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A-Ko, B-Ko, C-Ko=Akio, Anthy, and Utena?

The Shadow Girls in the film were obvious stand-ins for Utena and Anthy...but what if something similar were the case with the series?
A-Ko and B-Ko are, of course, Akio and Anthy. Their roles are too similar. C-Ko, therefore, must be Utena. It explains why Utena is able to respond to her plays! And, at the end of the show, B-Ko leaves A-Ko under the guidance of C-Ko, completing the metaphor.



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Re: A-Ko, B-Ko, C-Ko=Akio, Anthy, and Utena?

As someone who has pondered the Shadow Play Girls more than is probably healthy, this is a really interesting idea. I'm rewatching the show now, and I'll have to keep it in mind.

In their play, A-ko and B-ko support the notion that Anthy is a witch. However, they also seem to easily communicate with Akio and act against his will. I'm still wondering the significance of C-ko coming in for the Black Rose Saga. I'll keep your interpretation in mind as I rewatch.

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Re: A-Ko, B-Ko, C-Ko=Akio, Anthy, and Utena?

I'm seriously intrigued by this idea. It makes a good amount of sense, C-ko is more like Utena in personality than A-ko or B-ko. She seems to have a similar vibe of naivety; She appears more childlike than A-ko or B-ko. As well as the fact that A-ko and B-ko seem to look down upon, or at least not understand, C-ko and her thought process and actions

Thinks to ponder during the next rewatch, which should really be soon, those boxsets are starting to call out to me emot-tongue



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