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Gougai! Gougai!

MERCH SALE!! Starting on the 12th, we will be selling some exclusive merch from Movic and the Utena Exhibition in Japan!Check out the details here! (Dem teacups, guys... dem cameos...)

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Re: Ok everyone do NOT hurl a million swords of noobie hate on me but....

Cool, I don't live that far from Durham...I might just go to the link that you posted. emot-smile



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Tenjou Tilter
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Re: Ok everyone do NOT hurl a million swords of noobie hate on me but....

Ok...ok...after taking in all this information and debating over this......I have decided to definitely go!

I'm going to need the people who are coming..or joining up with me to go to Animazement to please...let me know end of Febuary...on this thread please...also if anyone is thinking of making the trek to Anime Expo...and I will drive there because I long for adventure and discovery of monsters in old towns ala Scooby Doo...please feel free to let me know here too.

Akio..and James Brown(R.I.P.) have two things in common:
1)They are sex machines...
2)They are the only ones that could possibly make jumping over the windshield of a car look effortless..



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