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SKU Theories on Mescaline: The movie as a result of the TV series

Alright, try and follow me, here.

Throughout the television series, there's lots of bizarre stuff that, although deeply meaningful, is barely acknowledged by the characters. These events - like the shadow plays, the random objects on the student council balcony, or the desks during the Black Rose arc - are the result of the fabric of reality unwinding in preparation for the Revolution. Whoever unseals the Power of Dios will be able to weave a new world however they desire.

In the end, Utena opens the Rose Gate and frees Anthy - but then Anthy falls away, and Utena believes that she has failed. However, she's still in possession of the Power of Dios, so she is able to create a new world, one where she is capable of saving Anthy. The reason the movie is so abstract and incomprehensible is because it's the tortured psyche of a fourteen-year-old girl materialized. Moreover, the other characters' minds have carried over as well, and they're trying to make amends for their mistakes the first time around by easing Utena into her new role as Supreme Being. The end of the movie, where Utena and Anthy leave Ohtori, represents Utena letting go of the past and allowing her creation to function on its own.

I hope that made sense. emot-gonk Thoughts?



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Re: SKU Theories on Mescaline: The movie as a result of the TV series

It does make sense of how you put it. I like the symbolism in the TV series I like the part you mention of utena letting go of the past in the movie! emot-smile



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Re: SKU Theories on Mescaline: The movie as a result of the TV series

Rising from my long slumber to post again...

This theoretical territory's been explored before, here's an old post of mine: … 35#p233135

Which references another: … 36#p111436

In this version of the theory, Utena in the movie is trapped in a dreamworld where she relives the events of the dueling game over and over, and Anthy intervenes to save her. This explains Anthy's more assertive role in the movie and the simplified characters of Juri, Miki and Saionji, who are reconstructed from Anthy's memories.



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Re: SKU Theories on Mescaline: The movie as a result of the TV series

Yeah. I think the movie's recasting of character's motivations supports a sort of "going past the TV series" read. Miki, Juri, even Touga are essentially reversed, having achieved what they ostensibly wanted in the series (so we, as audience, can see how shortsighted those goals were?), and are seeking now to be free of the dynamic itself, free of the scenario. Touga, at least, gets to swim off. The one who really doesn't progress (he doesn't even understand progression, as seen in his "when I get out") is Saionji, and he, at least in part, does represent the past. He's oldschool masculine.

I've never been able to shake the Twin Peaks/Fire Walk With Me ghosting over the relationship between SKU and its movie version (and knowing some of the talent are Lynch fans doesn't help me put it out of mind). Fire Walk With Me definitely prequel/sequel/retells but it also alternates, for lack of a better term. It makes alien it's predecessor, makes it strange in different ways than the series did itself (new motives, new dynamics, recasting regulars).

Semi-apropos: As cute as Anthy's departure is in the series, I have to admit, naked on a motorcycle together is the better way to go.

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