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Pink Floyd the Wall

Yes, I know there is a thread on this...(my brother did start it), but I felt He could've elaborated further, and he missed some very key points, so I felt like doing a full scale view on the movie and ties with SKU. Kind of to redo and improve his great observation.

To begin out:
The original footage from Another Brick in the Wall part 2.

Though teachers are not really a factor in SKU, remember the woman with the glasses harassing Utena? A figure in school whom is obviously trying to not only suppress individuality, but keep the girls in their 'place' and males in theirs.
Second, the students are disregarded through this, and the one person who stands out, in here young Pink, the artist is called out. The others remain the 'fly in the swarm', and their individuality is cut short by uniforms and masks. They now all are a fly in the swarm, another brick in the wall.
The entire chanting chorus of 'Another Brick in the Wall' speaks for itself, and the wall is fortess that even Pink tries to build in his mind to seperate himself, but the teacher broke it in his humiliation.
Finally they rebel and break through it, not unlike Utena tries to.
Just for an LOL, Fire, Nemuro Hall on 5:24.
And this entire vision of breaking through rests in one individual, Pink.

Next: … re=related

Obvious flower symbolism here, but the interesting factor in here the roles of gender. Pay attention to how the female one overcomes the male and the difference that they normally display in film in contrast to this sequence that speaks for itself.  Finally ending in a bird as a predator sweeping up the male as it's prey.
The wall is visibly building here. And as it blocks out the inside it is built with cars, guitars, setreos, etc. The car's visual imagery is similar in SKU, as the car can even represent Ohtori itself, with Akio behind the wheel controlling it.
The sea of faces enclosed is not different the swarm inside the walls of Ohtori.  The flowers on the outside turn into barbed wire, also enclosing the Wall. A child is forced into the adult world, and even turned into a monster. The church being destroyed is obvious as well. 2:50 also shows the obvious adult world of sex as well. Also locked inside the wall with the swarm.

The final animation sequence:

The Trial : … re=related

The individual is childlike and vulnerable(also depicted nude inside the wall alone, surrounded by hammers).
An overdramatic representation is applied also, similar to SKU. The judge, the school teacher, and his wife are coming forth against him in a trial. While he is helpless. The gender roles show again. She is now a scorpian turned monster. His mother appears, also contributing to his childlike state.
The judge also represents..rather obvious gender as well.
In order to escape it all he must tear it down, and tear down the wall.
Finally the visual of a brick wall, and it explodes. Later are people cleaning up the ruins.

The 'Goodbye Blue Sky' sequence. (Animation)

While this scene doesn't really have the correlation as others it is equally interesting in another view of mecha overcoming, and it strangely reminds me of the movie when Utena turns into a car and while they are leaving Ohtori.

There are many more scenes, but these are all I'm including for now.

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