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Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

So, I don't what how likely it is that many people on this forum have watched both the end of Kyo Kara Maoh! (God Save our King?, in the US) and Utena, but I figure it is worth a shot.  KKM (also known as MaruMa) is an ambiguously Shounen-ai , 78 episode long anime from GENEON, based on Japanese fantasy novels.

I noticed that Anthy is in KKM.  As a character named Murata Ken.

Murata has a hairstyle similar to Anthy's and the obligitory GLOWY GLASSES OF DOOM.

This is what he looks like:

And the glowy glasses... … immy25.jpg

I was going to do a side-by side comparison, but then realized you all know what Anthy looks like, so why do that...

But I'm comparing it in episode #75 of KKM:

Murata is mystery-laden best frient of the main character, Yuuri.  He seems to know more about what is going on than he lets on to Yuuri, who is the teenage-king (PRINCE) of the demon kingdom.  He also lets on to the audience that there is something sinister going on, by talking to the original king (read ORIGINAL PRINCE in Utena) and the aforementioned glowy-glasses.

Now, in this pivotal episode, Yuuri (Utena) is fighting Shin-Ou (Akio) when Murata (Anthy) steps in and pushes Yuuri, breaking his magic and submitting him to Shin-Ou (or, stabbing him during his duel.)  Yuuri ekes out the word "Why? Murata?" (or Why? Anthy?)

And Murata says "The world does not need two suns" (The world does not need two princes!!)
This is because Murata is the reincarnation of the Original King's best friend (and supposed lover), the Great Sage.  The King is known as the Sun and The Sage as the Moon.  So Yuuri is the new king, but Murata has used Yuuri to bring back Shin-ou (as Utena is Used to unlock Dios, in a way) and though he loves Yuuri because he is so much like Shin-ou (as Anthy loved Utena because she was much like the Prince) he disposes of him when hes no longer useful out of loyalty to Shin-ou, even though he is now a dark, twisted version of the king (Prince?) he once was!!!

I realize this is kind of confusing, and may not mean much if you haven't seen it.

But maybe you will go and watch it now!  It does drag on in the middle, but there are lots of beautiful boys and it is a really great story (even though now you know the ending, or at least part of it. XD)

...but if you have seen you see what I mean???



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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

I've never even heard of this series. emot-frown I think I'm living under a rock, maybe? It sounds like there are parallels, which is odd considering Utena's distinct lack of shounen-ai.

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

school-eng101 I think I recall seeing the first few episodes of Kyo Kara Maoh.  If I'm not mistaken, its a series about a boy that gets flushed down the toilet and finds himself in another world where the men likes the men as much if not more than the womens *hehe* Our hero if I recall correctly, aciidently gets himself engaged to some snotnosed upstart boy.



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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

I've seen nearly all of Kyou Kara Maou, and I get you. etc-love

For anyone that hasn't seen Kyou Kara Maou, uh, quick synopsis.

Yuuri Shibuya sees his classmate, Murata Ken, being picked on.  He calls the bullies' attentions to himself and gets a swirly for it, only the toilet flushes him to another world, the demon kingdom. Not like Inuyasha or anything; it's more like rural Europe in the past with horses and wagons and peasants and nobility.  He is the new Demon King, apparently, as shown by his black hair and eyes.  The palace has been anticipating his arrival, and he is welcomed by the old Maou (demon queen) and her three sons.  Longer story short, the youngest son, Wolfram, speaks ill of Yuuri's mother (there is large animosity between demons and humans) and Yuuri slaps him across the cheek.  He refuses to take the gesture back and then finds out that the slap was a proposal.  Yuuri, all in all, is naive and good-natured, and would rather get along with humans more than anything.  He is very, very respected despite having a demon father and a human mother.  He was born to be the Maou.

(Shuts up for a moment)

I think Yuuri is a lot like Utena in his sense of justice and naivity.  He's genuinely good natured and he wants to help those around him.  But I must say, very contrary to Utena, he can barely hold a sword to save his life.  His fiancé (Wolfram) is a heck of a lot better swordsman, and so is his older brother, Conrad (spelling is largely debated.) Yuuri is often called a "wimp" by Wolfram, for his passivity and lack of physical strength.

Very much like Utena though, he has an inner spirit within him of sorts.  It seems that the "essence" of the Demon King, like a split personality, comes out during serious battle, like ah Dios would sometimes appear to come down and help Utena.  I've seen a lot more of Kyou Kara Maou than I have of Utena, but I haven't seen episode 75.  I've read a few things on it though. 

