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World's End
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On Wakaba's motivation to be special

I was rewatching Wakaba's duel today and wondered if she would still want to be one of the special people if she knew the truth behind them. Yes, the duelists are popular students and they get a chance at having their fondest wishes come true. Nevertheless they all have serious flaws or problems not to mention they have to face some ugly truths about themselves.

I guess I'm asking if she would still want to be "special" if she knew the truth about the duels. Is she luckier than she knows? What are your thoughts?

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no, definitely no cons
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Re: On Wakaba's motivation to be special

Not to be glib, but: Wakaba also has serious flaws or problems, and she also has to face ugly truths about herself.  Being un-special doesn't save her. emot-frown  I actually think this is part of what Wakaba (and the other Black Rose Duelists, especially Keiko) is supposed to teach us: everyone's got problems.  Even the most anonymous character at Ohtori Academy has dreams, motivations, friends, frustrations, tragedies.  We see them as nobodies, maybe they even see themselves as nobodies, but they're not.  If given the chance, like Akio says, any of them could shine.  And any of them could break.

But that's not what Wakaba means by special, is it?  I think you're right; without knowing it, she's talking about the duelists plus Anthy.  Would she want to be a main character if she knew that main characters have to duel with real swords in an arena in the sky?

I can conceive of arguing this either way.  On one hand, maybe the special people were chosen to receive Rose Seals precisely because they're the only ones crazy enough to undertake that kind of risk and trauma for the chance at some undefined "power to revolutionize the world."  But somehow this seems to ring false to me thematically.  If everyone is like Wakaba, if everyone has crazy dreams and frustrated destinies, then wouldn't many people be willing to fight for those dreams if given the chance?  Isn't that the whole point of the Black Rose Saga?  So I think I favor the other possibility: yes, Wakaba would duel for the power to revolutionize the world, if that path were open to her.  Maybe she is luckier than she knows, as you say, that this path is closed.  Certainly it saves her a lot of heartbreak; unlike Utena, she doesn't have to fight her friends, negotiate strange relationships with a Rose Bride puppet, or live in the anticipation that tomorrow someone will try to take an essential part of her away from her.  But I will not go on record betting against the determination -- or naivete -- of Shinohara Wakaba.  If she could duel, I think she would duel.



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