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Mikage Mistruster
From: Gatineau, QC
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Re: Post your evilest political opinions here

All languages problem in Canada would be resolve if everyone speak Japanese.

It should has a referendum about if people want a new referendum on Quebec sovereignty.

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World's End
From: Cloud Nine
Registered: 09-22-2008
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Re: Post your evilest political opinions here

It's fine if you're a transgender person who wants to use the public bathroom of your choice but you'd better have proof you're not just some cross dressing  pervert. I'm not exactly sure what that proof would be, but you gotta consider the rest of us. There. I said it.

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Registered: 03-25-2014
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Re: Post your evilest political opinions here

I don't see why it's unethical to modify the DNA of human gametes. We already offer some control over the odds, in terms of genetics, with the existence of egg donors and sperm banks.



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Wakaba Wrangler
Registered: 06-10-2014
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Re: Post your evilest political opinions here

Anything right wing emot-tongue



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