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Atropos Turretslayer
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The outside world(movie)

Of course, the outside world is more important for what it stands for than anything else. However, the characters have to have come to Ohtori from someplace else. And yet, the outside world seen at the end is nothing like what we see from their flashbacks: it is a desolate waste, filled with the remains of old cars.

So, my question for YOU is: does the outside world really exist?



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Touga Topper
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Re: The outside world(movie)

I don't think the entirety of the Outside World is a wasteland, at the very end of the movie there is a shot of the castle and a blue sky as I recall. The part that Utena and Anthy are luge-ing through is more like the outskirts of Ohtori, filled with the remains of cars that didn't quite make it to the outside world (possibly including the Kozue car).

The outside world definitely exist IMO, but it is interesting to note that there isn't a lot of backstory given on how the cast all wind up at Ohtori in the first place, but also, none of them really seem to give it much thought, its only at the end of the film that anyone even makes note of their being a world outside of Ohtori. In some ways this parallels an underlying feeling that runs through the series, with Ohtori being described as a garden, which simultaneously nurtures and entraps those within it. If anything, I guess it almost feels to me like Ohtori is the less real of the two, as it mainly seems to serve as a coffin for the witch and the prince.

Its also interesting to note (he says, just having realized this now) that the end of the movie could be construed as having some rebirth imagery; Utena and Anthy plunge, naked, from veil of rose petals, running down a long road toward the bright sky in the last shot of the film. I think in this way the outside world exists as a representation of the freedom Anthy and Utena have just attained.

I think that's enough clumsy analysis on my part for now.emot-tongue



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Rose Bride
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Re: The outside world(movie)

I think that more than an actual place, the outside world is a state of being.

Like Utena said herself at the end of the movie, both her and Anthy were originally born in the outside world, and I think the same goes for all the other characters at Ohtori. My theory is that the outside world is the world from a different point of view, it's the world as seen by adults. It's a cruel and dark place without any safe roads that you can follow. When you're still young and in school, roads are laid out for you and your view of the world is what you chose for it to be. But in order to keep on growing you need to break free from that world and enter the outside world once again. And although there are no roads there, you can always build new ones. emot-wink



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