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Nanami the heartbreaker?

She already has Suzuki's, Yamada's, Tanaka's, and Mitsuru's love, and I believe she will attract as many admirers as her brother with age and experience. Do you agree or think she would even want to? I believe she might enjoy having a few boy toys around before settling down since she's slowly detaching from Touga by the end of the show.

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Re: Nanami the heartbreaker?

Riri: I believe she might enjoy having a few boy toys around

For sure. Nanami likes attention, and admirers. But she doesn't seem to want sex...

before settling down since she's slowly detaching from Touga by the end of the show.

Not for sure. In my opinion Nanami is still quite sexually repressed as the show comes to an end. She doesn't know how to handle intense relationships...even good-hearted friendship like Utena tries to show her. She sees sex as disgusting. Maybe she's beginning to detach from Touga a little (the squash scene, the tea in the dojo scene), but she's not all the way there yet.

I reckon Nanami would have trouble with a real boyfriend. It might be interesting to see a sweet fanfic exploring this - showing one of the guys (grown up Mitsuru anyone? emot-tongue) coming on to her (or how 'bout Miki? awwww), and convincing her (slowly) that yeah, it really is okay if they have a first kiss. With no tongue. Really truly. emot-tongue



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Re: Nanami the heartbreaker?

I need to write that! etc-love

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Re: Nanami the heartbreaker?

I think she is pretty sexually repressed but I think she could be a heartbreaker anyway, just in a totally non sexual fashion. Poor Mitsuru! I can see her with a ton of guys all following her around meanwhile she's completely oblivious to the pain she's causing them.

And yeah, eventually I'm a big fan of her and Miki. etc-love So cute!

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Re: Nanami the heartbreaker?

As it has been said, I find Nanami not to be such a sexually driven girl.  Even after parting with Touga, I can't see her being the type to garner much explicit pleasure in being sexually manipulative -- she'll be wanting to distance herself from her brother in this manner.  Though I can't see her as very teasing, either.  To me, Nanami is fairly conservative when it comes to PDA.  Throughout the series she enjoys her own tantrums and declarations of love, but is either oblivious to or outright denies/pushes away anything sexual directed to herself.

(Her distress during the entire Nanami's Egg episode, for example, or how she only allows herself to become close to those she finds sexually nonthreatening, such as Miki and Mitsuru, while S, Y and T are kept at a relative distance and treated with borderline contempt.  Even Saionji reminds her too much in his masculinity of her brother, and despite being childhood friends with Touga, the two (to me, at least) don't really show much affection for each other during the series.  She calls him Kyouichi, which he doesn't go by, not to irk him, but because they haven't actually talked to or known each other well for quite some time, and in midst of yet another childish tantrum, forgets or isn't aware that she is not supposed to call him that.)

This is because there was something she wanted to protect, something that only her denial and her relentless fawning and over exaggeration could protect.  Once she has decided that what she had, if it was ever really there, wasn't worth protecting not because it was long gone but because she no longer needed it, then there would be little use for her to spurn anything sexual.  Still, this would mean that she starts out a tad inexperienced.

But come on.  This is Nanami freaking Kiryuu.  Faults are just not part of the package!....or at least she'll never let you say it.  I can see Nanami overcompensating for any lack of sexual know-how by being....herself.  Demanding and high-maintenance.  She doesn't need to trick or sexually tease boys to get what she wants from them.  She's beautiful and proud and they should count themselves lucky to even share the same air!  They'll either give it to her and bow and scrape her feet, or she'll cut them loose with little hesitation.  She only gives one warning, and might have trouble letting herself need for quite some time, instead demanding that she be the one needed -up front, in clearly spoken words and expressions of utter devotion, thanks.  She will be the type to let her guy know exactly what she wants, even if she's not too forgiving if he fails to give it, and doesn't make false promises.  She also doesn't really care for having a "swarm" of boytoys, I see her as rather monogamous.  Any insects chasing after her once she's turned them down would be in for a cold reception.

Maybe later, maybe sooner, she won't need her bravado to feel comfortable either, though I don't think that will stop her from using it.

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Re: Nanami the heartbreaker?

I can see Nanami ending up as the cross between the Yamato Nadeshiko and The Baroness myself.

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