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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

So . . . yeah, watch me go as I race against time trying to warp up this project before the time comes when I'll no longer have time for fanfics.  Wish me luck on carrying this to the finish line, guys!

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Good luck! I like your story and I don't want see it unfinished. emot-frown

Proud Juri x Shiori, Nanami x Tsuwabuki and Utena x Wakaba fan



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Thank you for the much-needed encouragement, Gaston etc-love

I promise I'll try very hard to tie up all the loose ends in the plot + make sure the ending don't suck *determined!*

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself … rs/2920603 … umei-Utena

Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.

Part Nineteen: Empty Movement I (BETA-ed by the wonderful TheOnlyFlorence)

Notes:  Yep, I’m continuing on the story despite aborting Part 17 and leaving Part 18 unfinished (as of yet).  Don’t worry, bear with me: everything yet unexplained from before shall be covered in the coming parts.   

Time: 10 years post-revolution
Place:  Sunshine City Aquarium

Standing at the edge of the yellow-taped area, where crime scene investigators in white lab coats milled about like restless doves, the heavily groomed newswoman faced the camera with theatrical righteousness:

“Breaking news!  Breaking news! There has been a murder right here at Sunshine City Aquarium!  Over a hundred visitors were present at this open area, when a woman was allegedly beaten to death, then had her body dragged away, all without anyone noticing!  The cause of the crowd’s stupor is still unknown, but investigators are analyzing all of the evidence they’ve acquired…”


“ . . . dummies,”

That soft-spoken word -- breaking the tense silence these passengers now found themselves in -- sent the ones it was directed at jolting. 

“Kan-chan and Shou-chan are such dummies . . .” muttered Himari, her frail build vaguely resembling a slack straw figure.  The girl’s fine hair had gone stringy from where it veiled her lowered, tear-streaked face.  “Do you think I would be happy living on without the two of you in my life, without the memories of us as a family, as the Takakuras?”  Her hand, white at the knuckles, was clasped against Ringo’s; Ringo, now slumped against the smaller girl after passing out from the physically and emotionally taxing experience.   Also unconscious was Masako, who laid with the side of her face pillowed against Esmeralda's round belly.  “Why do you dummies have to . . .?”  Her ‘brothers’-- now literally but shadows of their former selves –- visibly shrank from where they stood awkwardly in front of her. 


“Even if you can keep me alive, for now, how long do think I can survive being cut off from our most precious past?” 

The Takakura brothers apparently had no reply to that, as they opted to remain silent.  Basking under the rapidly shifting lights spearing in through the van’s windows, Numbers 1,2, and 3 appeared forlorn from where they huddled together near the children’s feet studying a cut rose lying on the vehicle’s floor; downcast, Himari had her bloodshot eyes fixated on the flower’s half-wilted petals.

“I told you both that I didn’t want to forget,” the girl continued on in an increasingly sullen voice.  “I said . . . it’s fine even if I was to die from my illness.  Even the best people get sick, even they have to die . . . what’s so bad about me dying?  I’ve lived a happy life with the two of you by my side, that’s more than enough for me.  Had I died . . . I would’ve died happy, knowing that the two of you would’ve moved on afterwards: growing up, getting jobs, being married . . . but now, now that you two, you t-two--” Choking up, she suddenly started heaving uncontrollably –- in a manner reminiscent of those panic attacks she once had in her past, sickly incarnation -- much to her brothers’ alarm.

“Himari!” Hurrying forward, Kanba tried holding her upright, but found his now strangely insubstantial hands simply passing through her flesh; beside him, the likewise ‘shadowed’ Shouma was having much the same problem.  In the end, it was Himari herself who forcibly got herself together.   

“. . . don’t know how to help you two through this!” Slamming a small fist soundly against the van sofa, the usually demure girl now glared at the boys’ regressed, ‘invisible’ state with maddened despair.  “Tell me . . . what are we going to do, Ni-tachi?” 

The only replies she got from them were the glittery tears now visibly tracking down the dark void of their blanked-out faces.  Meanwhile, the Mikagemobile –- now driven by a stoic Tokiko -- sped on along the winding road (or was merely the visual manifestation of some cosmic symbol?), carrying them all towards their fateful destination.


“ . . . all been for nothing, huh?”

Speaking aloud to himself, like a madman who no longer cared, Saionji chuckled raggedly from where he remained crouched at a corner at Chida Mansion’s grand bathing room.

“Ten years . . . ten years I’ve spent contorting my life around yours, sharing in your suffering and shouldering your load.  Still, I’ll never be anything more to you than just some . . .”

‘ . . . just some rapist who fucked you in a park toilet . . . ’

Was that when it happened?  When he ceased being a friend –- or even a person -- to Touga?  They were both only eleven back then, and his was a crime of confused, pre-adolescent passion.  While he himself was indeed the one to resort to violence, it was Touga –- early marred by Kiryuu’s perversions –- who initiated the sex . . . .

“As your one and only best friend, let me give you what you’ve always wanted from me . . . Saionji.”

. . . Saionji; right.  No longer was he Kyouichi to Touga after that singular, damning moment; only impersonal, first name basis, Saionji –- a fool he could mind-screwed to hell without feeling any guilt over.

Or, perhaps he had simply ceased being important to Touga from the moment when they first encountered Tenjou as kids. Tenjou, then a privileged little girl showered under the love of her still living parents, had caught the redhead’s envious eye, and became to him the subject of his lifelong fixation . . .

“It is now clear that she is someone important to me.  I will duel her once again!  And I must prevail.  After all, there's no other way to save her from the Ends of the World . . .”

Perhaps it was simply because he was not Tenjou that Touga could not care less for him..

“ . . . what does it even matter now?” murmured the beaten man, feeling utterly stupid and drained as he curled his massive build up like a worm willing to shrivel up.  “It’s all over--”


Startled by the vapid, airy voice, Saionji slowly glanced up . . . and froze.

In front of him stood not one, but three blood-drenched, dead-eyed women looking like cameos from some bad horror flick.  It took him a moment to recognize the one in the middle to be Wakaba, with the ones by her side to be Shiori and Kozue.     

“We kinda need to clean up, so . . .” Wakaba gestured lethargically at the large basins Saionji was crouching against.  “If you could move over?”


“And why couldn’t our resident witch have cleaned this up with her magic again?”  grumbled an obviously grossed-out Nanami, wiping the red splotches off the laundry room’s white walls by pushing a wet sponge attached to a lengthy extender.

“Himemiya-sempai had likely overexerted herself from what she did to keep the body alive,” muttered Tsuwabuki, trembling slightly from where he was mopping up the red-stained flooring.   “She was practically slumping afterwards when she walked off.” 

“And why hasn’t Chida returned yet?” grumbled Nanami while laboring on.  “We’re being left in this supposed magical sanctuary with no operational witch to guard it in case the Ends of the World come attacking!  Himemiya said the woman left while she was still fighting Keiko, right?  So where the hell is she?”  She turned exasperated at seeing Tsuwabuki hesitantly opening his mouth.  “That was a rhetorical question.”

“I know that . . .”  Scratching the back of his head, somewhat guiltily, the prep then shot a furtive look over at Juri and Touga, currently conversing quietly as they cleaned the heavily splattered ‘problem area’ near the large washbasin. “I’ve always known how fearless Kozue-sempai is, but I never expected Shinohara and Takatsuki to be able to deal so calmly with blood . . . and organs . . .”  He turned visibly sick from the recollection of the macabre scene.  “God . . . Sonoda-sempai was literally bursting apart when we helped Himemiya-sempai carry her down here.”

“Himemiya goddamned shocked everyone when she dragged Keiko’s ‘almost carcass’ into the room,” muttered the equally disgusted young woman, wincing as she squeezed out the reddened sponge in a bucket.  “That Tenjou had, of course, wasted time demanding answers from Himemiya like a damn cop.  And then the body fell apart and we all had to scramble to get her down here.  I don’t think it even registered with any of us what we were doing then . . . .”  She then bit down on her lower lip in a girlishly self-conscious manner.  “And it was Sonoda Keiko –- a bitch, but still someone we knew as kids . . . which probably explained why the heroic trio could’ve withstood getting sprayed in the face and not just faint.” 

Tsuwabuki’s blue eyes now were clouded with uncertainty.  “Will Himemiya-sempai’s magic really work, though?  I know she opened up Sonoda-sempai chest to manually clean out the parasitic Swords, but . . . can even someone without a heart be brought back to life?”  Nanami shrugged.

“You’re asking me.  Where is the tomboy?”

“Tenjou-sempai probably followed Himemiya-sempai out while we were all still distracted by the . . . mess.”

“Hn . . .” Dark eyes glancing over at the laundry room exit, the blonde took in Miki’s desolate figure with something akin to empathy.  The frail man was on his knees quietly picking up the glass shards from the door screen –- smashed when the gang hurried into the room with the dying Keiko.  “Tsuwabuki, finish up the sidewall for me.”  Handing the boy her gadgets, she then went over to check on her emotionally distraught ex-friend. 



“Utena . . . san.”

They were at their own quarters, in their own washroom, where Anthy was currently at the basin washing the blood off her hands, with Utena watching her from behind.   

“So, you actually saved Keiko from the Swords, in spite of what she became . . . and how she used to treat you at Ohtori.”

“I did.”

“Why?” asked -- or rather, demanded -- Utena, unable to force down the hurtful question any longer. 

Anthy, for her part, took her good time turning off the facet and drying her hands, before turning around to properly face Utena.  “You’re wondering why I just saved someone like Sonoda, yet chose to let your parents die back when my brother and I orchestrated the Kiga Subway Attack.”

Not quite expecting her blunt words (despite how he was itching to provoke such a response), Utena found himself recoiling slightly. “Himemiya . . .”

“Like I said earlier on, I was the Rose Bride for a very long time,” said Anthy, keeping him nailed to the spot with her coolly even gaze.  “I’ve done many things that people of this era would deem as selfish and evil.  Your parents are but two out of the thousands who died directly or indirectly because of me and my brother’s actions.”

“How . . . how can you even say something like this out loud?!”  Utena could hear his teeth clanging together from sheer outraged.  “Like it’s  . . .”   

“Trivial?” asked Anthy, prior to offering him a vapid smile reminiscent of her old self.  “I'm sorry, I've been unfair to you, Utena-sama.”  Utena jolted at the honorific –- one Anthy had used in the past to blatantly mess with his (then a ‘her’) mind.


“Remember what I told you before? My suffering is my rightful punishment as the Rose Bride.”

Just like that, Utena’s seething anger got snuffed like fire under a downpour. Did he remember . . . how could he not?  That night before the end game, on the suicide rooftop, they had broken down opening their hearts –- their truest feelings -- to each other, withholding nothing. That was the night that gave him, then an adolescent girl, the conviction to be the fool and head on into the obvious trap that was the Final Duel.  All.  For.  Anthy’s.  Sake.

For Anthy, who saw for herself just how much he had suffered for her sake after the Duel called Revolution; Anthy, who had apologized profusely by his side for three years, watching on helplessly as he suffered under the Hate Swords’ effects day after day . . . Anthy . . . .

. . . why did she have to mention this now? 

“Back then, when you made the decision to ‘help’ me against all odds, you were a child with no idea of the true terrible nature of what my brother and I really were.”  Anthy took a step up towards Utena, who found himself stumbling backwards and out of the washroom.  “You could not have known that we both have your parents’ blood on our hands: we’ve withheld the information from you, after all.” She had her dark hands clasped together in a seemingly dainty gesture –- one he now knew was designed to mask the shaking of nervous hands.  “Knowing nothing of the truth, you threw yourself whole hearted into the Duel called Revolution -- to the point of sacrificing your very person -- and saving someone like me from my punishment.” 

“Himemya . . .” In no time at all, Utena had been backed against the door, beyond which was the long hallway leading to the large bathing area.  Already, he could hear the sounds of splashing water and murmuring voices . . . meaning that those outside might also hear this conversation they now were having.  “Himemiya, let’s just drop this for now--”

“You made me believe that I could break free from even my horrendous past.”  Having cut Utena off, Anthy now leaned forward and into his personal space.  “You made me believe that I could be forgiven by even you, an orphan of my making.”  Even at the lowered volume, her each and every word managed to slither into Utena’s head like stealth vine tendrils.  “If you could forgive me, then surely no one else would have any right to blame me for anything.  This means that I could actually be absolved of the vast sum of guilt I’ve accumulated throughout the long falling of years.  And so, I allowed myself to be freed from the Rose Code, freed from him, all because you made me believe that even I could be guilt free.”  Green eyes glassy, the Bride spoke with her lips now brushing against those of her Victor.  “Delusional, aren’t I?”

“Himemiya--” Utena struggled to talk back . . . before stopping at seeing and feeling Anthy’s tears streaked down her own cheeks.  “Himemiya . . .”

“So, as you can see, you’re really no match for me, Utena-sama” said Anthy, her voice at last starting to choke up.  “Not in the way of foolishness, anyway.  It’s just like what they say: ‘there ain’t no fool like an old fool.’” 


“ . . . is it really possible to forgive a past wrong, when its effects are irreversible and will last forever?”

Drenched to the waist from where she was washing up beside the wistfully contemplative Shiori, Kozue’s blue eyes narrowed in a wince as she washed her short curls.

“Well, are you talking about what’s brewing between Tenjou and Himemiya . . .  or perhaps something more personal?”

“It’s just something Juri had said, earlier on,” Downcast, Shiori trembled as if from more than the sting of water upon her tender skin.   “I just thought . . .”

“Hey . . .”  Wringing out her flat brown locks, Wakaba glanced over with some concern.  “Why’re we talking about something like this now?”

Behind the women, the door slowly closed itself behind Saionji, who exited the scene in muted silence.


“Do you know?  After the Revolution, after finding you again, I convinced myself that I could actually repay my debt to you; yes, even a debt of such magnitude.  For what are people, if not creatures fueled upon their desires?  What human desire is there that cannot be fulfilled by my kind’s power?

“With enough power, I could transform your mutilated flesh back to what it was before.  More than that, I could even redesign this, down to your preferred gender; yes, that I can do for you, should I still have the power. 

“And so, I brought in my last round of Duelists, and started this war against my Brother –- so I may rob from him what power he has to help you get better . . .

“ . . . all so I may absolve myself.

“I’m a dirty woman; and a willfully stupid one, at that.

“Even if I should succeed in mending your body, the damage to your spirit from your long suffering is not something I can undo.  And, no matter how much power my brother currently has at his disposal, there is no way for either of us to bring back your parents; not in a way you would find acceptable, anyway.

“In the end, I’m still the Witch, with you, the meddlesome hero who got manipulated into helping me, having mistaken me for a damsel.

“Glorious though it might be, yours was a revolution brought about by lies, upon lies, upon lies.”

“Because you cannot -- will not -- ever forgive the one you’ve revolutionized: this real, dirty me.”

“I’ve had no hope of being forgiven since the very beginning.”

“No peace for the wicked, as they say.”

“Ah . . . ”

Stopping (only then did he realize he had been walking down the hallway all along), Utena detached his face from the broad chest he just bumped into, and glanced up to see a strain-faced Saionji glancing down at him with bloodshot eyes widened in bafflement . . . and dawning concern.

“Tenjou . . . you look like--”  Whatever else he was about to say got cut short by this shrill, deafening wail, as his lifelong rival then proceeded to scream-cry against his chest in acute, uncontrollable hysteria.  “Ten-Tenjou--”

Saionji might have said something more.  Utena would not, could not know; not when he was overwhelmed by the bottled up feelings now bursting out in tears and howls.  A scorching pain now encased his entire person, beyond which he could perceive but very faint impressions of what lied outside:  girlish exclamations, hurried footsteps, supple pecs tensing under a tear-drenched shirt . . . and a hand –- broad and calloused -- slowly clasping down upon his shoulder . . .


“Isn’t the ride taking awfully long?”

Masako’s voice, the first sign that she had been awake for some time, startled the tense Takakuras.  Sitting up, the heiress swiped the disheveled curls back from her face, glanced very briefly past Himari, prior to directing her expectant glare at the van’s driver.

“It is,” replied Tokiko, her quiet voice came taut with tension.  “It shouldn’t, though.”

“ . . . something wrong?” asked an apparently still very groggy Ringo, now struggling to sit upright.

Tokiko had her hardened eyes fixed upon the murky darkness obscuring the way up ahead.  “Somehow, we’re still between worlds despite seemingly moving forward.”  The boys got understandably worried at hearing that 

“Are we trapped in some kinda magic?”

“Is Kiga pulling one over us?”

“No.  I would’ve sensed something if it’s . . .” The witch’s sentence then trailed off as behind her, the kids all gasped in shock.

There, in the midst of the darkness upfront, a figure could be seen slowly walking up towards them; a seemingly impossible feat, considering how their vehicle was currently speeding ahead.

