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Gougai! Gougai!

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Sunlit Gardener (Finale)
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Welcome thread

So have just finish watching Revolutionary Girl Utena for the first and thought about joining after reading this sites analyse on Akio ohtori.
So here my profile:
Gender: Male
Preferred Genre/Demographic: Shounen
Favorite anime: Evangelion and Hellsing Ultimate
Dub or Sub?: Dub usually but occasionally sub for anime like Revolutionary Girl Utena or Gurren lagann which are much better in japanese.
Other forums that I go to:, Zeldafan888),

Here a suggestion thread for a Zelda decontruction fic Similar to Revolutionary Girl Utena in writing: … -game.html



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no, definitely no cons
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Re: Welcome thread

Hi, Roses, and welcome to IRG!  :)  Introductions should really go in the introductions thread -- no big deal, but I'm just going to close this thread down so new members don't get confused.  Have fun on the forums!



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