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Rose Bride
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Power of Dios within Utena.

Okay, I'm doing my own watch-through for purposes of assembling the violence list (I'll do the next three episodes before I go to bed, I promise) but I just had an interesting thought inspired by watching Ep 3.  At the end, when Anthy is sitting on the ground as a victim for Nanami's scheme, Utena suddenly throws off a dress that canno possibly conceal the dueling outfit she was apparently wearing underneath, jumps off the balcony, bouncing on a table, nearly magically makes a dress out of a nearby tablecloth for Anthy, and gives her an enchanted evening of dance and popularity (at least that's the implication.)   Sound like Dios?

Also, outside of the dueling arena, are there any other obvious manifestations of Dios-like ability Utena shows?  And do these have any particular meaning?



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Unfulfilled Juror
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Re: Power of Dios within Utena.

I think that's just the show's humor and lack of touch with the laws of reality. Like trains on the student council balcony, Keiko suddenly perching on top of a tall structure to distribute invitations, Nanami popping up in the middle of nowhere with a recording/intercom system, and the elephants surfboarding.

I don't think her princely qualities are supposed to specifically be 'Dios-like'. The one time it really struck me was when she kissed Wakaba's forehead in 'For Friendship, Perhaps'.

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