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Miki and Lolita

I started rewatching the series yesterday and I just hit the first episodes of Miki's. (I'm already catching a shitload more symbolism than I had before. emot-aaa and yes I am watching very slowly lol) Now, I am not a writer. Not by a longshot. I have a hard enough time making my thoughts coherent to others. However, I will try to muddle through this idea I've had floating around in my head as best I can in hopes you guys will be able to see what I'm saying and run with it.

Now, Miki of course is pubescent, that (puberty) being the main drive of the damn show in the first place. As I was watching the two Miki episodes, I couldn't help but keep connecting Lolita to Miki. The main character in Lolita has an obsession with young girls based on a failed relationship he had when he was young. Miki is obsessed with Anthy (or the image he imprints on Anthy) because of this strange, shall we say failed, relationship with Kozue. When I say relationship in context with Kozue, I'm not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship, but I think we can all say that Miki and Kozue's relationship with each other is not a succesful one. If anything, it's creepy and poisonous.

Obviously, we never see Miki grow up, but the thing I was wondering (and I suppose this question could be asked of any of the characters) is how this whole Anthy/Kozue thing would affect how he would have relationships in the future. Would he be obsessed in finding a young!Kozue-type to pursue? I know Anthy is older than Miki at the same time but he could get stuck on this particular age because a) I dunno if Anthy even AGES and b) his obsession with Kozue is not with her current personality but with when she was young and "pure".

I always tend to like to go the more morbid route and think all these characters are either stuck in Ohtori FOREVER or they are all royally fucked up adults.



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Re: Miki and Lolita

Hmn. This is an interesting view point.

I suppose if Miki stayed on the path that he had been before Utena's revolution (which I always thought freed everyone of their dysfunction, to some degree) he probably would go for little girls and "pure" young women. He'd be like the creepy piano teacher who either made the moves on some girl or insisted that she become some sort of prodigy and worked her until she broke. I wonder if his piano teacher had a twin brother back in the day...

Little Kaoru might actually make an interesting parallel to dear Humbert Humbert. I imagine he'd move into some woman's house to get closer to her daughter, if she were Kozue-y enough. I doubt Miki would really want to touch the girl so much as just covet her, though I would say there'd be some pretty serious sexual undertones to their relationship anyway. And she certainly wouldn't be able to respond to any of his advances without him feeling somewhat repulsed.

Now the next time I read Lolita I'm going to hear Miki narrating instead of James Mason. Goody goody!



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