see Blue Beard now that you mention it.

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Re: Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

I was also thinking The Story of Nastagio Degli Onesti alongside all the others. It's similar to Bluebeard, except the murder is ritualistic and supernatural and focused on one woman, over and over again, just like in Utena. They both also end with the freeing of the victim.

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Bitch Queen
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Re: Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

That is actually a super awesome find. Thanks so much for posting that, I'm all about fairy tales and I'd never even heard of that one. etc-love

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Dark Whisperer
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Re: Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

I second the bluebeard theme. But The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti? Nasty. Even worse is the guy who commissioned those paintings as a wedding present for his son! Holy hell! Why didn't he just pull a knife on the bride and be done with it?



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A Whole Orange
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Re: Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

There's a scene with Shadow Girls where I see the Red Shoes reference. Unfortunately cannot find the episode where A-Ko, B-ko or C-Ko canoot stop dancing. … ot_summary



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Atropos Turretslayer
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Re: Fairytales the show riffs on and inverts

'Twas episode 30, I believe.



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