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Touga Topper
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Akio and his New World Order

A couple of months back before this board was formed, we had a discussion on fandom wank(for those of you unfamiliar with the community, we're basically like Portal of Evil or Something Awful for fandom except we just mostly feature indivual crazies and their rantings of the week) we got into the (somewhat) off-topic disscussion of who the anime anti-christ was, mainly because the person starring in the report claimed Inuyasha was the anti-christ of all the characters in mother fucking anime. ...We also have yet to confirm whether or not said person was a troll.

Anyway, I think its obvious Akio Ohtori is the anime anti-christ, or if not, he be the coolest one ever. But the question is, what would be Akio's new world order? Mandatory weekly sex for everyone over the age of thirteen? Everyone gets a slice of the poison apple? And will a car ride to the End of the World be a prominent theme in his worship ceremonies? etc-love

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Rose Bride
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Re: Akio and his New World Order

Actually, this is kinda interesting in that it's the point of the series that everyone wants to 'revolutionize the world' but we are given remarkably little to work with as to what everyone would do with that power, except possibly from Juri.  And even her, I doubt all she'd do is try to get Shiori away from Ruka.  But Akio is perhaps the most ambiguous figure of all.  The game has become the ends, I think, so I'm not sure what he'd actually do if he ever did gain his power back.



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