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Shameless RPG Pimping - End of the World

Hello, my pretties.  I'm going to take advantage of our lovely moderators and advertise my Alternate Universe Utena RPG. 

End of the World is a Live Journal based text rpg where you take on the persona of one of the many characters from the Utena Universe.  The basics of the series is the same (duals, rose bride, Akio, etc), but the setting is different.  Ohtori Academy is a private college, not a boarding school. 

Premise: What if Ohtori Academy was a private university? What if Dios had more of a direct hand in the revolution? What if...?

The setting for this RPG is slightly Alternate Universe(AU) as Ohtori Academy in this RPG is a small private university. That being said, we've tacked on five years to the characters' ages from the original manga/anime series and are using the Utena Movie character designs for the duelist uniforms/rose bride dress/etc. Also, only Touga, Saionji and Utena begin play with their Rose Crests; everyone else that had a crest in the series will be approached at some point concerning it. Each character has the chance to never enter the duels should they choose so.

Nothing is set in stone and anyone has the chance to win the Power of Dios. We have a basic framework of the series to use as our starting gate. Each duel will be handled within a certain set of rules and dice will be involved in deciding the outcomes unless there is an agreed upon decision for story reasons. We still have the Student Council, *evil chuckle*, and will certainly have overplot!


EoW has been around for a decent period of time, but due to low players and real life, I lost half my players and one moderator.  I am looking to get some new blood into the RPG and have some fun with it.  If you are capapble of posting around once a week, you have enough time for this RPG. 

Currently, Touga, Saionji and Juri are the only Seitokai memebers (Juri having joined in-game when it was still active), but Miki is not.  This does not mean he won't be wooed to the council, nor does it mean that others won;t be wooed as well.  This is a game of What If?

What if Miki never joined the Seitokai?  What if Kozue was recruited to the council and Miki was drawn to the Black Rose?  What if Shiori was more aware of her own flaws?  What if...?


If anyone is interested, feel free to pm me or visit and check the info page out for more.  I am also looking for one to two people to give me a hand moderating the RPG. 

This is our fairytale.

Show me a miracle.

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