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The movie, a dream?

(Not sure if this has been posted yet)

I think maybe Utena the movie is a dream, with Utena and Anthy going to the outside world is going back into reality is a metaphor for waking up. I like to think it's Utena in a deep sleep and dreaming it herself, but it's more likely the collective subconscious of the SKU cast. It makes sense if you think about it. There's a common theme here: escapism and the inner self.

The Shiori-car screaming "love only me" may be a manifestation of her insecurities and desperation.

There's the whole Utena and Touga relationship. It's hard to tell -if my speculations are even worth shit- which part is based on "reality." It could be Utena feeling guilty for Touga getting wounded in the anime. Perhaps there was an actual drowning, and Utena has been in denial until she finally lets go in the elevator scene.

We don't know what reality it based on. Maybe that's simply the "reality" of the dimension. People's thoughts and desires melding into one. Let's ride this speculation to hell for a minute, and say this is true. There's a scene where Shiori tell Touga about a boy she used to love drowning to save another girl. She says she can't forgive that girl for and want's to make her suffer by making her become a prince. Later, in the elevator scene, we find out it's actually Shiori that's the drowning girl(Or may be not. Did the movie say it was Shiori?). Utena was the one who watches him drown.

Perhaps Utena took dominance over Shiori's narrative. She herself feels guilty over having done nothing to save Touga, so that she punishes herself by becoming a prince. This enables Shiori's conscious, that which need to smear dirt into someone's image. By making herself the one who lost Touga, she has an excuse to hate and to punish. Maybe, if Shiori is truly the drowning girl, the whole thing may be to deflect blame from herself.

I want to write more, but I only had a few hour of sleep. I'm sure there's a whole lot of grammar mistakes I'm missing here. I also realize my thoughts may be all over the place because I can barely finish my train of thought and I'm backtracking. And hello, I'm new to the forum.



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Re: The movie, a dream?

Interesting thoughts. Why not?

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis!



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