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Overlord Morgus
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Anyone seen/read Scott Pilgrim? Very Utena/FLCL

Okay. So you have a naive, rebellious, but good-natured and often submissive main character who fights a bunch of people for the hand of a mysterious young woman who hates herself. The last boss is a manipulative older man with a lot of knowledge of science who uses the young woman to give him his insight into the human unconscious. Plus, none of the evil exes would have fought Scott without Gideon's manipulation, as Ramona says that Gideon himself made them evil. Also, they pull swords out of people's chests, mostly Scott's.

Also, Ramona looks exactly like Haruko, at least in some shots.

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Cow Bellhop
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Re: Anyone seen/read Scott Pilgrim? Very Utena/FLCL

The author of ze comic has obviously known about Utena when he made it, citing a few shout-outs (including many other anime and manga series, like Nana and you-know-it-FLCL). I liked the goofiness of the movie. It was fun.

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Re: Anyone seen/read Scott Pilgrim? Very Utena/FLCL

The art style for the comic always turned me off, honestly, so I never checked it out.

The movie, though, thoroughly irritated me.  I decided to give it a chance after the Scott Pilgrim burlesque show at Otakon this year, but other than the videogame references and a few cute jokes, I didn't see much to like.

I was actually rather disturbed by the fact that Ramona had  no major personality traits beyond being "snarky" and "hot," which kind of made it difficult to buy into the romance plot.  I can't help but feel like most of the movie's cult appeal has to do with the videogame references, visual style and flash because that story as it was presented didn't live up to the hype at all.

Is the comic's version of the story significantly better?

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Rose Bride
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Re: Anyone seen/read Scott Pilgrim? Very Utena/FLCL

Never saw the movie, but thoroughly enjoyed the comics.

I don't know guys... I just never saw any huge connection between the two. Yeah, there's the sword pulling, but it rarely shows up in the comics.

Not to mention, Scott is like the diametric opposite of Utena - he has no aspirations (other than being with Ramona - before that, nothing), he plays video games most of the time, is incredibly thick and forgetful and he's a bit of a jerk. He seems standoffish in the way Utena never was. As for Ramona, it seems to me she's as much as a jerk, doesn't mind showing it, but still feels guilty about all the things she's done, therefore she runs away (a bit of similarity, but I don't pair her and Anthy together).

Sure, there are similarities....... but there are many other things the comic book references, so I can't say It is JUST like Utena. Not meaning to burst your bubble or anything, I just don't see it.



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Juri Jeerer
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Re: Anyone seen/read Scott Pilgrim? Very Utena/FLCL

This was already posted here...



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Wakaba Wrangler
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Re: Anyone seen/read Scott Pilgrim? Very Utena/FLCL

Leeg wrote:

This was already posted here...

That's the only "Utena" I see in Scott Pilgrim, otherwise I don't really see that many similarities :/

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