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Mikage Mistruster
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movie Q..

edit: Sorry this is WAY TOO LONG now, almost essay length :| I hope someone reads it emot-rofl

(bear with me please I haven't finished the series yet :S)

I normally don't like this theory for ANY of the characters, but.. I was watching the movie for the 2nd time the other day and wound up thinking about wondering about one of my least favourite characters (lol) … gynous.txt

in the movie, is Kozue just a memory? does Kozue actually exist, or are she and Miki really the same person? that, or is she a ghost?
same question for the series, is her character symbolic?

for one thing: everyone calls her by their last name in the series.. her name's Kaoru, but she's called Kozue

also, Utena & Juri can see Touga, because they knew/loved him.. Anthy can see Touga because she has a 6th sense

we only see Kozue once in the movie (when she holds a knife to his throat in the bathtub) as far as I can remember.. is Kozue a memory in the movie? there's a huge emphasis on his memory of her "in the garden" in the series 

we don't see her after the bath see
we see a wet rubber duck at the "end of the world," by Miki, in an empty parking lot kind of area, suggesting the bathtub scene didn't happen in reality>?
it's true that Kozue never really makes it to "main character" status in the series or movie but we see almost everyone else at the end of the movie, in the car scene, Wakaba is a car.. even Shiori appears to try and take out Anthy..

Wakaba says something about his twin sister "interfering" at the beginning of the movie, but that could've just been a rumour, or something that Miki had said
the movie's so beautiful and so surreal, I absolutely love it - and the fact that Utena isn't even interested in men is the icing on the cake, for me, lol emot-dance is it just me or is it sort of blatant in the film that she and Touga were more like siblings, because she had no family left.. part of her adolescence was realizing that their relationship could only have been platonic? -

Juri's friendship with Miki is really moving to me too. I love how they're like actual healthy siblings towards each other. because I think Miki is actually a pretty likeable character too, he's like Juri's little brother emot-keke it's cute
anyways, any thoughts? sorry this is so long.. I'm sure this theory's probably been discussed a lot before? D:

Utena & Anthy are (obviously, probably) my favourite characters and I've mainly focused on them before in my overanalysis emot-rofl

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