That figure, apparently hovering just slightly above the moving pavement, was wearing a black penguin hat –- one that looked highly familiar to the Children of Fate . . .

End Part Nineteen

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

I’m used to receiving flames via email for having written a controversial piece like Seinen Kakumei Utena.  But when this Tumblr Killer Whale posted saying “I came out of the ocean because you need to stop (writing this story)”, and I only found the post like a year later cause it's posted under secrecy, then it’s just plain . . . humorous. 

Orca (name I made up for that person) wrote:

There is like this fan fic that someone in the Utena forum wrote and keeps advertising in the forums….I don’t like it.

*Nods*  You know someone truly hates your writing when they refrain from flaming it on where it’s been posted, but instead rants against it on their own tumblr ‘tagless’ and avoiding usage of fic name. Such a measure is utmost effective in preventing curiosity-prompted exposure possibly going to the work.  Can’t have the writer feeling smug over an increase in view count in case the curious decides to give this a look, huh?  Then again, the sheer secrecy surrounding such a tumblr post also results in it having the note count of null a year after getting posted . . . 

They are all like “its a mature revolution this time around”

..what rape and abuse wasn’t mature enough for you?? In fact all they really did to make it more mature was add more rape and abuse and drew art for it in the style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. UM that does not really make it more mature….

Its also a crossover with penguindrum, and it takes place 10 years later but like ???

Orca, Seinen takes place 10 years after Revolution and 3 weeks after Fate Train Transfer, where the grown up SKU cast (Juri, Shiori, Wakaba, Saionji and Tatsuya in particular) are shown facing problems like financial woes, career pressures etc.   Depictions of adult problems in fiction may not fit your idea of mature (which is apparently all about rape and abuse), but they are there in the story.

Also they turned Utena into a man.

What. Bullshit. Isn’t that like, missing the whole point of Utena??? And they changed other things too??

I REALLY am tempted to say something but in the end its just a fan fiction and its not really bad its just kinda like…it feels like its missing the point of the show and its ending in particular.

First off, thank you for saying Seinen is ‘not really bad’ despite your obvious hatred for it.

One of the warnings I put on every chapter of the fic is “misogynistic magic attack leading to forced masculinization”.  If anyone had watched Episodes 38 and 39, they will see that

a) Final Duel is one continuous misogynistic attack on Utena’s self-image as a female
b) Utena last scene consists of her believing she has failed, with the Swords of Hate all rushing at her

There exist numerous possibilities as to will happen to Utena after that scene, and Seinen tackles one of such possibilities.   

Numbersixfan and The Tygre at Tv Tropes have the following to say on Seinen's treatment of Utena: … umei+Utena

numbersixfan: What makes this fic meaningful and not merely provocative is that Utena’s character and situation are well thought-out. ‘His’ shock-inducing changes are gradually revealed to have little to do with common gender identity issues, but are merely effects of lasting psychological damage sustained in that duel to save Anthy

The Tygre: Of course, where Seinen truly shines is in its retention and expansion of the series themes. Utena has always been a series about feminism and gender roles, but Seinen drives that moral home. Utena's mutilation and subsequent 'rebirth' seem to imply that the series proper was but the half-way point in the classical Hero's Journey, with the Prince now ready to claim his/her place along side the likes of Arthur and Ramachandra. But as was mentioned in the previous review, Seinen rejects Ikuhara's original (and rather exclusionist) thesis in the face of empowering not just women, but all humanity. And in a series where the boundaries of gender have been literally revolutionized, is that not the only proper course of action?

Orca wrote:

And  it gives Touga a backstory that makes no sense with his character. Touga is too proud to be some sort of sex slave as a teenager, it just does not match up with the rest of his behavior in show I mean what.

What the . . . ? I don’t think anyone actually reading the fic will call Touga a “sex slave as a teenager” . . .

Edit: Actually most of the posts in that forum is the author posting their story.

I think you mean ‘thread’ as in the Seinen Kakumei thread, Orca, where I believe I'm allowed to post the chapters for the members to comment on them.

I just wish it wasn’t at the top of the forums all the time.

Forum mechanism dictates that whichever thread gets the latest post goes to the top of the SKU forum.  Are you actually hating on all those people who review Seinen at its own thread?   

One person did point out Touga’s wild mischaracterization and they basically responded with “well in MY canon its like this” and uses Nanami as an excuse??

Unless you’ve somehow mistaken me as SKU writer Enokido Youji, the “MY canon” that you spoke of is actually Enokido’s official statement on Touga: … pon-tougas

Relevant bits as follows:

Enokido Youji wrote:

Although he was an adopted son on the surface, the instinctive Touga knew what that meant. And in order to protect his younger sister, he accepted his lot. Being sold.


And Touga accepted in silence the sexual abuse from his new parents. His personality changed while he made a magnanimous show of enjoying the abuses in order to prevent his personality from splitting.

-Enokido Youji, SKU Privacy File 1: The Case of Kiryuu Touga

So there's that.

Orca wrote:

What no, you really don’t understand how Touga works do you? Or Akio for that matter, or what their relationship is really like.  Shit its a good thing my dvds aren’t here or I’d be tempted to pull them out, read the whole story, and start destroying it critically. *growls* *slowly sinks into the floor*

Why let an absence of physical DVD stop you?  Orca, you can always find Utena episodes online for use as reference to 'destroy (my story) critically'.  Or, you can rely on the translations readily available at the forum’s site.  There is nothing that can stop you from engaging me in a discussion over Seinen . . . long as you aren’t just making statements one-sidedly behind my back, in which case I will not know to reply.

And yes, I’m totally posting so my fic goes to 'the top of the forum' again emot-wink

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

gorgeousshutin wrote:

And yes, I’m totally posting so my fic goes to 'the top of the forum' again emot-wink


Long time no see.

Sigh I still need to catch up with this thing.



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Lurv wrote:

Long time no see.

Sigh I still need to catch up with this thing.

Lurv etc-love

The story is up to its last stages now, with the multiple lines getting tied up.  I'm hoping to finish it by June latest cause starting Aug I might become too busy for fic writing by then.

I know how time consuming reading something THIS long can be; including the side stories, it's now 114,776 words and ongoing.  Still, if you'd just like to chat with me about SKU or else, feel free to drop me a line here, or maybe email me.  Let's stay in touch emot-wink

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Part Twenty UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.   

Part Twenty: Empty Movement II (BETA-ed by the wonderful TheOnlyFlorence)

Note:  Thanks to Erifrats101 for the kind, timely encouragement: it really helps giving me the drive to continue on with this.  James Birdsong, you’ve been a steady supporter of this series since day one.  I will so love to chat with you, if only I know either your email or FFnet PM.  Nanayamino, I think I know who you are . . . either way, I really love the detailed reviews, so please keep them coming XD  And Florence, you have devoted so much time and effort in polishing up this looooooog story . . . words fail to express my gratitude.  All the best on your real life endeavors; much love, and see you around ;-)

Nonsensical as it sounded, their vehicle now appeared to be running while stopping.

Or, maybe they really were moving along this indefinite stretch of road beneath the running wheels, and this person now standing slightly in front of the van was steadily backing at its van’s speed . . .

Whichever the case, Ringo’s question –- one directed at the penguin-hat-wearing male-masked fencer now standing/hovering in front of the van –- only added to the surreal-ness of this highly fantastical scene:

“Nee-san . . . is that you?”

“No, Hime-sama have not possessed me,” the fencer’s husky voice came through the roaring winds and the closed windows with uncanny clarity.  “Rather, we’ve simply become an item, that’s all.”

“ ‘Hime-sama’?”  muttered Masako under her breath in apparent distaste.   Upfront, Tokiko’s hard violet eyes slowly softened in dawning recognition.

“Tsuchiya-kun? Is that you?”

Nodding, this Tsuchiya character raised a gloved hand in greeting.  “It’s been a long time, Chida-san.”  A rose motif ring could be seen glinting upon on that hand. 

“Yes, it’s been a long time indeed.” A warm (almost maternal-seeming) smile came upon the woman’s agelessly pretty face.  “The last we met, you were still negotiating your re-entry into Ohtori using one of Momoka-chan’s Twin Penguin Hats as your trump card.   I never got the chance to thank you for your involvement in Nemuro-kun’s graduation:  I knew from Himemiya that you’ve worked with her to ensure Nemuro-kun got spared from vanishing together with the rebuilt building.”

“The Fate Change was supposed to have saved both Nemuro-san and Mamiya-kun.”  Even masked, Tsuchiya’s lowered voice still managed to convey a sense of regret.  “But the trauma from the revealed truth still rendered the Professor aphasic.  And your brother remains missing.” 

“What you’ve done is already more than worthy of my gratitude,” insisted Tokiko, though her smile now was tinted with sadness.  “Then, even with Momoka-chan’s artifact suppressing your illness, in the end, you still . . . ?”

“After fulfilling my purpose at Ohtori, I’ve chosen to accept my natural fate: to die as per my illness.”

The strange fencer’s final line had the effect of making all three Takakuras tense up.  Tokiko, for her part, nodded in apparent understanding. 

“You made your choice to conserve the artifact’s power, so it can be used against Ohtori’s undying forces when the time comes.  Your sacrifice from ten years ago had made it possible for Momoka-chan to guide the Children of Fate towards erasing Subway Attack Take Two.”

“More like ‘manipulated’ . . .”  muttered Kanba under his breath in apparent disgruntlement.

“Excuse me, but . . . ‘Momoka-chan’?”  Ringo, puzzled by the familiarity with which this strange woman kept referring to her sister, spoke up aloud.  “Umm . . . Chida-san, do you know my sister?”  To the girl’s further surprise, Tokiko’s face dimmed at her question.  The Tsuchiya character ended up as the one to supply the answer.

“Chida-san is Eriko-san’s cousin, Ringo-chan.”

“ ‘Ringo-chan’?” muttered Shouma under his breath, sounding rather off-putted.   Beside him, Ringo appeared further perplexed.

“Mom’s cousin?  She never told me I had an aunt . . .”

“Then, to what do we owe the pleasure of this meeting, Tsuchiya-kun?” voiced Tokiko, dodging her niece’s question. 

Violet eyes on his penguin hat glowing up, the enigmatic masked fencer – now suddenly enveloped under a black tailcoat with a vast ripple train flaring wing-like against the winds –- began to say his piece.


“Back then, right after the Revolution, I was really thinking only of myself.

“Reasoning how I've got my hands full with my own problems, I willfully ignored other people’s problems.  Even though I sensed that there were still shadows hanging over you all, I told myself that it was not my place to pry into other people’s businesses. 

“It was phony of me to think this way: I simply did not care enough about the other Duelists to risk coming across as a busybody, and that was all.

“Yes, in the end, we were only Duelists: friends that could have been, but never were.  Even though we all were schoolmates, even though our shared experience should’ve bonded us . . .”

Wringing out the sponge, Juri then passed it back towards Touga.  She had her gaze upon the ‘W’ marking his right cheek -- a branding that remained visible even under the laundry’s dim lights.

Wordlessly taking the sponge, the bathrobe-clad man lowered his head as he quietly attached it to his extender, allowing for his red tresses to veil his marred profile.

Throwing back her head in ripples of orange waves, the woman let out a soft, wistful sigh.

“Why was it?” She asked herself, out loud.  “Why couldn’t I have taken the initiative to reach out to others in need?

“I could’ve helped someone . . . and then maybe I could’ve received help, back when I so desperately needed it.  Things could’ve been a lot easier, if only I . . .

“Yet, in the end . . .”

“In the end, you’re maybe the only one of us who managed to get out of your coffin,” said Touga, at last engaging her in conversation.  “A spectacular feat, that.”

“ ‘Coffin’?” His old acquaintance –- so obviously trying to reach out to him in this awkward moment –- appeared startled by the term.

“The chick’s shell, the butterfly’s chrysalis; that which hinders a life from growing by offering a false sense of safety, is a coffin,” explained the man, his gaze lowered upon the bloodstains he was currently removing with his tools.  “By admitting your being in love to yourself –- accepting your beloved’s flaws and braving the social risks involved -- you’ve gone from being a girl in denial of the possibility of miracles, to becoming a woman who managed to realize your own miracle; you’ve long since gotten out of your coffin.  As for the others . . . not even the Victor could get out of hers.”

“I . . .” Appearing hesitant at first, Juri nonetheless spoke on.  “I’m not going to deny it now; I only managed to get out because I had his help on top of Utena’s . . . even though I never wanted for him to help me quite the way he did”

“Tsuchiya Ruka,” murmured Touga, grudging admiration evident in his deep voice, “he who died breaking coffins.” 

Juri watched him intently.  “And what about yourself?”

“Me?” A self-depreciating chuckle escaped the man’s throat.  “I haven’t even managed to stop being a coffin myself.”

“You were the one who discovered Tenjou for Himemiya, weren’t you?  And, following you, Himemiya then found her way towards Utena . . . that’s why you’re here ahead of us all, isn’t it?”

“It was just a chance encounter from three years ago --”

And the conversation got cut short by the commotion breaking out from the other side of the room.


The pieces were glittering under the dim lights; glittering, like dewdrops, or maybe the tears of a vulnerable child crumbling under disillusionment, or that of a drugged out girl bemoaning an assault.  Hands moving on their own accord, he reached out for these glittery bits, reaching out like he never could for her wild, anguished tears--

“Geez, at least wear some gloves . . .”

Startled out of the trance he had since fallen into, Miki blinked at finding an old friend now crouched beside him, helping him pick up the glass shards with gloved hands. 

“Nanami . . .” 

“Go have a good talk with your sister.  What’s happening between the two of you isn’t something you can afford to leave alone and let fester, Miki.”

“What’s happening between us . . .” Eyes on this busybody, Miki realized it was now or never if he wanted this question –- one that had been bothering him since their reunion -- voiced. “Before that, I think I need to ask you something first.”


“Why are you again giving Touga-sempai the worship treatment?” 

He saw Nanami recoiling from his question, like he had suddenly struck her and she could not comprehend why.  Nonetheless, he chose to press on, rather cruelly.  “Last I remember –- not that you’ve stayed that long at Ohtori after the Revolution -- you seemed to have outgrown your feelings for him--”  And he got cut off by the young woman slapping him . . . or rather, tried to, as he had caught her wrist in time.

“Goddamn you . . .” rasped the blonde, tears glinting within her dark, ferocious eyes.  “I’m trying to help you here, and you--”

“I’m not trying to be mean,” stated Miki; calmly, stubbornly.  “I just really need to know the reasoning behind a sister obsessing over her brother, before I can take up this issue with--”

“Don’t lump me in with the likes of you!” shrieked Nanami, the sheer disgust in her voice shocking Miki into letting go of her.  Struggling back up on trembling feet, she glared down upon the man like one would a revolting insect.  “What’s between Onii-sama and I is none of your business, though I can assure you that it’s nothing like what you and Kozue--” 


Touga’s voice, coming from behind, prevented the rest of Nanami’s hurtful sentence from coming out.  Choking up, the trembling blonde awkwardly turned away (to hide her tears?) as her brother stepped forward.  Without paying his sister further heed, the stoic redhead then crouched down beside wide-eyed Miki and began helping the younger man with cleanup. 

“Nanami,” Juri, who came up with Touga, smoothly placed an arm across the smaller woman’s shoulder while ushering her away.  “I need some help over in that area . . .”

“Miki.”  Touga’s voice, seemingly possessing more gravity than that he remembered it as a teen, grabbed his attention.  “I’ve missed out on many things that happened earlier in the day.  Then . . . is there some problem coming up between you and Kozue?”

“Touga-sempai . . .”

“Every case is different, Miki.  My sister’s current feelings for me is simply one of misguided hero worship; it may not be at all applicable to your situation.” 


“She chose to believe that I was sacrificing myself purely for her sake, when I was also doing what I did out of self preservation.”

“Sacrificing yourself . . .”

“Nanami and I were both sold into the Kiryuu Household back when she still was a toddler.  She discovered the truth about our humble origins in an utmost unpleasant manner very soon after the Revolution.” 

“That’s . . .” It took Miki a moment to digest Touga’s words, before he came to an abrupt understanding of just what had been revealed to him.  “Oh . . .

To his credit, Touga actually managed to smile indulgently at the younger man’s reaction. “Just like before, that intellect of yours can always figure out just what I’m saying.”  Miki, for his part, could only gape at the older man, speechless.

Even back when he was thirteen and on the Student Council, he had always found this fellow member to be peculiarly . . . sexual, and not in the way Kozue’s horn dog boyfriends were sexual either.  Where most teenage male sexuality manifest itself in physical aggression, seventeen year old Touga was this seasoned incubus.  Offering up his beautiful body as bait, the precocious seducer had successfully manipulated a good number of people into doing just what he wanted them to . . . .

