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Revolutionary Girl Utena as ECW (Hear me out on this one)

So I'm a fan fiction writer... I recently finished up a series called Extreme Bishoujo Wrestling, which takes the women of anime and puts them in a wrestling environment.  I wrote a full 26 episodes, including 6 "Pay-Per-Views", and a 6-episode NXT-style rookie show.  If you're interested in it, I'll put the link to my Deviantart account in my signature (Utena and Anthy don't show up until the fourth "Pay-Per-View", episode 17, however).  I'm proud of it, I put a lot of hard work into it, and personally, I'm exhausted.

Anyways, whilst I was writing EBW, my main reviewer and critic Josef hung out every week, as we still do.  I showed him the first two episodes of Utena just so he'd know who the character was, and we ended up deciding to watch the Megavideo-induced limit of three episodes a week (as we still do... the final three episodes are this Sunday).  As we're both massive wrestling and anime fans, and disciples of the old school in both, I started to see lines between the "Student Council" and the old ECW faction, the Triple Threat.

Utena = Taz
The main character.  And it'd have to be either RVD or Taz because obviously...

Anthy Himemiya = Bill Alfonso
Manager and hopeless devotee to Utena.

The Shadow Girls = Joey Styles
The announcers

So I assumed that the Student Council would be like the Triple Threat. Hence...

Touga = "The Franchise" Shane Douglas
The leader.  Has a bizarre love/hate relationship with Utena.

Nanami = Francine
The female counterpart to "The Franchise" and an absolute b*tch.

Juri = Bam Bam Bigelow
The kind of second in command.

Mickey = Chris Candido
The smallest one.

Saionji = "Primetime" Brian Lee
The guy who got kicked out of the group early on.

Ruka = Lance Storm
A guy who was only in the group for a cup of coffee.

So that takes care of the first and third story arcs.  As for the second one, if you watch even one episode where  an actual 'Seminar' takes place, it's pretty obvious that...

Souji Mikage = Raven
The master manipulator

Mamiya = Stevie Richards
The weaker hanger-on of Mikage's who's more than he/she seems

The Black Rose Duelists = The Flock/Nest
A gang of 'jobbers' who do Mikage's bidding, and then ultimately leave and go back to their old 'gimmick'.

And finally...

Akio = Sabu
Because, IIRC, Bill Alfonso ended up betraying Taz to manage Sabu, and while Taz and Sabu were close friends and Tag Team partners for a while, they ended up having one of the most epic feuds in ECW.

Does ANYONE out there understand where I'm coming from with any of this?

EDITED: Some of this information is copied and pasted from an old Deviantart journal.  I copied and pasted the wrong segment.  Also, editing.

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