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Anthy's Inner Song?

I recently had the realization that most of (if not the entire) soundtrack of SKU might be the creators trying to give us insight into Anthy's perspective on the events of the story. For example, my favorite duel songs:
The song that plays during the first duel, between Saionji and Utena.

I've only partially translated the lyrics, unfortunately (due to my shitty Japanese). At any rate, the very title itself seems to imply Anthy being surprised by Utena's appearance in the dueling arena and consequent shock at her victory. … re=related
The song that plays during the only duel Utena ever loses, her first duel against Touga.

Again, I have yet to get a full translation, but it at least has a much more depressing tone to it, for various reasons that might not have to with Anthy. I love it anyway etc-love

Also, the opening is (in my opinion) Anthy's thoughts as she searches for Utena after the series. (I'm pretty sure Truth is about Utena, though.)

The reason behind this subtext might have been because Anthy doesn't get to say much over the course of the series, either because she's not allowed to or doesn't want to-It's also rather fitting for her personality, as she can be very cryptic (Poison scene, for example) at times.

I'll have to listen to the duel music a few more times to be sure, but I just thought I'd put it out there.

You don't need to understand Revolutionary Girl Utena to understand it.



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Re: Anthy's Inner Song?

I definitely agree with the opening theme being from Anthy's perspective. Everything about it fits so well; I think it's very intentional.
This fanmade video reflects it well:

However, I'm not sold on those duel themes being from her perspective as well. The main reason is due to my own interpretation of Anthy's character and the degree to which she is complicit and knowledgeable of The End of The World's plans. In a series like Utena though, interpretations are bound to vary.

That said, I think the first duel theme reflects Saionji much more than it does Anthy (or rather that Saionji was made to reflect it, considering the song was composed before SKU).

As for the other duel song you mentioned, you mean Fuuin Jubaku ( not Last Evolution, right? Last Evolution was Nanami's first duel song. emot-smile



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