. . . even Miki himself was no exception; thus why his first Duel against Utena came to be. 

“If something is really important to you, seize it and protect it with your own hands,”  purred the semi-disrobed redhead from where he had his head thrown back on the bed, offering an obscene view of his open, salivating throat.  “. . . lest someone should steal it from you . . . ‘Micky’.”  And he laughed his husky laugh, laughing until the aroused younger boy he had been addressing all along stepped forward to ‘choke out’ that laughter for him. . .

Looking back on it from an adult perspective, he realized that was definitely not something that could be initiated by any teenage boy with an ordinary upbringing –- whatever their orientation might be.  That kind of ‘skill’ had to have come from a life where sex –- the offering of the act -- was crucial to one’s survival; there was simply no shortcut to acquiring that kind of ability at that age.

So, Touga and Nanami were really children sold into sexual slavery, with only Touga taking the blunt of the deal . . . and, Nanami had found out the truth; that would certainly explain a lot of the Kiryuu siblings’ puzzling behavior since their reunion.

Indeed, every case is different; the Kiryuus’ situation did differ significantly from that of the Kaorus’.  Then again, had their situation reversed, could Kaoru Miki have sheltered his sister the way Kiryuu Touga did? Or, would he have ended up letting his sister fall on her own, and focused on only on saving himself?

. . . just like he had done throughout his own cowardly childhood and youth?

It took a broad hand patting him affectionately on his shoulder to break him out of his gloomy revere.

“Then, a bit of advice from someone who once lost everything because of his stubborn pride,” offered the older, still worldlier ex-Duelist, appearing brother-like in his current moment of sincerity.  “If someone is really important to you, hold her and cherish her with your own life, lest she lose heart and drift away from you, Miki.”

Eyes on his sempai –- who bore little resemblance to the malevolent youth he once was – Miki allowed himself to open up.  “You don’t think . . .it a little too late for me to fix things now?”

“It can be,” replied Touga.  “It doesn’t have to be.”  The man then looked him in the eye prior to speaking on.  “Listen, Miki, on the topic of origins, there’s something I want to tell you  . . .”


“. . . there’s something I want to tell you, that I’m telling you because I trust you, so . . . you absolutely mustn’t tell anyone else what I’m about to tell you; do you understand that?

“Then . . . I’ll begin.

“My brother and I are not real Kiryuus –- our real parents sold us to the Kiryuu Household back when I was too little to remember.

“The Kiryuu couple, who pretended to be our parents thereafter, were really pedophiles who buy children for use as sex slaves.

“I only managed to discover the truth after the Revolution, sometime after you left.   

“The reason I could’ve remained oblivious to my situation, for so long, was because our ‘parents’ had left me alone though all those years before.  Despite the unfortunate situation surrounding me, I was kept innocent, virginal . . . untouched.

“Now, do you think I would be so lucky without my brother protecting me all along?

“You remember how my brother had been working for the Ends of the World throughout the year?  How we’ve all distrusted him, disdained him back then.   Well, turned out that he literally had a deal with the Devil – that he was serving the Chairman in exchange for having Ohtori protect me and Kyouichi  from the Kiryuus and and Saionji-san . . . yes, I know you’d want to ask ‘what about Kyouichi?’; well that’s Kyouichi’s story to tell, not mine.

“Almost right after the Revolution, after you’ve left Ohtori, the man posing as our father started aggressively abusing us for real. 

“I won’t . . . go into details, ‘cause those are awful things to have to say out loud, I’ll just tell you that the branding on my brother’s face was from that time, and that he was never the same afterwards. 

“We – my brother, myself, Kyouichi - managed to flee Houou around the time when the school year ended, and we’ve been surviving like -- god, I sound like Kozue -- wild animals since.

“You remember what Kyouichi said earlier on?  About screwing people to get things from them?  Well, what happened was he followed my brother into hustling, just so the three of us can survive that tough period before we could get the Kiryuu bastard’s money.  Can you believe it?  I was the girl, much younger than them and certainly more pricey, but the guys were adamant in keeping me clean.  They would both rather get sullied themselves than to see the same happen to me.  Kyouichi eventually got out of it after his photographer gig got serious, but my brother . . . he never managed to crawl back out.  In fact, the reason he went missing before ending up here was because . . . no, I’m not ready to talk about that, yet . . .

“Kyouichi hustled because he was –- I think he still is –- in love with my brother; and my brother . . . he loves me, to the point of sacrificing his own life and future for me . . . while dragging down Kyouichi with him.

“Then, do you get it now, Juri-sempai?  The reason I behave the way I do towards Onii-sama . . . it is not something dirty and perverse like some people are obviously assuming; it’s because he is my brother, and he protected me when I needed it!  Why can’t anyone goddamned understand?!

“I can understand.” Together with crying, near-hysterical Nanami from where they’ve taken privacy within the closed storage room, Juri now held the girl to herself in what she hoped was a reassuring manner.  “Nanami, remember what I said on the evening of the Revolution?   I too had a sibling, an older sister whom I’ve always thought to be rather cold.”  Heavier thoughts came to her then, of when said sister casually followed their parents’ lead in disowning her for being a lesbian.  “Even though we’re not close, and are unlikely to ever be in the future, I do wonder at times how nice it’d be if we were.”  There, she had admitted it to herself, after all these years of telling herself how she did not need that monstrously cold person in her life.  “It must be so comforting, to have someone who grew up with you, whom you can call family.”

“. . . you’ve changed, Sempai,” said Nanami, watching her former schoolmate with a look of wonder on her flushed face.  “You never used to be quite this indulgent before, nor so . . . warm.”

“I wasn’t,” admitted Juri.  “It isn’t until seeing you all again, and fighting by your sides earlier on, that I realized how much I’ve missed everyone of you.  I know it sounds insane, but I think . . . I even miss that time we’ve had at Ohtori.” She saw the younger woman’s still tear-rimmed eyes widen in apparent startlement, and chuckled helplessly in spite of herself.  “Yes, all of us Duelists were getting royally screwed over by the Ends of the World.  We were pitted against each other like pawns and cutting at each other with swords.  I’ve told myself again and again that we weren’t really friends; and yet, when confronted with the reality of any of you, even Sonoda, being hurt, I . . .”

“You miss adolescence,” stated Nanami, with slowly dawning comprehension, “that time when you could hurt others and yourself without a care in the world, because you still were too young to care about consequences.”  She pointed a finger, almost accusingly, at Juri’s nose.  “I bet you haven’t gotten any chance to be this wild, this free out in the adult world, where you have to keep your feelings – your true self – locked inside to survive in society.”  And she lowered her head, shrouding her small face.  “There is no Dueling Arena allowing for you to duel people with your soul on your sword tip anymore.  If you have a conflict with someone, you’ll either have to endure their abuse, or fight back by banding together with people you hate just as much as that someone.  Adult life is all compromising and being underhanded, and it sickens you; but you’ll still do it, because such sickening methods are the only ones that work in this world.  And before you ask, yes; I know because I too have been through it all.”  Her voice, too, lowered as to be almost inaudible.  “Crazy as it sounds, I think I miss that time too.” 

“Nanami . . .”  Seeing this younger woman –- whom she had always thought of as immature –- in a completely different light, Juri now felt herself ready to further open up.  “I think . ..  it’s also because when we went through that punishing pain at Ohtori, we went through it together.  And that pain bonded us, even though we didn’t think of ourselves as friends.  I suppose it’s like what the Takakuras had said earlier on, something about sharing the Fruit of Fate--”

“Wait.”  Nanami, who had suddenly gone from wistful to alert, briskly cut her off.
“I think I’ve heard something like this before, but didn’t have time to ask.  What . . . Takakuras?”

“Remember those little boys you met in the wash area, the ones who turned into glass shards before disappearing with Chida-san?” supplied Juri, watching the girl’s abrupt change with some concern.  “They are the Takakura brothers.  Apparently they got cursed because their parents were involved in the Kiga Subway Attack that killed Utena’s parents--”

“Wait!”  Gasping through her mouth, Nanami now appeared to be struggling with the mere act of speaking. “The boys’ father wouldn’t . . . wouldn’t happen to be . . . Takakura Kenzan?”

“Nanami . . .”  Alarmed by Nanami’s current state (and uncertain as to the possible meanings behind her correctly naming the Takakura father), Juri tried to somehow dodge the question.  “They’ve only told us their parents were involved--”

“TELL ME!” demanded the blonde, now grabbing onto the front of the woman’s shirt while practically snarling in her face.

Cornered, Juri was nonetheless spared from having to answer by this timely, bloodcurdling cry now blasting through the whole mansion.


For one crushingly agonizing moment (lasting minutes? hours? an eternity?), he was all screaming and zero coherency.  Then came the sounds of splattering footsteps, of frenzied exclamations, of young women crying out . . . there was this broad, powerful hand now clasping down on his shoulder, and arms, slender and wet and trembling, encircling him from behind . . .

“ . . . tena-sama!  Utena-sama!  Snap out of it!”

Out of breath, Utena slowly turned his head to see the drenched, frantic young woman now hugging him desperately.

“Utena . . .”

“Waka . . . ba . . .”  Rasping out his old friend’s name in his detached, disoriented state, Utena willed his hand to reach up and wipe off a stray tear falling past her wet cheek.  “Why’re you’re all wet . . . and in tears . . .”

“ . . . you idiot!” snapped Wakaba, all the while crying with undisguised relief.  “You had everyone worried just now!”

“Everyone . . .?”  Turning his head, Utena saw the whole gang of Duelists now watching him, wide-eyed.  “Oh.”   Feeling the hand on his shoulder tightening, he looked up and at the big, disheveled man whose chest he had been crying into just now.   “Saionji . . .”  The man’s face, handsome in the way of hard, dramatic angles, now was ominously shaded from Utena’s point of view.

“Look at you, Tenjou.  Still crying like a little brat at your age.”

“I . . .”

“You,” continued the man in his rasped, lethargic voice. “You’ve probably been so busy suffering through the past decade, that you hardly even had the chance to grow up.”  His hand, once rested upon Utena’s shoulder, now had reached up to cup the Victor’s small face.  “How like you. ”

“Sai--” started Utena, before stopping at feeling something wet now falling upon his upturned face. It took him a moment to realize that was a drop of the taller man’s tears.  “Saionji . . .”

Face tear-streaked, Saionji’s voice now came cracked at the edges. “Just like . . . me.”

Through hazy eyes and mind, Utena received burred impressions of the following sequence of events happening outside his person: Wakaba bawling her eyes out while hugging him from behind, Saionji encasing them both within his embrace, Juri and Miki looking on misty-eyed, Nanami pulling Touga to the side whispering urgently in his ear, Tsuwabuki watching them furtively, Shiori and Kozue trading glances before walking away together . . .


“Hime-sama had sent me, her Captain, over for the following purposes:

“To ask the question that might lead to a project’s beginning, and to obtain the accomplice that shall lead to a mission’s success.

“Then, I’ll start by asking the question first.

“Himari, Takakura Himari, will you burn at the stake for the sake of the world?”

End Part Twenty

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

gorgeousshutin wrote:

The story is up to its last stages now, with the multiple lines getting tied up.  I'm hoping to finish it by June latest cause starting Aug I might become too busy for fic writing by then.

I know how time consuming reading something THIS long can be; including the side stories, it's now 114,776 words and ongoing.  Still, if you'd just like to chat with me about SKU or else, feel free to drop me a line here, or maybe email me.  Let's stay in touch emot-wink

Heh, maybe when I get around to reading it it'll be finished. Guess the advantage would be that I wouldn't have to be patient for new chapters. emot-tongue

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Lurv wrote:

Heh, maybe when I get around to reading it it'll be finished. Guess the advantage would be that I wouldn't have to be patient for new chapters. emot-tongue

Hmm, I'm kinda bad at checking my email. You don't have some kinda instant messenger like skype?

Unfortunately . . . no emot-frown  Email and PMs at the forums I frequent are pretty much all I use for online communications.  Oh, that and the ask function on my tumblr:

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself … rs/2920603 … umei-Utena

Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.   

Part Twenty-One: Empty Movement III

“ . . . and then, I batted my eyes and told her it was my first time, but she just laughed.”

“Saying it's your first time while batting your eyes is pretty shameless.”

“Heh, what’d you know? Older women love that stuff.  Anyway, had you really managed to make me look sixteen with the last procedure, that CEO cougar would’ve never even suspected I was lying.  Damn, the old whore better continue to back me on winning the big one at the Music Awards . . .”

“Are you sure that your having been in the spotlight for almost a decade does not also play a factor in giving away your adult age, Seen-sama?”

“Whatever.” Leggy, androgynous flame stretched out indolently upon the clinic bed, the top male idol singer of Japan has his eyes trained upon the injection needle held in the doctor’s hand.  “The upcoming concert at the Big Egg will be televised live: you make sure I got no bad angles left after this, Dr. Sanetoshi.”

“How electrifying,” commented Sanetoshi, smilingly observing the undisguised hunger showing though the idol’s already flawless face as he readied the needle . . .

*. . . dong . . .dong . . . dong . . .*

The ring tone –- sounding like the peals of heavy bells –- interrupted the ‘doctor’.   Signaling for Sanetoshi to stop, Seen produced his smart phone –- the wallpaper of which showed a tail-less baby red alligator with an umbilical cord still attached -- and clucked his tongue at the caller ID.

“Would it kill you to leave me alone on my downtime . . .”  His sentence then trailed off as his eyes widened in surprise.  “What?  Sonoda has been . . . ?”


“ . . . so yes, you’ll have to show up for the press conference.  There will be people from the police station there, but they’ll know to go along with your act . . . yes, check your script at the inbox.  Did I plan it beforehand?  What do you think?  Then, the van will be ready to pick you up in twenty minutes.  Yes, yes, the stylists are ready at the studio . . . You say you’re on holiday? You know what they say: no rest for the wicked. Now go break a leg . . .Onion-kun.”

Terminating the call amidst the obscenities hurling at him from the other end of the line (to think even someone this banal can be a prince in this era), Akio leaned backwards against the car seat, and glanced up at the vast darkness blanketing the heights above.

No stars, real or fake, shone for him.

Exhaling softly, he then lowered his gaze downwards and upon the pile of crashed cars –- some convertibles, others sport cars -- his vehicle was currently perched precariously upon.

Reaching into the compartment, he produced a glossy pamphlet, where the words ‘Song of the Fallen Kingdom LIVE’ could be seen printed in stylized letters.  Turning the page, he skimmed over the colorful publicity stills all featuring ‘Seen’ in various objectifying states of undress, before focusing on the first line of text under ‘Contents’:

Opening:  That which could not be told until now – the (true) Tale of the Rose.

“Say, Hoshimi-chan . . .” murmured the Fallen Prince, his seemingly devilish tone betrayed by more than a hint of melancholy . . . and loneliness.  “Would you care for a bedtime story?” As if in reply, the car system flashed the words ‘SLEEP MODE’, the sight of which did not deter him from speaking on.  “There once was a boy who wanted to change his world, and his sister wanted to change him . . .”


“ . . . she then said to me: ‘From now on, you will make a sanctuary of my heart; and I, in turn, shall become you.’

“But what does ‘making a sanctuary of a heart’ truly entails?

“The Witch took my physical form, yes; and my mortality too.  Bound under her spell, which held me tighter than any earthly vessel could, I became something like a ghost in a memory, or a file in a disk: ever accessible . . . ever contained.

“My situation had not changed much since; not even after you’ve supposedly rescued me from the Witch during the Fate Change that graduated the Professor from Ohtori.” 

Eyes on Hoshimi, currently watering the roses in the hothouse with her back to him, Chida Mamiya took a measured sip from his teacup before speaking on.

“Ne, Ohtori-chan . . .”

“Yes?” asked his ‘little girlfriend’ -- still looking twelve within the sanctuary of her own heart –- without turning around.

“Just how old are we right now, really?”

“Do you still care about what’s real, even now?” 

Mamiya’s silence met her non-reply.  Putting down her watering pot, Hoshimi slowly straightened up, prior to turning around to properly face her watchful captive –- her prince.     

“Don’t worry,” she said, her indulgent, motherly smile contrasting her child’s guise to eerie effects.  “Very soon, you and I shall meet again in the real world, for real.  And, when that happens . . . ”


“. . . we’ll shine together.”

Eyes on the framed black and white picture from atop cupboard top, Anthy slowly, painstakingly went over the visual details associated with the ten-year-old item: the innocence shining through fourteen year old Utena’s wide blue eyes, the veiled shadows lurking within her own, the projector looming large in the background, and him –- whose towering figure she failed to completely cut out from the already heavily chopped photo . . .

It was not like she could just throw it away because her brother’s headless body still was in it: that was the only photo taken of her and Utena together, after all.