So I really see what you're saying about Murata and Anthy.  The glasses side-kicks that are much more knowledgeable than they let on.  Only Murata isn't as creepily passive at times. 

I'm having trouble relating Yuuri to the original king Shinou, though.  Like you said, Murata was his Great Sage and best friend and there was definitely some sort of love there in whatever form between them.  Like Anthy, Murata suffers.  Even though he is reincarnated, he remembers everything that has transpired.  He's damned with his memories of his past lives, and that bugs him.  As Murata aided Shinou, he is Yuuri's moon, or at least that's how Conrad put it.  He was raised on Earth with Yuuri (not in the same household or anything) intended to sort of be an aid.  I can't put it right. 

Murata even tells the silent spirit of Shinou in his shrine more than once that he doesn't know what Shinou is up to, but "I like Shibuya," and he doesn't want him harmed.  He respects him.    I guess my only point of difference is Yuuri's origin. emot-smile  He seems so different from Shinou to me.  Unlike Akio and Dios, who are so very similar, Yuuri comes more from Julia (a very powerful healer that died after over-exerting herself while healing soldiers during a big war.)  After Julia dies, it is her soul that is to become that of the new Maou, Yuuri.  Yuuri says the same things that Julia has said in the past and shares her gentleness towards others.  Shinou has no problem achieving his will in a twisted way.  Wow, I'm so glad you brought up this.  Shinou is -very- much like Akio.  Minus the being able to walk around and screw.  People may not agree with what he's doing if they're even wise to it, but they follow anyway.  You must follow the will of the original king.

Great, now Adelbert is reminding me just a bit of Saionji, the one that says to hell with the order of things and leaves the Kingdom.  He was tired of following Shinou's will. 

In short, both Murata and Anthy wear glasses.  They both have loyalty and love to an original figure of the past that has altered in some sort of way for the worst.  They are both deeper than their silence, having ulterior motives.  Despite their love or affection or friendship with Yuuri and Utena, they will bend to the will of that original figure in the end.

However, I think Murata has Yuuri's back more than Anthy could ever have Utena's.  While he has an elevated position like The Rose Bride, people still address him as your highness in the Japanese, and they address Yuuri as your majesty.  He seems to have genuine power that is his own.  I think it's more love that holds him to the original king, love and respect of some sort than the way Anthy is bound to Akio.  I guess he's never been tainted as she has, never been the witch.  His actions seem more his own.

While I see Utena as protecting Anthy or saving her, I see Murata as the one that is protecting Yuuri to a point.  Because of his qualities, Murata admires him but will still foresake him for the will of the greater/Akio.  I can't call it love, deep love.  I think that Murata is very much like Anthy having a great devotion to Dios or the original king, but when it comes to Yuuri, no kissy.  No bride or protected imagery.  I think the foremost reason for this is Wolfram, Yuuri's very, very jealous fiancée.  Wolfram and his jealousy is supposed to be a source of humor.  When he says, "I'll kill you and make you mine forever," to Yuuri, when he suspects him of cheating for no good reason, it's just ... fiery/spoiled/devoted Wolfram.  If Murata got half as close to Yuuri as Anthy did to Utena, Wolfram would say tradition and respect be damned and have his head.  emot-keke;  At least that's what I think. 

I think you have an awesome theory.  I hope it doesn't sound like I was dissing it.  That was just my friendly pointing out some things I think and trying not to ramble.  Now I'm going to analyze the both in my head!



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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

So I have just seen the frist few seasons of KKM and kinda vaguely can see the connection between Yuuri and Utena as well as the similarities between their sidekicks. The two of them have a habit of plunging headlong into things; also have a way of making their partial cluelessness work in their favor. But don't a number of anime folks have that ability so emot-confused

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Because in Kyou Kara Maou slapping someone on the correct cheek is tantamount to an engagement. So if the Utena cast followed that tradition...then Juri and Utena along well as The Green-haired back hand artist would be engaged to either Anthy and Miki.

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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

I own the entire first season of Kyo Kara Maoh! etc-love

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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

emot-aaa Oh My God, here I thought I was the only one who though these two anime's where alike o.0 especially the accidental same sex engagements! etc-love

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Re: Similarities in Kyo Kara Maoh! and Utena (Spoilers aplenty)

Okay, just asking the room. If you could part someone from Kyou Kara Maou with someone from Utena, who would it be?

My first two votes! Gwendal/Saionji for yaoi fans or Gwendal/Chigusa for the other people. I don't have a good yuri one yet....

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