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Mikage Mistruster
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Is Utena (in part) a critique of patriarchal religion?

"Now, I will take up this sword and protect you. And we will live in the castle...we will live happily together, forever.."

"And Himemiya?"

"She will remain the Rose Bride, forever."

So Dios, a name which means God, fell from grace and became Akio..

Christianity and other Abrahamic religions are very patriarchal .. God is called He, and all have oppressed women.

What if this God had a sister, who was the real martyr, but she was erased and abused and silenced by the fallen god? Is Anthy partly meant to represent the long suppressed female aspect of divinity?

And the notion of Heaven and Hell.. Akio basically tells Utena "believe in me, I'm your prince.. let's live happily for eternity while she, over there, suffers forever!" and at that moment Utena finds the courage to grab her sword from his hands. Isn't this in some way a metaphor for Christianity?

How could anyone be happy in Heaven while knowing that others are suffering eternally?

Forgive me I know this isn't very well worded .. I'm rambling.. But, I would love to hear thoughts ! And also how this might relate to other religions! Thanks



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Atlantean Singer
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Re: Is Utena (in part) a critique of patriarchal religion?

I have always visualized a different question: what if the devil had a kid sister, what would her life be like? A lot like Anthy's I think.



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Rotten Mooring
Precious One
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Re: Is Utena (in part) a critique of patriarchal religion?

Okay, I've got a couple of cool things for you to check out emot-dance

From the Television Tropes entry for Revolutionary Girl Utena:

It could be an allegory on Mahayana Buddhism, Jungian philosophy, gnostic belief, or it could just be about lesbians

Here's the Tropes entry for Notes on Gnosticism: … Gnosticism

And then there's Docetism which stems from Gnostic belief and has some interesting things to say about physical forms which intrigue me when adapted to the things we see in Utena. Wiki link:

Check out these two links and tell me what you think emot-wink! Because I found them to be quite cool emot-biggrin.



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Myth is my Bitch
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Re: Is Utena (in part) a critique of patriarchal religion?

Also see (Mythology, Religion, and Utena) and (Utena as a "myth to live by").  It feels like a cop out to mention old I'd talk about it, but I'm feeling too lazy right now :-/

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