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Ayu Ohseki
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MPD Songs (Translations, Interpretations, Favorites, Etc.)

Since I contributed pretty heavily to this page (I didn't romanize/translate all of them, but I did do several), I figured I'd give a link. It's exactly what the subject says, i.e. translations to the various songs in MPD, as well as romaji:

One thing of note is the translation of Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere--I often see it translated as Boy, Come Back to Me, and that is the literal translation, but "ware ni kaeru" is a Japanese idiom that actually means "to calm down" or "to return to one's senses," so it would actually mean Boy, Return To Your Senses--which is as appropriate if not even more appropriate than the other translation, I think. Another note for anyone reading that one: the translator translates it as "paralyzing," but "shibireru" (as in "Shibireru darou?"/"Isn't it electrifying?") appears in that song as well. Just in case any of you were wondering if you were hearing correctly. cool

Said page also lists which songs appear in what episodes/what episode they were the ED to, and I found a lot of them really appropriate. I actually ended up translating the Triple H soundtrack before I'd actually finished watching the show (I was following along on track until about episode 17, after which I held off because I wanted to show it to my boyfriend and I thought it'd be nice if we could be surprised by the end together), so when I got to HEROES, it gave me a really bad feeling about the ending because of this one line that gets repeated several times:

Gensou ga tsukuriageta    hiiroo wo houmurisare
Consign the hero your fantasies fabricated to oblivion

Not to go into spoilers, but things didn't go quite the way I thought they would in some aspects due to this lyric, but in others they did. (I'll probably go into details on my thoughts, but I don't want to make my first post too spammy.) Overall, all of the songs, I thought, ended up being very appropriate, but that one in particular really made an impression on me... Did any of the songs made similar impressions on you guys? I know a lot of people are fans of Hai-iro no Suiyoubi (Gray Wednesday), and I don't think there's anyone who didn't go "what the hell did i just watch" when first presented with the ROCK OVER JAPAN sequence, but are there any others that really stood out to you?

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Re: MPD Songs (Translations, Interpretations, Favorites, Etc.)

Just a quick update on MPD OST release!

The 7th OST is now out, and at last I can hear that song that played in the last episode etc-love

The vocal... it gets me every freaking time. ;_;



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