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Atropos Turretslayer
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Re: Another little thing that bugs me

I think Akio's promiscuity started to get exaggerated some time between the Nemuro era and the present of the series., but this gives me an idea: the form Akio assumes in each round of the dueling game is what the chosen victor fears most. Nemuro feared emotional contact with other people, and Utena feared sexuality and entering an adult world.



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Bare Footman
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Re: Another little thing that bugs me

Lurv wrote:

gorgeousshutin wrote:

Yes, the fat gent's hair color is a visual clue emot-wink

It's a shame his skin color isn't a bit lighter, or I could fanwank that he's Utena's and Akio's time-traveling son. xP

Now, now, have you forgotten how child Utena REALLY looked like before Akio/Dios worked his magic on her?
Yeah . . . lame, I know emot-redface

P.S. Atropos raised some very good points about how Akio compel his pawns.

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