“And through it all, you’ve remained the same like always.”

Her brother’s words from earlier on, skewered towards the perspective that served him best, nonetheless managed to nail the truth.

Indeed, she had transferred her affections from her manipulative brother over to easily-manipulated Utena.  But how much had she, herself, really changed throughout the past decade, a visibly aged appearance –- one that she could reverse again at will –- not withstanding?

She was no longer the Rose Bride, because Utena did not want her to be so . . . just how different was that from being the Bride because her brother wanted her to be?

Utena was, of course, infinitely better as a person than Akio could ever hope to be; not even Dios could rival her when it came to courage and nobility.  And yet . . .

“. . . that I feel her wounds, her suffering, with my own body . . .”

That part of her brother’s statement, at least, was --

The sounds of sharp, brisk knocking from the door knocked off her disconcerting train of thought.   Composing her expression, Anthy got up and open the suite’s door to reveal a fierce-eyed Kozue, with Shiori standing behind her in a (mock?) demure stance.

“You, care to come with us?”


“ . . . will you burn at the stake for the sake of the world?”

Tsuchiya’s question for the girl, so calmly raised, sent the Takakura brothers into fits of rage.

“Bastard . . . !  What the hell are you talking about?!”

“Himari had already been through more than enough--”   

“What do you mean by ‘the world’, Tsuchiya-san?” asked Himari, the raptness in her quiet voice chilling her loved ones into silence.  In spite of his masked state, a subtle shift in the fencer’s posture (how on earth did he stand/hover just over the moving pavement?) signaled his being impressed by the courage shown.

“Whatever you see with those eyes of yours . . . that’s your world.”

“Whatever I see . . . is my world . . .?”

“Your world is but a stretch of scenery enveloping you, seamless as an egg’s shell.” Tsuchiya ’s tailcoat train, vast and fluttery to begin with, started further enlarging as it flowed over the van.  “Within this scenery exists the things that you like, and those that you don’t.  To protect the things that you like, and erase what you don’t . . . such is your wish.”  Like curtains, the vast ripples of red lining rapidly blocked off all views outside the car windows, engulfing everything under crimson-shaded darkness.    “Your brothers harbored the same wish, and it gave them the conviction to remold the elements of their world into as they saw fit. The price they paid for this colossal task is as you can see.”  The regressed boys, whose child-shaped silhouettes remained sharply visible in spite of the lack of illumination, were visibly downcast.  “And, as your can also see, the world remained imperfect even after they paid the price.  This is because the sacrifice your brothers had made is only enough to change bits of the scenery –- they had not managed to fix the true brokenness cracking through the core of this world.   Only a revolution can fix the whole of the world, and liberate all those within it from their many sufferings.”  The murky space was then pierced through by a spotlight spearing down upon Himari –- one that gave her focus while further obscuring the others.  The glow from the beam revealed how the van and the highway no longer existed, and they all were inside this “cocoon” made up of red fabrics streaming out from around the fencer’s lanky figure.  “Out of all the Children of Fate, you’re the only one capable of giving adequate sacrifice to bring about World Revolution.”   Hovering just beyond the spotlight on their sister, Shouma and Kanba confided amongst themselves in hushed voices.

“World Revolution . . .”  whispered Shouma, hovering just beyond the spotlight on his sister. 

Beside him, Kanba’s child-shaped frame grew taut with tension.  “Just like those people we’ve met at Chida-san’s place; the Duelists . . .”

“If I sacrifice myself, would this change my brothers back to normal?” asked Himari, large eyes glimmering with wetness from where she basked under the light.  “Would Ringo-chan’s parents get back together?  Would Kan-chan’s sister and little brother be free of their curse?”  Even shaded, Masako could be seen arching a brow in surprise at having herself and he brother included in her perceived rival’s well-wishing.

“Himari-chan!  Stop!” exclaimed Ringo from beside her -- right outside the spotlight -- alarmed.  “You don’t know what you’re saying--”

“I know!” Himari turned towards her friend in teary anguish.  “Ringo-chan, I remember everything now, including how you got burned by magic trying to even save us, even though our parents caused your sister’s death!”

“Himari-chan . . . !”

“I . . . I’m someone who should have died already!  If anyone should get sacrificed here, then it should’ve been me!” 

Before the others could have stopped her, Himari had already rushed forward to prostrate herself in front of Tsuchiya. 

“Please, Tsuchiya-san; please tell me how to make things right for everyone!   For this, I’m willing to do anything!  I’m willing to accept my natural fate: I’m willing to die from my illness!  So please . . . ”  And the frantically pleading girl trailed off at hearing the fencer’s amused chuckles.

“Girl, do you really think all it takes is something so simple as dying to revolutionize the world?”

“. . . what?”

“True sacrifice involves the enduring of a punishment for the sake of a greater good.  You should know just as well as I do that there is no punishment greater than life itself.”

“What the . . . ?” Masako spoke up, baffled by the statement.  “Are you saying that this girl only has to live on to save Kanba and everyone?”  Tsuchiya tilted his chin in her direction.

“Masako-chan, you’ve lived your childhood both in fear of your grandfather and in craving of your own father and brother . . . was that not a punishing enough life for the child that you were?  And, when you offered yourself up to devour the venomous fish in your little brother’s stead, were you not doing so in part because life was unbearable for you?”

“I . . . !  I was . . .”

“Masako . . .” murmured Kanba, who watched with heavy eyes the shift of his twin’s expression from enraged defensiveness to one of shocked realization.

“Ringo-chan,” continued Tsuchiya, now addressing the other girl,  “when you triggered the Diary’s spell to change fate knowing you will get burned, were you not also hoping to flee from the hurt you felt over your Father’s remarriage?”  Eyes wide, Ringo slowly touched her face as if to sooth the sting of an abrupt slap.

“Oginome-san . . .”  Fists clenched, Shouma turned to snarl at Tsuchiya. “That’s enough!  Why are you antagonizing us like this?”

“I understand,” said Himari, whose prior hysteria appeared to have cooled down.  “I’ve known since the beginning that living is a kind of punishment.  Burning a corpse at the stake accomplishes nothing: only a living person can suffer from the scorching flames.”  She now faced the fencer with calm determination.  “Tsuchiya-san, I’m willing to burn.”  Her loved ones all looked poised to protest, but were silenced by a determined wave of her hand.

“Not all fires are equal,” cautioned Tsuchiya, taking in the exchange.  “Some burn at the flesh, others burn at the spirit.  Some burn for a moment, and leave you with scars to last a lifetime; others keep burning at you throughout your lifetime.  I ask you one final time: are you truly willing to sacrifice yourself in this manner for the revolution of the world?” 

“I am,” insisted Himari. 

“Incredible . . .” exhaled Tsuchiya, rather audibly. “Such single-minded determination I am seeing from you all, that makes even self-sacrifice seem a mere task undeserving of second thoughts, of hesitation . . . is this a quality of adolescence, of youth?” A note of genuine wonder had seeped into his otherwise haughty voice.  “Was I too, like this?  No . . . back then, there were always numerous conflicting thoughts and intentions plaguing my mind when I had to act, and the same was true for most of those others seeking Revolution.  I suppose kids have really become a lot more transparently simple than in my day . . . although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Now then . . .” Pulling on a section of his impossibly large coat’s train, he sent forth a tsunami of red lining rippling at the Children of Fate, engulfing them before they could have reacted.  By the time the fabrics receded out of view, neither the fencer nor Himari were anywhere in sight.  Even as the girls were struggling to regain their bearing, the Takakura brothers were already scampering wildly about in search of their sister –- looking like a pair of child’s shadows flashing around to the human eye.


“Where’d that guy take her?!”

“Tsuchiya-kun took Himemiya’s familiar, along with the penguin robots,”  murmured Tokiko to this pink-haired, stoic-faced man suddenly present amongst their company.  “That must be the ‘accomplice’ he spoke of earlier on . . . just what could the boy be planning?”

“So where are we now?”  asked Masako, glaring at their surroundings warily.  “Looks like some homely apartment here . . .” 

Ringo, on the other hand, blinked in bafflement at where she found herself.  “This is . . . “

*Click . . .*

“Ringo, you’re back early!”  The front door opened from the outside to reveal a harried Oginome Eriko struggling with some sizable bags of groceries.  “Come, help me get these ins--”  And the bags fell off her limp fingers to splat down upon the floor, as she got a good look at the peculiar group –- specifically, the gamine with the beauty mark.

“Cousin . . . Tokiko?” asked the middle aged woman, her voice trembling with disbelief.

Her cousin –- looking younger than her by at least two decades –- faced her with something akin to guilt and regret. “It’s been a long time, Eriko-chan.” 

End Part Twenty-One

Notes:  Yes, the red alligator featured on Seen’s smartphone’s wallpaper is Keroppon from the Utena Movie.  Please C&C ;-)

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Part Twenty-Two UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … umei-Utena

Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.   

Part Twenty-Two: Empty Movement IV

Beneath the elegantly furnished Victorian mansion was a dark, stark dungeon.  At the center of the dungeon was a coffin marked by dark rose motifs.  The word printed on the coffin read “dépendance”.

And, standing in front of the coffin, a trio currently engaged in a game of two-against-one:

“We’re all here because you’ve gathered us to bring down the Ends of the World.

“You told us, that the power we take from him would help more than just Tenjou-san, but all of us as well.  You showed us how we will have all the worldly miracles we want should we win this battle.”

Glancing slowly from one woman to the other, the cornered female faced them with her benignly serene smile. “And?”

“You’re gonna tell us what you’ve planned,” demanded Kozue, “all of it.”

Anthy’s eyes widened with mock clueless-ness.  “What I’ve planned?”

“Quit jerking us around!” snarled the abrasive young woman, uncaring that she was facing an entity far more powerful than herself.  “Why the fuck are you agitating Utena like this?  He’s the one with the power now, right?  We need him to fight Akio, right?  So why dull his thunder?  And don’t tell us your little lovers’ spat is feels-driven only!”  She then pointed down upon the coffin. “You said it yourself:  your brother’s power is the only thing that can bring Sonoda’s body back to life   In other words, not only are we all screwed should you give up the fight –- after pitting us your unwitting pawns against him -- but this woman will die!

“Himemiya-san.” Shiori’s soft voice and expression, while less harsh than Kozue’s, was maybe even more pointed.  “You may have some powers and years over us, but please don’t think you can fool us on this . . . not when the three of us are so much alike.

“Make that the four of us.”

Startled, the women turned to see Touga – at last back in decent clothing – stepping down the stairs and into the dungeon.

“Ah, Touga-sempai,” greeted Anthy, smilingly.  “I was wondering when you are to make your presence known.”   

“All of us here are ‘witches’,” said the redhead, ignoring the implication of his having been spying on them. “People who got someone to fixate upon in our lives -- our ‘princes’ –- to the point of tying them down.

“Never thought he’d admit to being a bitch,” whispered Kozue to a visibly inquisitive Shiori.  “I mean . . . Bitch. Witch.  Whatever. I’ve always known he is one, that with the thing he had going on with the Chairman.”  The older female widened her eyes at the info.

“The Chairman on top of the entanglement with Tenjou-san?  But wouldn’t that make Kiryuu-sempai Himemiya-san’s biggest rival ever?”

“Didn’t you catch the jab Himemiya threw him just now?”

At the same time,” Touga persisted on amidst the gossipy exchange.  “We are also the ones who made the necessary sacrifices to push our princes down their paths of glory.  The princes are as vehicles upon which we, the witches, exert the driving forcing.”  Stepping up to the vapidly smiling Anthy, he focused his attention on her and her alone.  “We know the workings of each other’s minds, because we are essentially the same.”

“Then . . . do you know this?” asked THE Witch, her voice conversational to the point of being ironic.  “Once the prince starts seeing the witch as a witch, and not the princess he thought she was, he will hate her with the same fervor as he had once loved her.”

“Giving up already?” asked the self-admitted male witch, looking down upon her from his taller height.  “How unlike you.  Back in the day, you would stop at nothing to keep your ex-prince yours, be it sabotaging my duel against Tenjou-kun, or hurting and poisoning Kanae-san.” His gaze sharpened even he spoke on.  “If you give up on Tenjou-kun now, you’re saying that he turns out less worthy than the Ends of the World.  This, all of us Duelists will take issue with.”  Getting his drift from where they watched on the side, Kozue and Shiori stepped up to frank either sides of Touga, with all three of them now staring hard at Anthy, whose smiling visage had turned statue-like in its stillness . . .


“Oh my,” exclaimed the Witch with perhaps exaggerated startlement as she produced her cell phone (an old-seeming model that was nonetheless good enough to work underground).  Eyes widening at the caller id, she quickly took the call.  “Chida-san?”  She spoke aloud as if for the benefit of the mortal witches, whose focus now had been duly redirected.   “I was wondering why I got disconnected from Chu-Chu  . . . I see, so it was his doing.   And he took the Maiden of Fate with him as well . . . Oh, I do trust him with the girl, if only because his princess is a long-time foe of my brother’s.  I’m really more concerned about what he is planning to do with my familiar . . .  Is your cousin’s place safe . . . what am I saying? With you over there, of course it is.  Then, please keep the Children of Fate under watch for the next while.  It would be best to have all their important relations gathered together: my brother is not above abducting people for use as hostages.  Yes, you and me both.”  Ending the call, she spoke up before the other witches could.  “You must all think I am directing this whole affair, with everyone being passive players acting out as per my whims.  But the truth is I too am simply a player upon the World’s Stage.  An old friend of ours has at last entered the scene, and the outcome becomes all the less predictable because of it.” 

“An old ‘friend’?” asked Touga, arching a red blow. 

Anthy faced his suspicion evenly.  “The last remaining Duelist from your round of the Game, yes.”

“Isn’t Sonoda Keiko already the last one?”  asked Kozue.  “I mean, all the Black Roses minus Ohtori Kanae -– who’s with the Chairman –- have already shown up.  Plus we got Tenjou and the entire Student Council . . .”

“There’s still one more.”

Shiori’s quiet whisper, trembling at the edges, caught her fellow humans’ attention.   

“Takatsuki?” asked Kozue.  “You looked like you’d seen a ghost . . .”

Eyes on the suddenly distraught woman, whose dark violet eyes clouded as if with old pains, a look of comprehension gradually dawned upon Touga’s face

“I think . . . we’ll all be seeing one very soon down the road,” he said, slowly turning towards Anthy.  “Isn’t that right, Himemiya?” 

Anthy, for her part, smiled vapidly on.


“Do you know? There once were those who were called Duelists, and they dueled each other wielding their very souls as swords.

“Hearts aflame, these Duelists fought heatedly over the Dueling Game’s prize: the power to revolutionize the world. 

“In the end, the Duelist who emerged victorious was neither the strongest nor the smartest of the crop, but rather, this single-minded fool hell bend on accomplishing one single goal: to save her friend from what she saw as a bad situation.”

“ . . . The winner was a girl?” asked Himari, doing her best to follow Tsuchiya’s outlandish story as she hurried along this surreal pathway –- filled with innumerable symbols floating in the dark backdrop -- he was currently leading her through.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; heaven hath no power like a woman determined,” replied the tall fencer from where he walked on ahead of her in broad, even stride.  “This girl was both.  Although her goal had never been to enact World Revolution -- which was why she never did revolutionize the world beyond her small social circle -- fact remains that nobody could beat her during the Duels.  And, she did manage to save her friend like she wanted to –- at the cost of having her very identity shattered.”

“But then . . . why’d you chose me to enact this World Revolution?” asked the smallish girl, winded from half-running after the incredibly leggy man.   “Like this girl, I also don’t have much reason to revolutionize the world.  I only want to save Kan-chan and Shou-chan--” His amused chuckle cut her right off.

“Oh, believe me, you do have reason to want revolution . . . along with having the perfect background to make this work.”

“My background?  But I’m a . . .”

“You are a child of the crime-tainted Takakura family, ‘sister’ to two boys destined to become nothing in a world that punishes not just criminals, but also their family and associates,” said the strange man, casually voicing out the depressing fact that the young Takakura had always known, yet never wanted to dwell upon.  “ Just helping the boys return to their old selves is not enough.  Their schooling and future prospects will still be hindered whenever their being children of terrorists comes to light.”  His voice came to darken, almost sadistically, as per his broad stride forward.  “No reputable school will admit them, no upright business will hire them; they still will remain invisible to this world, only in a different way.”

“But . . .” Feeling hot in the face, the girl nonetheless struggled to speak on.   “I thought . . . you said I could--”

“Only by changing your world –- your society -- into one where criminals’ relatives are no longer assigned collective guilt can you truly save your brothers,” explained the fencer.   “This is the kind of revolution you must bring about: your Survival Strategy.  In your case, it is not mere individuals you’re going against – it is the very World itself.  You’ll have to sacrifice a lot more than even the Victor of the Duels if you are to enact your World Revolution.”

