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Wakaba Wrangler
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Influence of the indian culture in SKU

In the whole story we can see the influence of cultural elements from India, like the indian "Chu Chu - 3 wishes - idol" in the manga, or the indian curry spices, the fact that Anthy and Akio look like indians, and some clothes look like that too.
So the big topic is the why...
What do think? Do you know other similar examples? emot-tongue

Utena: And someday, together we'll-
Anthy: Someday... together?

Someday together we'll shine.



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New Student
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Re: Influence of the indian culture in SKU

I think Ikuhara probably just thinks indian culture/people are cool



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Atlantean Singer
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Re: Influence of the indian culture in SKU

One of Saito's earlier comics had an Indian romantic lead.



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