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Utena's cry in the last episode

It is Akio's moment of triumph, he stands before the Rose Gate and gives it several mighty whacks with the sword. Each time he hacks at it Utena cries out in pain. I'm sure it is not from her earlier wound. What's going on? Is she somehow already serving as the calyx for Anthy or Anthy's coffin? Is Utena the rose vine entwined around it? Is she the sword Akio is wielding?



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Sunlit Gardener (Finale)
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Re: Utena's cry in the last episode

Bingo on the latter. The sword is her soul, or close enough for government work.



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Re: Utena's cry in the last episode

I've always assumed it's from the use of her sword against her will in a manner of violence -- in some ways it is a metaphorical rape, hence why Utena is shrieking with pain.

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