“I . . . understand,” replied the girl, even though she did not.  But what else was she supposed to say in this situation?

She was the lamb willing being led to the slaughter: she would just have to take things as they came.

They finally stopped in front of  a nondescript door – looking so ordinary that it was completely out of place in this eerie space.

“Beyond this door was the Stake, upon which you shall burn brighter than all stars before you, and revolutionize your dark world into one of glorious light.  You’ll have to go in by yourself.  Ready?”

Taking in a stealth breath, the girl stepped forward, past the fencer’s imposing figure, and started pulling the door open . . .

“Takakura Himari-san.”

At being so formally addressed, Himari turned to see Tsuchiya taking off his hat and mask, revealing himself to be a strikingly beautiful youth spotting a head of wavy azure blue hair; his icily chiseled face was currently warmed by a genuinely indulgent smile.

“Good luck,” he said, right before disappearing along with the entire symbol-laden space the girl once was immersed within, leaving her in what now appeared to be some regular office corridor, stunned. 

“ . . . Himari-chan?”

Recognizing the voice, Himari turned slowly around to see Hibari Isada and Hikari Utada –- currently decked in their “Double H” costumes –- anxiously watching her from where they stood beyond the door.

“We weren’t sure you got our message, but . . .”

“Thank you for coming, Himari-chan!”

“Hibari-chan, Hikari-chan.”  In spite of the numerous unanswered questions currently plaguing her thoughts, the Maiden of Fate hesitated but briefly, before straightening her back and stepped forward.  “It’s been a long time.”


“ . . . downstairs.”

The word, which came muffled against his chest, had Saionji taken aback.

“Wha . . .?”

“Downstairs,” repeated Utena, who had since straightened up, and was backing out from his arms. 

“Utena-sama?” asked Wakaba -- still latched onto her old friend from behind -- in confusion.  The rest of the gathered Duelists appeared equally puzzled.

“Let’s . . . all go downstairs,” insisted the Victor, petting his old friend on the shoulder as he got the both of them walking.     “All of us, to the living room.”  Already, he was stepping past the hallway and towards the stairs, drawing the whole uncertain gang along with him.  “I’ve got things I need to say to everyone, so please . . . just come with me.” 

End Part Twenty-Two

Note:  I know, I’m a machine for writing so quickly.  Thanks for reading, and please give reviews XD

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Your story is still interesting. I have a question: Do you plan finishing it soon?

Proud Juri x Shiori, Nanami x Tsuwabuki and Utena x Wakaba fan



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Gaston wrote:

Your story is still interesting. I have a question: Do you plan finishing it soon?

Thanks for the support, Gaston etc-love

And yeah, I am planned in finishing Seinen Kakumei by late July the latest, before things get busy for me.  I think I just might make it, going at this pace.

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

A lovely fan art from a very talented reader on Tumblr etc-love

Post here

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Part Twenty-Three UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.   

Part Twenty-Three: Empty Movement V

Note:  Many, many thanks to V. Martin Writes for the lovely rec and fan art on Tumblr.  It is encouragement like this that keeps me laboring on with this monster of a colossal project.

“Yeah, I’ve got the video on my smart phone . . . I'll give a stellar performance like I always do, so ease your nagging traps.  Sheesh, the two of you are just as bad as your ‘late’ friend Sonoda . . . oh right, the three of you weren’t ever really friends to begin with, just bitches fighting over that piece of dark meat.  Whatever, be there by Six for our act.”

Ending the call, the beautiful man –- who had been checking his immaculately groomed reflection at  the mirror the whole time –- put down his smart phone and picked up a large envelope from the vanity table.  Opening the envelope, he poured out a few street shots featuring this plainly pretty office lady, the last of which showed her walking into a café with this expensively dressed dark-featured woman.

“ . . . and you said you lost track of them right after they went inside?”



“It’s . . . all very strange and hard to explain, really.”

Taking in a deep breath, the seated man glared imperiously into the mirror, and at the lanky teenager standing behind his chair.

“Come over here.”

Not appearing the least intimidated, the youth got up and to beside him matter-of-factly.  The man motioned for him to lean downwards.  He did.

. . . and the man grabbed the youth by his hair and dragged him down, such that the two now were face to face.

“Listen up, what’s-your-name,” threatened the man, fingers tightening sadistically around the youth’s hair.  “I’m aware you’re just some kiddie part-time assistant and no professional detective. But I’ve specially ordered you to keep tabs on Shinohara Wakaba.  So, when you’re to fail me in such a spectacular manner, I suppose I really got no choice but to axe you.”
“Oh, please don’t fire me, Seen-sama,” “pleaded” the young assistant, demure to the point of being thick-skinned.  “They say you’re a good person, you won’t drive a poor boy like me to unemployment in this tough economy now, would you?”

“Wouldn’t I?”  Seen’s exquisite face now had roughened from anger.   “You know what the poet say, it’s better to be beautiful than to be good.”

“It’s time to head out to the press con,” purred the younger man against his sensuously curved lips. “Most beautiful Seen-sa-ma.”

“ . . . faggot.”  Miffed by how he was unable to ruffle up the infuriating young assistant, Seen gave the youth a rough shove that set the latter tumbling down, before storming angrily away from his makeup room.  “Grab all my stuff and move your ass along already!”

“Hai, Seen-sama,” sing-songed the assistant after his boss’s departing figure, before smoothly getting back up on his feet.  “Heh.”

Sauntering up to the vanity, the youth picked up the smart phone the celeb left behind. At the password prompt, he typed in “Kazami Tatsuya”, thus successfully unlocking the device.

“So blind sighted by the glam life that you can’t even recognize your old sempai, huh?” mused the azure-haired assistant with a bittersweet smirk on his ghost-pallid face.  “The little onion brat.”


“You’re telling me that Tsuchiya Ruka is back?!” asked Kozue, pursuing Anthy from behind as the group got back up from the mansion’s dungeon.  “But didn’t he die already?”

“Surely you all must know by now that the dead don’t necessarily stay dead in our world,” replied Anthy, walking on ahead of the other witches without turning around.

“Still . . .”

“Thank you all for coming here, for listening to what I’m about to say.”

Utena’s voice, rasped but steady, stopped the Witch in her tracks (and causing Shiori –- reasonably distraught -- to stumble awkwardly into Kozue from behind).  Walking soundlessly up, she saw the Victor standing against the wall of the living room, facing an audience of wary Duelists. 

“Then . . . ” Seemingly tough gaze still marred by uncertainty at the edges, her current prince (looking wet and disheveled somehow) took a nervous lick of his lips, prior to continuing on.   “I will begin--”

“Please wait!”  Exclaimed Tsuwabuki, checking his smartphone under the others’ mildly disapproving gazes (Utena hung his head), before hurrying over to fumble with the old style TV. 

“Tsuwabuki!”  Somehow mortified on the man-boy’s behalf (Anthy thought it likely to be a sign of perceived closeness), Nanami hurried over trying to stop him.  “What’re you doing?!” 

“The news!  Himemiya-sempai is being named in the news!”


//“-- is News at Six!”// Snapped on, the TV showed a newswoman (looking like a gender symbol) standing against what appeared to be a very “crowded” scene.   //“We’re bringing you the latest update on this ever-developing story of the murder case at Sunshine City Aquarium.  It’s been confirmed that the victim is indeed Sonoda Keiko, the manager of the biseinen Nova Idol Seen.  Facultas, the talent agency Sonoda worked for, has arranged this press conference in conjunction with the TMPD to address the rumors surfacing online –- including the one about how the murderer has already been identified as the famed socialite Himemiya Anthy--”// And the sound got muted by Juri walking over and muting the volume.  The two younger Duelists were understandably taken aback.

“Juri-sempai . . .”

“It’s nothing we don’t already know,” explained the woman, her delivery brisk but not harsh.  “Why else would the Chairman use someone like Sonoda as a weapon against Himemiya, if not to set his sister up for murder?  It looks like he’s got the police working for him too, so my bet is that Himemiya’s bank accounts are likely all frozen by now.  Still, with this place being what it is, we shouldn’t have to worry about the cops knocking at the door just yet.”  She then turned smoothly towards Utena with an encouragingly warm smile.  “Please, continue.”  Watching on from outside  -- with three human witches breathing down her neck –- the Witch had to resist the urge to applaud the woman for her competence in keeping things on track.

Like the assembled Duelists, she too was utmost eager to hear what the Victor had to say.

Straightening up, Utena took a deep breath, and began to say his piece.


“ . . . okay, you’ve already got Mario with you; that’s very good.  Now take him with you to this location ASAP.   Renjaku, I know you’re tough, but dangerous forces are now targeting you both, so stay alert all the way . . .” 

With the Natsume Clan heiress continuing on with her phone call in the living room, and the Oginome daughter having since disappeared into her own room with the two shadow-cloaked boys, Tokiko found herself left with Eriko doing what was necessary at this time: setting up dinner for an apartment full of people at the open kitchen.

“Your Professor Nemuro-san seems to be a even less talkative gentleman than you said he was.”

Her cousin’s quietly voiced, conversationally delivered comment had Tokiko further composing her composure. “A lot has happened to him since that time.” 

Back in the living room, Nemuro was currently seated at a distant corner –- one he managed to find even in so small an apartment -- in mannequin-like stillness.   

“So, Cousin, you’ve finally gotten this man you’ve been fixated upon for all these years right where you want him.  Sure, it’s taken you some decades and a divorce, but you’re both plenty young still thanks to magic.  Glad to see this witch business is working out well for you.’

“Eriko-chan . . .” 

“ ‘Eriko-chan’ . . . huh?”  The middle-aged single mom chuckled at if at an old, bittersweet joke, revealing faint laugh lines.  “Oh, to have you call me that now, especially when without your real age-appropriate disguise . . . the effect is beyond humorous.” 

To that, the ageless witch opted to remain silent as she awaited her cousin’s next move. 

Picking up a peeler, Eriko started working on her carrot. 

“Eighteen years ago, my first daughter acquired from you an artifact you stole from the Devil himself -- the Diary that gave her witch powers at the age of eight.” Ribbons of carrot peels were crisply produced and then discarded.  “She died at ten from using those powers to battle the Devil’s minions.”  Placing the stripped carrot on the chopping block, she then reached for the knife.  “Sixteen years ago, you came into the maternity ward to deliver me news of Momoka’s death, along with her Diary. .”  She started chopping up the carrot to soundly effects.  “You said, that Momoka had willed the Diary’s ownership to be transferred to her newborn baby sister.”  Done with the carrot, she reached for the apple, and started peeling up the fruit.  “You told me that Ringo –- whom you told me was a “natural witch” like Momoka -- was the only one capable of safekeeping these dangerous powers from damaging the World’s balance.  My listening to you and letting Ringo keep the Diary cost me my marriage, and it cost my daughter her father--”  The apple slipped from the woman’s increasingly agitated hands, bouncing away in a trail of ribbon-lite red peel.  Catching it effortlessly, her cousin wordlessly handed the skinned fruit back to her, which she took with trembling fingers. “Just three weeks ago, Ringo almost followed in her elder sister’s footsteps and died using the Diary’s powers.”  Agitated, she fumbled unsuccessfully with the apple and the knife.  “And today, you show up here telling me that the Devil is now targeting my daughter and her friends.”  Finally giving up, the woman slammed down the knife against the counter with an audible clang, and glared hard into her cousin’s cloudy eyes.  “Tell me, how am I supposed to react to this now?”

“Gosh, low battery!” exclaimed Masako from behind the women with theatrical loudness.  “I must go borrow a charger from Ringo-san.  Oh, Ringo-saaaan?”  With that, the rich girl fled hastily into the bedroom and away from the increasingly awkward scene; Nemuro, meanwhile, watched their confrontation from where he remained statue-still in the background.

“ . . . do you even know what I’m saying?”

Eriko’s question, coming choked with tears, was met by Tokiko’s brisk, startlingly firm embrace.

“. . . I know . . .”


“I know . . . that nothing I do now could undo the hurt I’ve already caused everyone. 

“No, I don’t mean just the fight with the Swords and Akio.  I’m talking about this whole thing with involving everyone to mend my . . . damage.”

Acutely conscious of everyone’s gazes upon him –- their expressions ranging from perplexed to anxious –- Utena gritted his teeth and bowed deeply at those assembled here for him.

“I'm sorry.

“I'm so sorry.

“I am responsible for putting myself in my current predicament –- the very one you all are now risking yourselves to help me resolve.”

Straightening up –- in a manner more hesitant than he would have liked -- he forced himself to again meet his old friends in their eye.  This was getting hard for him, much harder than his doing that speech earlier on, when the pain from the Swords were numbing his senses.  Now that his mind had regained full clarity, the act of self exposition just made him feel brutally exposed, and all the uglier because of it.

Still, he had to let these people know the whole truth.  He owed them at much, at least.

“Everyone here probably remembers how I’ve moved into the Chairman’s Tower back then,” said he, in a voice wavering somewhat beyond his own control.  “But . . . most of you probably don’t know that I . . . that I was . . .”

“That you were having an affair with the Acting Chairman?  Lots of people knew about that already.”

The shrewd female voice drew the Victor’s attention towards the doorway, where he saw Kozue standing amongst the ones late to this gathering: the Duelists grouped under Witches.

The Bride was of course right there with them, watching him with her piercing, scorching green eyes.

“Did he . . . tell somehow?” asked Utena, heart sinking as he noticed how none present appeared thrown off by Kozue’s rhetorical question.  “Perhaps gloated about it when he lead you all to fight those last Duels against me?” Developing wetness threatened to blur his vision, obscuring from his view their watchful eyes.  “Or maybe . . . when he . . . ” 

“He didn’t have to tell us,” said Touga with something a little too dark tainting his otherwise gentle voice.  There was probably also a little something to the man’s expression that Utena did not catch, busy as he is with blinking back his tears.   “We knew.”

“The two of you were not exactly discreet back in the day,” commented Saionji, sounding perhaps a little too neutrally.  “I mean, with you living with the man despite his being engaged, and going on those car rides with him around the area . . . ”

“Even the kids in the elementary division were talking about it,” supplied Tsuwabuki, rather timidly.  “There was even a rumor of Ohtori Kanae having gone to the Tower with Mrs. Ohtori to confront the Acting Chairman and his . . . fling.”

“Oh . . .”  So, everybody knew already.  Stealthily wiping off his tears via a gesture that approximated his swiping his longish fringe, Utena then found himself facing worried, empathy-filled Wakaba.  “I see.”

“Utena-sama, it wasn’t like people were thinking badly of you,” said his oldest friend, who had since stepped up to right in front of him, and now was clasping onto his hand with both of hers.  “That Kanae was just some privileged princess who was never really a part of the crowd.  Everyone liked you better than her . . .”  Her words trailed off as he gently pulled out of her grip.

“Kanae-san was his fiancée.”  He stated, firmly.  “And I, the other woman.  If anything, people should’ve sided with her back then, and not with me”

“But . . .”  Wakaba appeared hurt . . . or rather, hurt on his behalf.   “Oh, you . . . !” 

A short, heavy snort drew Utena’s attention to behind Wakaba and towards Nanami, now glaring at him with her heated dark eyes.

“Enough with your mission-hampering internalized guilty feely trip already!”  She pointed a manicured finger right at his nose   “Listen up, Tomboy, you may be responsible for a lot of harm done, but even you can’t think you could be held responsible for this one.  For God’s sake, the guy is like a thousand years old.  You were only like what?  Fourteen?”

“Any fourteen year old girl knows what it means when to have relationship with another girl’s boyfriend,” replied Utena, thwarting Nanami’s attempt to alleviate her guilt.  “I one-upped it by being involved with someone else’s fiancée, knowing I was about to destroy a marriage.”  He watched, with indulgent eyes, the flaring of the impassioned blonde's nostrils (which made her look rather cow-like at the moment).


“Remember how I was always going on about becoming a prince back then?”

The others all quieted down at that, allowing him to go on ahead with driving the point home.

“And I really thought I could be one too, that with my nobility, my high ideals, and all that moral high ground I had going on the surface.”  Snippets from those distant schoolgirl days, filled with dreams of roses and princes, came back to him with sword-sharp clarity . . . along with the other stuff; those darker, messier things he wanted to yet never could forget.  “I was . . . the worst: pretending to have principles, when I have no qualms about throwing them all away when it suited me.”  Even now, he could feel the callous from those dark hands as the shoe got removed from his (then her) foot, and the chills coursing  he had felt as Akio leaned over to kiss him (her) in that red convertible –- parked out in the open on school grounds, where any student or staff could chance upon.  “I knew, that an engaged man who comes onto another girl could only ever be a bad person.  I even recognized his car to have looked exactly like those on the Dueling Arena. 

