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Snowdrop Lover
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Random SKU Questions: So... what does that mean?

Not sure if we had one of these or not, but I thought it would be fun for us to post our most puzzling questions about the SKU universe here. emot-smile Share answers, opinions, and theories to your rabbid little heart's content! Picture's for referrences are nice also!

I guess I'll start us off. emot-tongue

BRV Question #1. In the series, I always wondered...

...Exactly how Touga went about getting Saionji to agree to being his "rose groom". There are tons and tons of ways to explain this scene, but I still find myself curious about it. At this point in the show, I imagine Sai is probably happy Touga has decided to start some manner of rebelion against Akio. He might have liked this even more because Touga was actually coming to him for help. I'm sure Saionji was having all sorts of warm and fuzzy flashbacks of the two of them as kids and depending Touga's choice of words to make this proposal... well, who knows what might have happened. xD

But anywho, let's keep moving!

Questions anyone? emot-keke

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Chrome Homura
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Re: Random SKU Questions: So... what does that mean?

Well, this is just my view of their relationship, which is likely rather cynical... but then, that's just how I see Sai as a character. My idea of it (which isn't really a concrete belief, just my closest guess) is that (by this point in the series at least) Mr. Saionji has grown to see Touga as the kind of "Friend" one tolerates in what amounts to a grudging manner at best, creating the kind of interactions where Sai is likely imagining/contemplating the image/idea of murdering Touga at any given moment in their conversation, but at the same time perhaps those thoughts could also be laced with the memories of their distant past as mentioned above. So I kind of see his response to Touga's approach as playing out with Sai being like *sigh* emot-rolleyes "Yeah, sure. Anything for you." Although I think it's definitely possible that he may have been offered Anthy in return for his assistance as well. That's assuming Touga wins the duel of course, but our beloved redheaded manipulator might have still seen fit to mention it. To me, that angle is hinted at by the scene wherein Touga delivers his challenge. The way Sai casually drops into Anthy's lap could imply a subtle belief on Sai's part that their engagement has already been/will be reinstated. (Or maybe he's just reminiscing on the "has beens" of that particular relationship with newfound clarity and understanding of who Anthy really is, and maybe that's in addition to the former as well. Who knows, there are plenty of other ways one can interpret that part of the scene, it's so deliciously subtle!)

Chrome's initial Query

Well, this question isn't really about Utena, but about the scripts. Do they exist somewhere in romanji? (Correct me if I'm hideously incorrect, but I do believe that is the word for Japanese syllables written in english text) Being both a mindless weaboo and a lover of the sound of my own voice, I believe it would greatly assist my ability to accurately quote the series in it's original form. Who knows, it may also be helpful to other crazy people like me. (Lookin' at you, BRV emot-wink)

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