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[SKU]~An Endless Revolution~ A Shoujo Kakumei Utena RPG

Everybody I have decided to cancel this RPG since I found out that some people are already working on one!

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Re: [SKU]~An Endless Revolution~ A Shoujo Kakumei Utena RPG

(OOC) I AM SO JOINING THIS!!! Should I post my profile on here as well?

I thinks I shall post it... just so people can know-eth of my greatness...

Her name is Yuki Kiryuu.  She is two generations younger than the previous Kiryuu family known from the series, but she shares nearly nothing in common with the other Kiryuu's.  She is the Student Council Vice President.

Yuki first aquired her rose signet when she was very little, and she hardly remembers anything.  The reason why she fights for the rose bride is because she wants to prove everyone wrong.  Known as the 'fallen Kiryuu' to her family because of her sexually promiscuous behaviour & her lack of sophisitcation.  Her family basically doesn't think she'll ammount to anything. 

Her uniform is pretty much the same style as the usual setoukai uniform, only the white areas are replaced by a deep purple/red while the areas where the colored trim would be are black.  Her hair is very short & only reaches the top of her neck (it's blonde, but it's bleached incredibly light).  It is always tousled.  Yuki's eyes are white, due to the contacts she wears to have an unsettling effect.

Whenever she sees the rose bride being abused, she is immensely outraged.  Though Yuki seems to be tough & unnaproachable on the outside, like Kozue Kaoru, she is quite sensitive & can be very passionate.  She is immensely weak to insults though, & can be crushed very easily.  She also owns a motorcycle.

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