“And Kanae-san . . . she was never anything but polite to me; even when she and her mother both came to the tower to confront Akio, and I was present, she never said anything mean to me.  And yet I . . . I still continued on with the affair, letting that man drive me past the point of no return, all because of those rosy, worldly things he had to offer: superficial things that no real prince should be associated with, let alone crave.” 

His gaze then fell upon Anthy, who faced him with her often-used vapid face.  “Even with Himemiya, it was the same.  I was merely making a project of trying to protect her, to change her ‘for the better’, all so I can forget about my own troubles, my own guilt over having been the one who . . .  who got my own parents killed.”

“What are you talking about, Utena-sempai?”  asked Miki, eyes wide with something between wariness and outright horror.  While fully anticipating similar reactions from the group, Utena nonetheless found himself letting out a nervous dry chortle before he could have carried on.

“Back before my parents died from the Kiga Subway Attack, I was a very different person.  I was a very girly kid back then, and I wanted to grow up and become a model like my mother.  You see, my mother was this semi-famous print model, and my father a fashion photographer.”  The almost cartoonish looks of skepticism now showing upon the Duelists’ faces would have made him laugh (what? did they expect his parents to have been dumb jocks like “she” was?), had the context surrounding this subject been any less dreary.  “That’s right.  I’ve been looking up to people who impressed me, and aspiring to become like them even since that early on.  They say that kids naturally need role models, but I really took that to the extreme.  So . . . naturally, I was quite the chibi fashionista back then; the trendiest little girl dresses, accessories, shoes . . . you name it, I had it.  Nanami, you ain’t got nothing on me.” 

The blonde might have tossed him a “whatever”, but he could not be sure, so focused was he on telling them what he felt was his deepest, darkest secret.  “The morning of the Attack, my parents were not supposed to be on the train quite so early.  But, because I wanted to get ahead in the long lineups for some debuting accessory –- a necklace? a hat? I don’t even remember what it was anymore –- I made them get up early and take that fateful subway ride with me.”  He saw jaws dropping at the revelation, and felt, along with shame, the lightening of a load that had been weighting him down for sixteen long years.  “And that, was why my parents got killed when I was eight, and also why Kanae-san’s happiness got crumbled when I was fourteen.  The real me was a selfish person who destroyed others to get what I wanted.  Maybe that was why I was always trying to become someone else . . . because the one person I didn’t like being was myself.” 
“He’s using ‘was’,” muttered Nanami, flatly.   

“Let’s just take that as a good sign,” muttered Kozue from where she now stood beside the blonde.

“During that Final Duel, Akio attacked me for being with him while knowing he was engaged.”  Deeply immersed within his painful recollection, Utena paid their exchange little heed.  “ ‘You’re a good woman,’ he said, ‘you should go on being a girl.’  And then, when I pressed on fighting him thinking of nothing beyond saving Himemiya, she . . . stabbed me from behind.”  The lack of surprise on the Duelists’ faces at this revelation was a telling sign of what they thought of Anthy all along.  “ ‘You can’t become my prince,’ she said, ‘because you’re a girl.’”   Multiple gazes cut at Anthy at the quote; she remained impassive.  “A girl . . . I was a girl who steal men off other woman while pretending to be good, who got her own parents killed; this real me is what I hated being more than anything in this world.  And so, when the Swords of Hate infested me at the end of the duel, and I thought Himemiya was forever doomed to remain the Rose Bride,  I again tried becoming something else; anything else. 

“And so, I turned to HRT.” 

A sharp, pained sound of inhalation escaped Touga’s parted lips, and Utena found himself shaking his head in near-hysteria while letting out a rasped, ear-grating chuckle that resounded harshly against the still, chilly atmosphere.

“Now, obviously someone as fucked up as me –- especially with the Swords inside me –- have no chance of passing the mental health assessment for HRT.”  An understatement, that.  “I couldn’t get the doctor’s referral I need for treatment at any legit hospital.”  He (she), in fact, had to flee to avoid getting locked up in some mental asylum by those shrinks who saw the effects but not the causes of his (her) seeming psychosis.  “And so, being stubborn, I went ahead with the change at what cheap, unlicensed clinics I could find, and ended up as I am today.”  He clasped a hand to his flattened chest, further drawing attention to how much his flesh had changed.  “My current body is the result of a long string of botched surgeries and unsafe procedures.  It might look stout on the outside, but inside, things are really falling apart.  That’s why Himemiya is so determined to fix my condition; not because she prefers me as a male or a female or whatnot, but because I’m crumbling physically as we speak.” 

That said, He finally walked up and towards Anthy, who, for the first time during his speech, started to show some glimmers of emotion from behind her glinting eyes.  “And Himemiya . . . even now, I’m being unfair to her.”

You’re being unfair?”  Wakaba now appeared as incredulous as she was outraged, as she actually dared to point a finger at Anthy while raising her voice at him.  “After everything you’ve already suffered through because of that--” 

“Even if Himemiya did have a hand in the Kiga Subway Attack, my parents wouldn’t have died if not for my pestering them to get on that train,” stated Utena, stopping his well-meaning old friend from doing damage.  “Yes, a lot of people had their lives ruined by that event.  Yes, Himemiya is guilty of her many sins . . . but that doesn’t change the fact that so am I.”  In front of everyone, he clasped his hand around Anthy’s smaller, colder one, gripping it tightly.  “It’s not my place to judge her on this matter.”

“Then . . . you forgive her?” asked pallid-faced Shiori, who then continued on without waiting for his answer.  “Even still suffering from a irreversible wrong, you’ve still chosen forgiveness; because of her, because you love her.  Good.”  She eyed the two of them with undisguised envy within her dark violet eyes.  “Good.”

From beside Utena, Anthy’s lashes fluttered as if trying to blink back tears.  He himself inhaled deeply trying to keep his own from further developing.

The sound of crisp clapping drew everyone’s attention towards Juri, currently applauding the Victor and his Bride. 

“Bravo,” said the woman, a broad, approving grin now lighting up her features.  “Then, Utena, am I to assume that you’ve also chosen to resume your leadership over our mission, as we continue our battle against the Ends of the World?”

“That’s . . . what I’m going to talk about now.”  Back straight, Utena faced Juri and the rest of the imploring gang with hard, determined eyes.  “Everyone, words fail to convey how grateful I am to you all for coming, for helping me with ridding the Swords of Hate.  But, from this point on, Himemiya and I are going to continue on with fighting Akio on our own.” 

Everyone –- Anthy included -- appeared understandably taken aback by his statement, so he hurried on before he could be interrupted.  “I’m not as I was before.  Without the Swords pinning me down, I am now free to exercise the Power -- the Light of the World.  And, with Anthy by my side, we have a good chance against Akio, however powerful he had become throughout the past decade.  The rest of you will stay behind in this sanctuary and wait for us to return.” 

To his gratitude –- and worry – none of the Duelists –- not even the Black Roses who were but briefly acquainted with him (her) so long ago  -- appeared relieved by the statement; if anything, they now looked pissed.

“You want us to . . . stay behind?”  asked Juri, making a visible effort to school her since darkened expression.

“You mean for us to stay behind and let you fight Akio with the Bride by your side, just like ten years ago?” asked Miki, baffled.

“Well, that just worked out so well for you and us both, didn’t it?” snarled Nanami, actually appearing more agitated than spiteful. 

Turning away from them, Utena inhaled deeply; shakily.  “Guys, I appreciate you all wanting to help even after seeing the true horrors of the Ends of the World, I really do. But at the end of the day, this is our fight only.  Himemiya and I are the only ones who--”  He was then cut off by Touga gripping his chin and forcing him to look up and into his eyes.

“This is not ‘your fight only’,” said this manipulative yet passionate man whose life had been entwined with hers all the way through childhood and youth.  “Tenjou-kun, you know you’re not the only one suffering within the coffin as prepared for us by the Ends of the World.  Open your eyes, and really look at us: look at what has become of all our lives ten years after that wasted Revolution.  We all of us are still trapped within our coffins even now!  Look!”  The redhead then dragged him over to the TV set (tearing him away from Anthy in the process), such that he now faced the innumerable gender symbols milling about on screen. 

“Child Broiler, Adolescent Broiler, Beauty Broiler; the vast majority of the population have all had their strength and individuality zapped off by those broilers the Ohtori Clan has set up all over the country!” The “W” branding now looked all the redder upon the man’s anger-flushed face. “How can you possibly think this is only about you and Himemiya?  This battle against the Ends of the World concerns everyone!

“Touga . . . !”  Even while fully understanding the logic behind his reasoning, Utena still wanted to stand firm upon his conviction to keep the Duelists out of the battle.  “Having already been through it all, surely you’d know the hellish consequences of mere humans going up against something like Akio--”  He was then cut off by the resounding sound of a fist slamming against the wall.

“What everyone here knows is the hellish consequences of not going against that freak while we still got a fighting chance,”  grumbled Saionji, slowly retracting his hand –- red at the knuckles -- while glaring Utena in the eye.  “I’m not saying we Duelists are superhuman or in anyway immune to Ohtori’s might.  But obviously we –- who’ve been chosen -- can pack some punch against that freak, or we won’t be here in the first place, would we?”

“Saionji . . .”

“If I lose against the Ends of the World in the upcoming battle, I’ll gladly accept some fate worse than death.  I can’t remain at the sidelines and just watch -- not when another chance at true World Revolution is at stake here!” 

“I don’t think any of us want to live on only to become gender symbols that are living fuels for some monster,” muttered Tsuwabuki.  “No matter how scared we are of the Chairman’s powers, none of us here can really afford to not help with bringing him down when we can.”  The other Duelists all nodded approvingly at his words; Utena noted how Nanami, in particular, regarded the young man with something like dawning admiration within her dark eyes.

“Himemiya-san.”  Juri strode up and towards Anthy with hard, determined green eyes.  “Earlier on, Chida-san told us that we Duelists can only face up against the Ends of the World Akio by forming driver/vehicle partnerships.  Now would be a very good time for you to tell us how that’s going to work.” 

Anthy, who had remained tight-lipped thus far, finally let out a long, drawn out exhalation, prior to speaking up.  “Indeed, Sempai; now is a good time for me to reveal--”

“Hold on!” 

Scampering forward and past the startled group –- all awaiting Anthy’s revelation with bated breath -- Wakaba hurried over to un-mute the TV. 

Utena blinked at the untimely franticness as displayed by his friend.  “Wakaba . . .” 

“Everyone, come look!” The young woman pointed desperately at the screen.   “Over here!”

Leaning over, the Victor and the Duelists all did a double take at what they now saw.

The camera was currently zoomed in on a limo’s opened side door, from which Kazami Tatsuya emerged –- exaggeratedly long legs first -- to shrill screams of “Seen-sama!” from those many “female symbols” present.  Prince-perfect in his current appearance, he greeted his rabid fans with the showy suaveness characteristic of a seasoned biseinen idol.

What truly got the group’s attention was not their surgically altered old acquaintance, but rather, the assistant-type currently holding the limo door open for him.

It was none other than Tsuchiya Ruka.  Dead for ten years, the former Ohtori Fencing Team Captain still looked identical to how Utena remembered him from before, except for his now having a semi-translucent penguin hat sitting atop his azure-haired head . . .

End Part Twenty-Three

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

[Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself




(also, admins, have you a taste for sadic? I'm passed from Miki Molester to Juri Jeerer. Not that I mind, of course. emot-biggrincool)

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

SeizonSenryaku wrote:




(also, have you mod a taste for sadic? I'm passed from Miki Molester to Juri Jeerer. Not that I mind, of course. emot-biggrincool)

Oh, thank you so much  for liking Seinen, SeizonSenryaku!

This project is a very time consuming one.  I'm trying to get myself to wrap it up by the end of this month, and your timely encouragement is very much appreciated etc-love

As for the sadic stuff . . . I do have the tendency to put my characters in dark places, then have them find their way back out under the light again.  I guess I'm more of a hurt/comfort/redemption kinda guy?   I do hope you've enjoyed my depictions of Miki and Juri in the fic ~

Either way, thank you again, and I'm really happy to get to know yet another Utena fan!  I'm most active at but will also drop by this forum now and then.  So hey, let's chat some more about our Utena views/headcanons when we got time, and I hope Seinen's next update continues to please emot-wink

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

I think its very well written, for what I understand of writing. You deserved my honest opinion emot-smile

However, my latest comment was about my "title" under my nick XD but I DO LOVE your Yuri depiction so far etc-love and I can't wait to see Miki's and as well the others characters emot-biggrin
Shiori is become a very devoted lover, hu? I like it xD

Juri, who knew and understood what she was doing, went along with her and laughed lightly.  “You don’t see roses with quite this shade of orange every day.”  Thus the inane smalltalk began.

“Orange like your hair.  And aren’t their petals still pretty firm considering how long they’ve been soaking in water?”

“It’s some rare, hardy species they ordered through that new flower boutique down at the Phoenix Court Plaza.  The director insisted on something that can last even being cut and drowned.  I think he got what he wanted.”

Just like you, dear Juri etc-love

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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

However, my latest comment was about my "title" under my nick XD

Oh . . . how'd I miss that I'm such a ditz emot-redface

P.S. In case you're only at Part 1 of this story, please heed the following so you don't get unpleasantly surprised:

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

gorgeousshutin wrote:

However, my latest comment was about my "title" under my nick XD

Oh . . . how'd I miss that I'm such a ditz emot-redface

P.S. In case you're only at Part 1 of this story, please heed the following so you don't get unpleasantly surprised:

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.

Don't worry, these things actually are the norm form me, now.... XD



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Glad you're okay with these story elements, SeizonSenryaku!  Then, enjoy the read, and I hope it pleases emot-wink

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(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Part Twenty-Four UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.   

Part Twenty-Four: Empty Movement VI

“ . . . and all this happened after you sacrificed yourself in my stead, and changed the world into what it is now?” asked Ringo, after finally finding out the whole complex truth from the boy who could have been, but never were –- at least not in this current reality.

“Umm . . .” Shouma, now literally a shadow of his former self, remained as meek as ever.  “That’s . . .”

“Don’t think I’m not angry at you for sacrificing yourself AND our past altogether,” stated the girl.  “I am.”  She then cast her glare upon the other “shadow” present in her bedroom.   “And Kanba-san, I’m not gonna just forget about how you’ve pulled that stint with that terrorist ghost to burn me along with my sister’s Diary.”  The child’s silhouette that Shouma’s adoptive brother had regressed into turned away in a sullen manner faintly reminiscent of his old self.  The girl exhaled while slackening in resignation.  “But . . . I do know that there are far more important things we need to take care of first, that with Himari-chan getting abducted by that strange guy.  So, we need to work together to rescue her, and--”

And the door slammed open as Masako came rushing into the room, brutishly interrupting their conversation.

“ . . . yes, that’s exactly where I am,” spoke the curly-haired girl into her phone, as she hurried over to the window, opened it up, and called outside.  “Great!  I can already see you both from up here!  Renjaku, get yourself and Mario up here A.S.A . . .” 

In a blur of motion, a bespectacled woman with her hair done up in a severe bun has since perched herself birdlike at the window frame, with a young blond boy tugged securely under her arm.

“Nin . . .ninja?”  Ringo and Shouma watched the strange woman and child entering the room with mouths agape. 

“Pardon our rudeness in entering your household with our shoes on, Oginome-san” said this Renjaku person, offering a crisp bow to the girl before quickly smoothing what wrinkles there were on her maid’s uniform, “but Masako Ojou-sama’s tone has lead me to believe that my bringing Mario Waka-sama here is an utmost urgent matter.”

“Err . . .” Ringo watched the woman –- currently putting down the precocious-seeming child as she herself settled daintily into the room –- warily.   “Don’t worry about it now.”

“Oginome-san.”  The boy called Mario likewise greeted Ringo with a formal bow, prior to turning towards Masako.  “Oneesan, what’s going on?”

“Listen, Mario.” This high-strung, haughty Natsume heiress now fidgeted uncertainly in front of her little brother.  “I know this is a very unbelievable story, but please bear with me--”

“Ah!  Kanba-sama!  Whatever happened to you?!”

The Renjaku maid’s exclamation greatly startled the Children of Fate. 

“Onii-san!”  Mario had by now rushed over to Kanba, who appeared stunned that his baby brother could recognize him in this changed reality, even with his trapped under his current “shadowy child” form.   “You look even younger than me now!”

“Mario, you. . . remember?” asked Masako, approaching her brother with the carefulness of one trying to gently lift one bubble from out of a foam.    “About the old reality?”

“Well, I forgot for a while,” admitted the lad.  “But then I found this hat in my room one day, and everything just came back to me all at once.”  He then produced from his backpack the unmistakable Penguin Hat, the sight of which put all the Children of Fate on Edge.  “But Onee-san seems to remember everything only as a dream, and it’s really such an unbelievable story, so . . .”

