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Saito Hoshikawa
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For the Revolution of the World? Who's World?

(I apologize beforehand if this was already brought up, but I just thought of it on my way to watch Utena episodes since it's been a shitload of time since I've watched them.)

Remember in the final episode that Akio said, "She didn't cause a Revolution after all", referring to Utena and her getting shanked by the Million Swords of Hate and disappearing and whatnot? From that we can assume that Akio thinks she was trying to revolutionize the whole world and epically failed.

But what if the world that Utena was trying to revolutionize is the world of a person? Think about it this way: We all live in a world right now, but that doesn't mean that it's the same world for everyone. Each person has a different outlook on how their life and everyone else's lives function for whatever reason and purpose, thereby giving them the ability to see, maybe, "another world" of some sort. Now, everyone in Ohtori goes about life the same way as I just explained, but Utena, being the princely girl she was, must've seen something wrong when she saw Anthy's "world", or her outlook on life. How she acted, how she was treated and took abuse without a fight, how amazingly twisted her role was: all of it seemed wrong to Utena, and she decided that no one like Anthy should be treated like that, as a pawn with no will and no power.

Now think about what the duels were for: the power to bring the World Revolution. It's not stated that this "World" is that of Earth, or of Ohtori Academy. So, could it be possible that Utena truly gained the power to revolutionize the world, only that the world she ended up revolutionizing was Anthy's "world", and that by doing so released Anthy from the binds that held her to Ohtori and Akio and the duels?

(If this has already been brought up and discussed, then I'm sorry for being a little slow on catching up, but I didn't find a topic about it, so....?)

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Re: For the Revolution of the World? Who's World?

I'm pretty darn sure the the "world" consisted of Ohtori and the little town just outside of it. Utena's revolution was more about changing people than a place, though. Her presence not only freed Anthy, but also helped the rest of the Student Council. Nanami is calmer, Touga and Saionji are friends, Shiori is more confident, et cetera. That's just my opinion, anyway.

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High Tripper
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Re: For the Revolution of the World? Who's World?

By the third time I saw the series, I thought that when the duelist yells "Grant me the power to bring world revolution" they mean Anthy's world. Throughout the series the duelist are told that by being engaged to Anthy they gain the opportunity to revolutionize the world. Since Anthy gives the sword I tend to think is her world you get the change to revolution.

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