Renjaku cut in then. “Waka-sama and I have been working in secret trying to find out what has happened to Kanba-sama since, but it was like he never existed in this world to begin with.  However, while digging up the Takakuras’ history while searching, we’ve managed to unearth something rather . . . unexpected.”  She turned towards Shouma, who grew wary under her bespectacled gaze.


“What I’m talking about, is the fak . . . I mean, most current Takakura family of children, the one that only we can remember in this reality.  On the surface, this family may appear to be formed by random fate and children’s whimsies on the surface, but . . . in reality, it really is a contrived attempt by Takakura Kenzan and Chiemi to recreate the real Takakura Family they’ve since lost.”

“The . . . real Takakura Family?”  asked Ringo, feeling baffled as she looked back and forth between wide-eyed Shouma and the stoic maid.

“What do you mean, Renjaku?” asked Masako, who, along with Kanba, also appeared to be at a complete loss for what was going on.

“Renjaku.” Mario spoke up quietly.  “Show Shouma-san and the others what we’ve found out thus far.”

At her your master’s words, Renjaku produced her smartphone, fiddled with some buttons, and moved the device’s screen towards the Children.  Their jaws dropped at the info revealed.

“This  . . .  this is ?!”

“Twenty years ago, a family of four got into huge trouble after a sizable loan -- for which the husband was the guarantor -- defaulted.  Driven to the ends of their world, the desperate couple had no choice but to sell their young children –- a boy and a girl -- off to a wealthy family.  Soon after that event, the couple joined Kiga, rose through the ranks, and eventually became the main culprits behind that famous Subway Attack.”

“But . . . t-then . . .” Shouma now appeared to have trouble keeping from stuttering.  “T-This means . . .”

“Takakura Shouma-san, you’re not an only child,” said young Mario, cutting to the point. “My Onii-san, along with that girl named Himari, were adopted by your birth parents to fill the vacated roles of your real siblings, whom they’ve since sold off.”

“Then . . .”  Kanba, now appearing less shaded and more substantial than before, swallowed audibly before speaking on, “. . .then who are Shouma’s real brother and sister?”

“The one who purchased the original Takakura siblings twenty years ago has been confirmed as the late founder of Kiryuu Corp., a man known for being one of the most famously ruthless Japanese business tycoons of the last century.”

“Kiryuu . . .”  Kanba mulled the word over, “the name sounds kind of familiar . . .”   Jolting alongside Shouma, the two “shadow boys” then leapt at least a meter off the floor.  “KIRYUU?!?!?!

“Wha-What?”  asked Ringo, certain she had been left out from some rather important info.  Neither of the boys heard her, shocked as they were now.

“Kiryuu Touga, twenty-seven years old,” recited Masako off the info written in Renjaku’s phone, “and Kiryuu Nanami, twenthy-three.”  She then turned slowly towards the agitated Shouma.  “So, these are your real siblings. Shouma-san, Kanba might’ve grown up by your side after our father died, but he’s really a Natsume, and not your--”

Just then, the Penguin Hat held in Mario’s hand suddenly came aglow as it flew off Mario’s hand and away.  Under everyone’s incredulous eyes, the hat drifted jellyfish-like upon thin air, before “swimming” its way out of the spontaneously opening bedroom door.  Hurrying after it, the group went out into the living room, just in time to see Eriko hugging the Chida-san desperately in the open kitchen.

“I don’t want to hate you, Cousin,” sobbed the crying matron through her despairing tears.   “I want to forgive you, but I can’t.  If I forgive you now, I’ll be betraying my poor Momoka, who died because I brought her to visit you even knowing you were dabbling into such dangerous forces!  I can’t . . .” She trailed off at seeing the glowing, flying Penguin Hat now sailing past her vision.  “ . . . what?”

All watched as the Hat dropped itself neatly upon Chida-san’s male associate’s pink-haired head (the same shade of pink as the disappearedvan from earlier on, noted Ringo detachedly), prior to materializing a dramatic black tailcoat around the androgynous man’s slim frame.

“You . . . ” gasped Chida-san at this resplendent, revitalized person, whose eyes now came alit with an otherworldly violet hue.  Flanked by a symbol-filled background that had suddenly replaced the apartment’s mundane setting, the man opened his mouth to speak up in a full, resounding voice:

“Sur-vi-val . . . Strategy!!!


The Duelists watched on, rapt, as the “news story” further unfolded on TV:

//“Back to News at Six!   As you can see, Seen –- the star of this press conference -- has arrived at the main entrance!  With the thick crowds slamming at him like waves at the shore, it would take a while before we could get to speak to him.  Right now, I have with me two stylists from the Aranjia  Modeling Agency, who happen to be long time friends of Sonoda Keiko.”//

The camera panned out from around the newswoman to reveal two women -- one with short hair curling to the inside, another with shoulder-length hair curling to the outside –- standing beside her.

“Yuuko and Aiko,” muttered Shiori, recognizing her colleagues and ex-schoolmates at first glance.   “Decked in funeral black, even.”

On screen, the sparse-figured duo launched into their sorrowful, theatrical act with the flamboyance of seasoned stage actors:

//“Oh, it’s just so terrible!”//

//“Our long time friend, dying from a brutal beating!”//

//“A violent murder!”//

//“A travesty of justice that demands our outcry!’//

“Figures these losers would end up working for the bastard too,” grumbled Nanami, who eyed her ex-henchwomen with both disdain and pity. 

“Did they get dance training afterwards or some such?” wondered Tsuwabuki with narrowed eyes.  “Those two might’ve been attention whores, but they never were quite this . . . animated back in the day.”

On screen, Yuuko and Aiko continued to “flutter” busily about as they continued on selling their story:

//“We were wondering where she was.”//

//“And it turns out she had been killed in cold blood.”//

//“So now we wonder how she died.”//

//“The crime scene was covered in her blood, after all.”//

//“Then, who's the one who did such a horrible thing?”//

//“It’s someone from Sonoda-san’s high school days!”// 

Following the new, male voice cutting into the conversation, the view then cut to a shot of the event’s “star”, Tatsuya a.k.a. Seen.  Cutting a tall, sleek frame from amidst the numerous police officers currently barricading the swarming crowds from his person, the biseinen idol strode confidently up and towards the camera with mic in hand.

//“Back then, the culprit was a loner who never got along with anyone at school,” said the man, his voice holding manfully up against the near-orgasmic squeals of “Seen-sama!” in the background.  “A sinister outcast of a girl, she had been known to have gotten in some very public fights with Sonoda-san during that time . . .”//

//“Ooh . . . I know who you’re talking about, Seen-sama!”//  Aiko literally leapt back into view as she pranced up to beside Seen. //“Those two never got along back then!”//   

Yuuko, likewise, followed suit.  //“And now that they crossed paths again as adults, old grudges boiled over and resulted in murder –- just like in those mystery Jdrama!”//

//“The culprit--”//

//“--is none other than--”//

//“The owner of Château Princesse,”// concluded Tatsuya, offering the camera his most piercing gaze (and best facial angle).  //“Himemiya Anthy.”//  A unified gasp -– apocalyptic in its collective volume -- thus broke out from amidst the massive, largely feminine crowd clamoring about.

“Even after ten years and a new face, he still got this same hard sell expression whenever he lies,” muttered Wakaba out loud, appearing agonized yet also wistful as she stared hard at what her childhood friend had now become.  “The idiot . . .”

“I would’ve found this ‘press conning’ act quite funny, if there aren’t so many real cops playing cameos for their act,” muttered Kozue, eyeing the policemen currently playing bodyguard for the accusation-spewing idol warily. 

“By saying this in front of the cops while on camera, Kazami is sending out the signal that what he is saying has the law’s approval and is fact based,” commented Miki with crossed arms. “Smart, that . . .”  Abruptly realizing how close they were standing to each other, the warring twins darted apart like mutually repelling neutrons.

“Is it just me, or is the ghost of Ruka like staring out from the screen and at us?” asked a narrow-eyed Saionji . . . before recoiling as the penguin-hat wearing Ruka on screen winked secretively at him.  “. . . forget I asked.”

“Ruka . . .” Juri, knowing that her deceased old friend (?) could somehow interact with them, spoke up and directly at him.  “You . . . just what are you up to this time?” Ruka, for his part, turned away from the camera as he then fussed over Tatsuya’s artfully tied scarf like he was really just some humble assistant of the smug idol.  “Ruka!”  She looked like she would have slammed her fist against the TV screen, had Shiori not held her back.

“Juri, I think . . . we can trust Tsuchiya-sempai.”

To say the woman’s statement startled everyone in the room was an understatement.

“But . . . Shiori,” Shocked, Juri looked at her girlfriend almost uncomprehendingly.  “This man used to--”

“He lied to me, just like I’ve lied to him.  He led me to hurt myself, badly; but I knew . . . that was more because he saw me as someone harmful to you, and less because he was jealous.”  Making a visible effort to prevent her own stance from crumbling, the petite woman straightened up as she looked the taller woman in the eye.  “Juri, it’s already been ten years.  I’m now mature enough to look beyond my petty feelings and at the truth: that he saved you back when you needed saving.” A tear escaped a corner of her violet eye.  “ . . . and in doing so, saved even me along with you.”


“He used the Dueling Game to open your eyes to the real, flawed me . . . and in doing so, forced me to see the real you –- the one who loved me in spite of my flaws.  Without his intervention, the girls we were would’ve remained blind to the possibility; without him, we’d never have ended up together, like we had for the past ten years.”

Juri regarded her long time lover with the awe of one who unexpectedly found diamond in her own backyard. “Shiori . . .” 

Shiori, for her part, blushed while lowering her gaze.  “The boy –- he was only a boy back then -- loved you, unto his moment of death.  He has no reason to do anything to harm you, nor our mission . . .”

//“ . . . Sonoda san is as much my manager as she is my long time friend,”// declared Tatsuya from onscreen, with a definite note of showbiz grandeur to his supposed solemnity.   //“I won’t forgive this Himemiya person, nor will my fans!”//  Ruka, meanwhile, busied himself with continuously tousling the man’s artfully unruly long locks, keeping his apparent boss photogenic for the camera.

To their side, Yuuko and Aiko could both be seen nodding vigorously at the idol’s words.  Surrounding them all, the sea of fans’ droning voices had gradually shifted in tone, going from lusty to bloodthirsty . . .

//“ . . . this woman . . ./ . . . dare she upset our Seen-sama . . ./ . . . who is this Himemiya . . ./ . . . killing Seen-sama’s manager and making him sad . . . / . . . this kind of woman makes me mad . . . / . . . let’s bash her online . . ./ . . . let’s burn down her shop . . ./ . . . let’s just kill the bitch . . .”//

“. . . just like . . . the Swords,” murmured Utena, his lean built wavering as if from growing fatigue.  “ . . . these people . . .”  He then collapsed backwards . . . and into Touga’s waiting arms.  The others present noted how their weary Victor did not resist the man’s gentle embrace.

//“Ah, but Seen-sama—I mean, Seen-san.”//  The newswoman quickly corrected herself in an attempt to appear “professional”.  //“These are very serious accusations you’re making against a named person.  Do you have proof to back your words up?”//

//“If you need proof that I must show . . .”// Pausing, as if purely for dramatics, Tatsuya then whipped out his glossy smart phone, and flashed it at the camera.  //“Watch this video and you’ll know!”//  The fans in the background gasped tool-like at their idol’s flashy display.

“Then . . . they really do have footage of Himemiya-sempai’s fight against Sonoda,” pondered Miki, “even though it was supposed to be all magical . . .”

“Remember who we’re up against.” Touga’s voice was a dark, low hiss.  “This so called ‘proof video’ could be a product of magic itself.”  Utena, still held by his arms, blanched visibly at hearing that.

“Himemiya . . .”  The Victor looked frantically around for his Bride.  “Himemiya . . . ?” 

Anthy was nowhere in sight.

“This is ridiculous,” muttered Nanami.  “How can they just say Keiko has been murdered? We have her right here with us!”

“But it’s not like we can display Sonoda’s coffin to the police and say her body is really magically preserved . . .” grumbled Saionji, glaring balefully at the “symbol-crowded” scene shown on TV.  “The Ends of the World now has all of Japan held firmly in his grasp; he  really is pulling no punches against his sister . . . against us.”

//“ . . . the video file has since been completely  uploaded!”// announced the newswoman, an unprofessional-seeming jubilant note evident in her voice and expression.  //“So . . . we’ll now be bringing you the unedited footage of Sonoda Keiko’s murder video.  There will be graphic violence –- if no sex -- so viewer’s discretion is definitely advised!”// 

And all in the room waited with bated breath as the “murder video” started to play . . .

End Part Twenty-Four

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

This is an old tumblr post I've recently dug up, but I think it also belongs here:

http://mawaru-penguindrum-headcanons.tu … adcanon-18

Whomever you are, much, much thanks for giving me much needed motivation to wrap up this 'sequel' emot-dance

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: [Fanfic][2012]Seinen Kakumei Utena: yes, it's the actual fic itself

Part Twenty-Five UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Seinen Kakumei Utena

Utena and Penguindrum characters belong to their various owners.

WARNING: Parts of this work contain depictions of transphobia, controversial shoujo fantasy trans situation that in no way reflects real life trans people, and misogynic magic attack leading to forced masculinization.   

Part Twenty-Five: Empty Movement VII

“Greetings, lowlifes who somehow managed to dodge Fate in the last around.”

Standing against a fantastically luxuriant pink backdrop -- one adorned with innumerable red wheel motifs -- the Penguin-Hat-wearing one faced the Children of Fate with violet eyes aglow. 

“Though, I must say you’ve now both become borderline transparent, about to vanish off of the World’s Scenery,” said the Penguin Hat –- clearly in control of its current wearer.  “I’m assuming the likes of you still want to survive on, even now.”  With a flick of a hand, the Hat materialized a television set, angling its flat screen to better face the audience.   “I come bearing news of utmost importance to all you invisible nobodies marginalized by society.  So listen up--”

“ . . . Momoka-chan?”

The question from Eriko, now having come up to beside the Chidren of Fate, struck the hat-possessed one like a spell, turning it statue-still.  Even the fanciful pink backdrop had dimmed into an dark indigo shade, with the number “95” now igniting within each and every red wheel motif.

“Is that . . . you?  Momoka-chan?” asked the stunned mom.  “I remember this hat . . . it’s the one that I saw you looking at while I took you to Sunshine City Aquarium’s souvenir shop.  I wanted to buy it for your coming birthday, but then that happened . . . !”  She would have walked up towards what she recognized to be her deceased daughter’s ghost, if not for her surviving younger daughter and her cousin both holding her back.  “It’s really is you!”

“Stay back from that . . . that--” gasped Ringo, her eyes welling with tears of anguish.  “Mom, that’s not the Onee-san you remember.  She’s now become something . . . dangerous.”  The last, accusing word was growled out from between gritted teeth, as the girl cast a meaningful glance towards the literal shadow of the boy she loved. 

“Momoka”, for her part, remained unresponsive.

The TV, since turned on to a news program, played smoothly, mechanically onwards . . .


“What the . . . hell?!” uttered Wakaba; the sentiment was shared by all those other Duelists currently hawk-eyeing the TV.

The video –- said to contain evidence of Anthy having murdered Keiko -- showed not any area within the Sunshine City Aquarium, but rather, a swampland of sorts encased within a thick forest.   The camera zoomed in on a patch of moist grass beside the water, where a sizable caterpillar could be seen curling its spiky length around an exquisite purple rose.

“This is their trump card?” asked Nanami, thin brows twitching.   “The ‘murder video’?  Looks more like some freaking clip from Discovery Channel . . .” Miki, now beside her, appeared equally baffled.

“I had no idea real caterpillars can look like that.” The academically sound young man narrowed his blue eyes at the featured creature.  “I mean, those spikes around its scrawny length look so metallic, almost like protruding sword blades cutting out . . .”  And he trailed off blanching, before soon gasping aloud along with everyone else watching.

“Wait . . . hold . . .”  Too shocked now to keep up her grudge against her twin,  Kozue risked getting physically closer to Miki while pointing at the insect on screen.  “Look at those small antennas on top of its forehead looking like curled bangs, and those feather things at its temples that hang like twin tails . . .”

“But . . . if this is Sonoda-san . . . she . . .?” rambled Shiori, the bloody rescue effort from earlier on likely still vivid in her mind.  “How?” 

Lips pressed into a determined flat line, Juri hugged the trembling woman tightly against herself.

“Where has Himemiya gone off to?” asked Touga, a displeased twist evident upon his lips.  “She’s left us mortals at a loss without anyone to give explanation on these eerie happenings.”  Utena, who once leaned comfortably against the man’s embrace, visibly stiffened at those words. 

I can give you explanation if you’re indeed so eager for one,” grumbled Saionji, glaring at the redhead for his untimely display of pettiness.

Quickly realizing his fault, Touga schooled his stance into a neutral one; too late though, as Utena had since pried off the man’s arms to stand on his own feet again.

“I think . . . it’s something similar to Nanami’s cowbell incident from long ago,” said the Victor, his quietly voice statement sending the mentioned blonde flushing red. “Even I still don’t know how these things actually work.  But . . . if Mikage can become a flower van –- among other things -- then it isn’t all that far-fetched for Sonoda Keiko to show up as an insec--”


Jaws dropped around the room, as Chu-Chu now appeared in the video by way of playfully “walking” atop an Easter egg with similar coloring as himself.  At his startling appearance, the Keiko-ish caterpillar uncoiled from the purple rose before pouncing snaked-like at the familiar. The two peculiar creatures then proceeded to battle it out amidst a cartoon-ish dust cloud, with the Easter egg now getting knocked aside and off view.

“You know, if we take Chu-Chu as some representation of Himemiya-sempai’s powers . . .”  Tsuwabuki then trailed off, turning his expectant gaze towards Nanami.

“ . . . this video might actually make for a semi-accurate symbolic representation of what had possibly happened,”  finished the blonde, eyeing the younger man with an approving smirk.  “You just might’ve nailed it there, Tsuwabuki-kun.”  Her younger admirer grinned back at her while blushing.

“Whatever this video is, I doubt it is the one Kazami planned on using to incriminate Himemiya.”  Juri, still hugging Shiori, narrowed her eyes at the video.  “Someone must’ve somehow replaced the original video with what we see now, and uploading it for the broadcast.”

“It’s Tsuchiya-sempai,” stated Shiori with much certainty.  Miki, who overheard her, agreed.

“That’s why we saw him beside Kazami earlier on,” reasoned the sharp-minded man.  “He’s likely playing undercover agent, waiting for his chance to strike!”

“But, the Bride also said something about him making the battle’s outcome all the less predictable.” Caught up in the moment, Kozue too offered her piece . . . prior to narrowing her eyes at the suspicion she saw in her twin’s eyes.  “What?  Your Himemiya-sempai told a few of us about Ruka having returned from the dead just before this meeting.”  To that, Miki glanced awkwardly away. 

“Listen, Kozue . . .” He spoke up in a low murmur.  “There’s something I found out earlier on, that I need to tell you--”

“Hey, look at that thing!” exclaimed Kozue, cutting him off while pointing at the TV with perhaps exaggerated surprise.  “A big-mouthed reptile thing!”

Yet another strange creature had appeared in this video: a red, tailless baby alligator with umbilical cord still attached.   Coming up to beside the dust cloud from Chu-Chu and Keiko Caterpillar’s epic battle, the alligator’s snout started to lengthen like a budding sprout . . . before abruptly snapping up both[/b] dueling creatures with startling violence. 

“Whoa . . . that’s--”  No sooner did Tsuwabuki started commenting that another outlandish occurrence on screen rendered him and all others silent once more.

The “big-mouthed” baby alligator, about to swallow up both clamped creatures, suddenly found its throat clogged up by something large enough to further widen its stretched jaws.  It was the Easter egg Chu-Chu had been rolling just earlier on, currently getting shoved down the reptile’s throat by a rotund blue penguin’s flipper.  Not only that, but a equally fat black penguin now is stepping down upon the baby reptile’s umbilical cord with its flapper . . .


“Number 1--”

“--and Esmeralda?!”

Perched in front of the TV –- and temporarily overlooking the confrontation between the Oginomes –-  Kanba and Masako watched agape as their respective penguin familiars proceeded to “rescue” the monkey-mouse and the caterpillar while cramming the Easter egg further down the baby alligator’s throat.  Letting out a pitiful wheez, the unfortunate reptile then combusted in a fiery explosion that engulfed the entire view in smoke and flames.  Video having ended, the TV again showed the press conference, where Seen –- now appearing somewhat harried -- was currently beseeched by reporters.

//“Seen-san, what’s the meaning of this?”//

//“Is [i]this
the “murder” video? The evidence against Himemiya Anthy that you spoke of ?”//

//“Seen-san, please explain!”//

“Seen-san isn’t getting out of this one that easily, methinks,” commented Renjaku, glasses glinting.  The maid’s young charge nodded precociously from beside her.

“The Hat –- likely manifestations of Oginome Momoka-san’s spirit –- has powers beyond human comprehension.” Mario cast his blue eyes upon the Hat-controlled man currently at the center of the motif-filled scenery they now found themselves in.  “I doubt this pretty man making the accusations could be a match for that.”

//“That’s . . . I--”// Struggling to keep his long locks from getting tangled up in the multitudes of mic heads thrusting sword-like at him, the idol looked frantically around.  //“I gave the smart phone to what’s-his . . . my assistant to upload the file.  Did anyone see where he went?”//

//“ . . . assistant?”// asked the newswoman, baffled.  //“But . . .the only ones beside you all along are Oose Yuuko-san and Wakiya Aiko-san . . .”// 

//“B-But he was here just now!”// Surgically enhanced eyes widening in what seemed to be genuine shock, Seen looked to the mentioned women, who faced him blankly.   //”Surely you all saw--”//  And he got cut as the scene abruptly changed.

It was another video, this one featuring what appeared to be a hidden cam video of a dressing room.  An adolescent girl could be seen seated in front of the vanity, getting her hair and makeup done by two other girls no older than her.

Those girls were easily recognizable as Hibari Isada and Hikari Utada: members of Double H, currently decked in their stage costumes.

//“ . . . to think I can still get to become an idol alongside the two of you,”// murmured the girl getting groomed at the vanity.  //“It’s just like a dream . . .  Hibari-chan, Hikari-chan.”//

“Himari-chan!” exclaimed Shouma, glancing over from where he hovered beside the Oginomes. 

“The strange guy took Himari-chan to where Double H is?” Ringo, too, watched the screen from where she and her aunt held onto her mother (who still remained frantic when faced with Momoka’s ghost).  “But . . . why did he say all that nonsense about having to burn her?”

//“Even after all these years, we’ve never ever forgotten our childhood dream of becoming Triple H . . .”// whimpered Hibari, sobbing like the child she still was.  //“Please believe us, Himari-chan!”// Beside her Hikari likewise appeared choke up from where she helped with glooming up Himari.

//“Himari-chan, you don’t know how happy we were back then . . . just being with you!”// 

“Weird . . .”  Masako scratched her chin, baffled. “It looks like Double H are actually desperate for this girl to join their idol group.”

“They were elementary school friends with Himari back in the old reality,” said Shouma, who had by now gotten over up to beside the Natsumes.   “Perhaps they simply want to rekindle their old friendship?” 

“Oh?”  The Natsume heiress arced a dubious brow at that.  “To the point of begging her to share in their spotlight?”  Beside her, her “shadow-ed” twin-brother straightened his back in growing alert.

On screen, Double H continued on with their sorrowful, heartstring-tugging speaking.

//“ . . . after you got diagnosed with the illness, and we got picked at the audition, we’ve begged the agency to wait for you to recover.  We really wanted for you to have your audition too!  We wanted for us to debut together . . . but the people in charge of us back then won’t hear of it. ”//

//“ . . . afterwards, after we were made to debut as Double H, we’ve wanted to come visit you so many times.  But every time we try, the agency’s people would block us.  They told us that if the paparazzi found out about us being friends, then the Takakura family background would also come under media scrutiny.   And so, we . . .”//

//“We listened, and let the agency maneuver us about like wired dolls, cutting us off from our old friend, our old life . . . our childhood.  The two of us had sacrificed everything we once held dear to become the top idols we are now.  We spend our days showing up on TV appropriating the perfect adolescent maidens . . . and our nights entertaining the power players in the biz as per our manager’s orders.”//

//“Obviously, neither of us are even ‘maidens’ anymore . . . not like you are, Himari-chan.”//

Onscreen, Himari’s seated figure visibly stiffened at the revelation.  Double H, for their part, hung their heads.

//“No secret can stay secret for long.  Already, tabloids have caught onto hints of our . . . off screen dealings; it won’t be very long now before they’re to find hard evidences.  Double H’s image is risk of collapsing any moment now.”// 

“Oh . . . my . . . god . . . ”  Ringo had by now left Eriko to Tokiko’s care to come over to the TV.  “Those gossipy entertainment magazines are actually right about those two . . .”

Beside her, Shouma appeared increasingly perturbed. “Then, the reason they need Himari would be . . . could it be . . . ?”

//“Some time ago, the agency suddenly changed ownership.”//

//“Even the staff had all changed.  Suddenly, we’re no longer pressured to do the extra-stuff.  Not only that, but we’re now allowed a lot more freedom than before . . . including access to fan gifts and letters, which we never even got to see for ourselves before.”//

//“So, when we got to receive those scarves you made for us, we wore it on TV, hoping you’d see it.  Hoping; hoping Himari-chan would see this, and know that you’re still our best friend.”//

//“We were so happy, Himari-chan . . .”//

//“ . . . so happy . . .”//

//“Just a few weeks ago, we even went to your place looking for you.  But this older girl told us that you were away, and we could only leave behind our new album, and--”//

//“Did your new agency send the two of you to recruit me into the group that early on?”//

Somehow, Himari’s softly voiced question sent a jolt through her old friends, who backed off from her hesitantly. 

//“Himari-chan . . .”//

Himari stood up in front of the vanity, revealing her slight frame to be donned under a matching costume with Double H.

//“Hibari-chan, Hikari-chan . . .”  Slowly, she turned around to face the other girls, calmly looking them in the eye.  “Your current agency is planned on debuting me as the final member of Triple H . . . and the known daughter of Kiga member  Kenzan Takakura.”//

“WHAT?!”  The revelation shocked both Kanba and Shouma into blanching, to the point that they now appeared more like pallid children than shadowy boys.  “Himari . . . why would you agree to something like this?!”

//“The agency call this ‘Project M’, right?”//  mused Himari, rather wistfully.  //“ ‘M’ for the ‘Miracle’ of having  a terrorist’s daughter successfully generate hype for an idol group . . . such a daring business move.”//

“Project M . . .”  murmured Ringo and Masako in unintentional unison, remembering the time when they each worked on a “project” by the same name . . . each to disastrous results. 

//“ The media will focus its spotlight on my background, and the heat of its glare will burn me to the core . . . but I will let this happen.”// Her delicate frame now was hardened by a toughness that neither of her doting brothers had ever seen before.   //“Like a martyr at the stake, I will let this scrutiny burn me, all so I may work to erase this country’s prejudice against criminals’ relatives!”  Even though the poor video resolution, the unshed tears in her anguished eyes now were clearly visible.  “I’m not doing this to share in your fame, or even to rekindle our faded friendship.”  Double H’s heads, if possible, hung even lower.  //“I’m using this opportunity to become a successful idol in spite of my background, so my poor brothers can finally be free of the collective guilt we’ve all been suffering under, and get to become something!  This is my Project M,  my miracle!”// Watchful of Double H’s reaction, the girl’s hands slapped firmly down upon the other two’s shoulders.  //“Hibari-chan, Hikari-chan, I’ll be there for when Triple H debut as the guest act for Seen’s upcoming concert!”// At that point, the video cut out into a static screen.

“Himari!  You . . . hopeless fool!”  Kanba had grabbed onto the flat screen TV, shaking it in agitated savagery.  “You don’t know the true horrors of this world!  People will label you and tear you to pieces for the reveal!” 

“And we’ll all still get persecuted!” screamed Shouma at the device in mad despair.  “Just like that time when the police went after our parents, and everyone but Uncle Ikebe turned their backs on us!  Himari-chan . . . the deep-rooted concept of collective guilt in our country isn’t something that can be easily erased!  At this rate, you’ll end up becoming nothing along with us--”  A hand clasping down soundly on top of the device stopped the boys in their tirade.

“Shut.  Up.”  It was Masako, staring into space with something like grudging respect evident in her narrowed eyes.  “Can’t you so-called brothers see?  This is your little sister’s survival strategy.


The ethereal voice cutting into the conversation had the Children turning around.  The glowing Penguin Hat, having since released its host (currently on the ground in a pile of lanky limbs), now sat steadily upon midair, positioned as though perched upon the head of an invisible child.

“As you all can see, the new Project M –- the revolutionary strategy to save your dead end world from the darkness of collective guilt –-- has since gone underway,” said Oginome Momoka, the “Princess” in command of this magical realm.   “Then, guarantee its success with your lives, if you all still wish to amount to something.”   Gradually, the aerial hat came to sparkle with starry lights, as the ghost’s form started becoming increasingly visible from underneath.

The ever-present Penguin Familiars –- all four of them –- had also reappeared, and were now flanking the starry phantom like loyal subjects.

“Momoka-chan!” Eriko struggled to go up to her daughter’s apparition.  “Momoka--” 

“Stop, Eriko!”  Tokiko persisted in holding her cousin back. “You mustn’t approach her like this!  Momoka-chan is no longer alive; you can’t risk getting her attached to you or this world again--”  Both frantic women went still at a brisk gesture from Momoka’s apparition.

“I, who’ve chosen this path knowing the whole of the world, have no attachment to my past mortality,” stated this powerful ghost of a child, her tone and wording both eerie in their maturity.  “My only regret is having my entire family wounded by my choice.” 

Impacted by those words, Eriko again tried calling out to her deceased daughter.  “Momoka--”

“Mama,” Momoka cut her mother off firmly, “stop blaming other people for your daughter’s own choices, and move onwards.”  She then turned towards Ringo, looking uncertain from where she stood beside the “broiled” Takakura boys.  “Sister, stop deluding yourself that Dad won’t leave the family for another woman if I hadn’t died.”  Holding her head high, the star-adorned little girl stared down upon everyone held within this fantastical illusion of her making.  “The Survival Strategy meant to free the Takakuras and others from the world’s hatred has since been initiated.  Everyone, do what you must.”  With that, she vanished along with her fantastical Kekkai, leaving everyone back at the Oginomes’ apartment unit.

It was Masako who broke the ensuing silence.

“It’s always the media who decide what the sheeple get to believe in,” stated the Natsume Heiress, putting an arm around Kanba’s now child-slim shoulders.   “If it means helping Kanba, Natsume Corporation can always exert its influence on the media outlets to paint positive pictures of Triple H’s debut.”  Seemingly passionate, Esmeralda waddled up to her mistress and approximated a military salute, while Number 1 applauded by her side.

“We can even start a fan club for Himari-san, ” offered Mario, coming up to beside his older siblings along with their maid.  “It can be made up of relatives of known criminals who have suffered under collective guilt, along with relatives of the Kiga Subway Attack Victims sympathetic to our situation.  Such a group can be crucial to changing the public’s opinion.”

“Please count us in.”  Eriko, at last more or less in control of her emotions, came up and steered her daughter towards the Natsumes.  “Our family had suffered greatly from the Attack.  I’m sure it will help the cause if people are to know that I fully support my daughters’ relationship with the sweet Takakura Shouma-kun.”

“Re-re-relationship?!” gasped Ringo and Shouma, both beet red in their faces.  Numbers 2 and 3 could be seen at their feet striking mock-bashful poses.

Unnoticed by the increasingly exuberant group working on their survival strategy, Tokiko helped an unsteady Nemuro over to the sofa.

“Incredible how easy the engine can run once it gets kick started . . .” murmured the woman, speaking against the curve connecting the man’s neck and shoulder in a seemingly intimate manner.  “Isn’t that right . . . Chu-Chu?”

At that, the monkey mouse peeked tentatively out from where he was hiding under Nemuro’s outgrown hair. 

There was a recording bug held in its hand.

“How stealth of you, to have slipped into Momoka-chan’s Kekkai unnoticed . . .”  Tokiko cupped the tiny creature in her delicate hands, slowly pressing her palms together. “Back to Himemiya you go.” 

When she opened her palms again, the creature was since gone.


//“. . . Strategy meant to free the Takakuras and others from the world’s hatred has since been initiated.  Everyone, do what you must.”//

“I see.”  Taking off the earphone, Anthy petted the proudly grinning Chu-Chu from where she had been listening to the playback at the dinning room table  “So that’s what Oginome Momoka is planning to do . . .”   

Multitudes of hurried footsteps could be heard  fast approaching, before Utena –- with the others hot on her tail -- could be seen rushing into the dinning room.

“Himemiya, there you are!  Did you just see--”

“Utena.”  The Witch  -- smiling her first true smile of this very long day -- cut her Victor off with that languid ease of old.  “I’ve finally gotten a handle on the new players’ upcoming move.”  She then beckoned all Duelists over.  “Everyone, take a seat.  I’m ready to lay out our revolutionary strategy.” 

End Part Twenty-Five

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