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If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Just a fun little scenario. If you were a part of the student body of Ohtori, what would you think of the characters? Chances are I wouldn't even know them unless they were in the same classes as me, and I probably would have no idea there were duels, but who knows? I'd like to see myself as a character behind the scenes who writes for the Ohtori student newspaper and reports on what's going on. Sort of like the Shadow Girls.

Anyway, here's how I would react to the characters if Ohtori was a real place:

Utena - We would probably get along pretty well, actually. It's funny because Utena doesn't seem to talk to a lot of people outside of the duelists, Anthy, and Wakaba. But I would admire her athletic ability, and her kindness and interesting gender-bending ideas would make me want to be friends. She'd probably turn into one of those friends I'd have a crush on and wouldn't be able to tell (and I would definitely think she was at least bi, haha). But it would be difficult to be friends with her because she's involved in this whole hidden agenda that I would know nothing about. Her naivety would probably grate on me, though, and we wouldn't be able to grow close since she's not really a deep-thinker type. Still, I can see myself having pleasant conversations in class or going out to eat together.

Anthy - I would be intrigued by this silent beauty, but since I'm quiet and shy myself I'd have a hard time talking to her. I'd probably feel sorry for her since it seems she has so few friends. If I saw how Saionji treated her I might feel resentful that she let him control her. I would try to understand her but never be able to fully grasp what she's really like. I might try to befriend her but since Anthy is so distant I would eventually give up. If I noticed her and Utena constantly being together I would wonder what exactly their relationship was.

Wakaba - I have a friend who is a lot like her, actually. I'd probably enjoy talking to her about silly things and going shopping or watching movies, but we wouldn't be close. I'd be amused by her obvious infatuation with Utena. I can see me, Wakaba, and Utena sitting together at lunch. I'd tell Wakaba to get over Saionji, so she might not talk to me after that.

The Student Council - As a group in general, I'd probably be a little intimidated/intrigued by them. And I'd also probably wonder how exactly they represent the student body, since all they seem to do is hold secret meetings. I know they're more interesting than my real high school's student council, at least.

Touga - A superficial lady's man? Yeah, I wouldn't like Touga very much. Even though I wouldn't know the full extent of how manipulative he really is, I would still dislike him for being a player. I'd probably want to touch his hair just once, though. And he kind of reminds me of a guy I used to be infatuated with, especially if he jokes around in class, so I don't necessarily know how I would react to him. I'm not the type of girl he would normally notice.

Saionji - If I saw how horrible he treated Anthy, I'd probably hate him. Unless I witnessed one of his moments of vulnerability. But chances are I'd think he was an asshole.

Juri - She probably wouldn't notice me at all since she's so wrapped up in thoughts of Shiori, but I'd have the biggest crush on her. I'd go watch her duels and admire her intelligence and resolute personality. I'd really want to talk to her but feel completely insecure. She's also rather cold in order to hide her own self-doubts, so I'd get upset that she's not a nicer person. I'd probably observe her from afar, though, and maybe be intrigued by her involvement in the student council. If I ever had to chance to talk to her I'd probably get so nervous I'd make a fool of myself, but maybe I get to know her (after Anthy leaves Ohtori, perhaps). I'm a pretty good listener, so maybe she'd open up to me, especially since she and Miki seem to get along and I'm a little like him.

Miki - I think Miki is the first character I could see myself being good friends with, since he's probably quite a thoughtful person at times. He'd probably be the easiest of the student council for me to approach. I'd enjoy listening to him play piano, and I could use the tutoring in math, that's for sure. But he already has a group to belong to (the student council), and I would probably only talk to him about school-related subjects. I'd probably think he was gay (he reminds me of a kid I talked to in high school who I also wondered about).

Nanami - It depends on whether I witnessed her being cruel or not. I might just think she was a cute, frivolous and harmless girl, but I would dislike her if I happened to be at the ball when she embarassed Anthy. She might be nice to my face but I'd always wonder if she was talking about me behind my back. I might find her naivety amusing, though. And I wonder if I'd notice her obsession with Touga.

Kozue - I like Kozue in the anime, but I'm not sure what she would be like to know personally. She would probably have a bad reputation and be gossiped about all the time, so I might feel sorry for her. She seems like a rather outgoing and fun person and I would probably like her wild side if I got to know her. It would be difficult to have a close friendship since she seems a little ditzy, but I could see myself having a crush or even just having fun together once in a while. I would have no idea about her brother issues, though. Unless I saw them interact with each other... Being friends with both might be difficult.

Juri, Shiori, and Ruka - I would be very intrigued about the relationship dynamics between the trio.

Akio - He wouldn't give me the time of day. I might think he was attractive, but I'd be so nervous I'd purposefully avoid him.

The Shadow Play Girls - I would love to witness one of their plays or maybe just see them ocassionally in the halls. I'd really like their personalities and want to learn more about them. I would definitely think there was something going on between A-ko and B-ko haha.

Well, that's how I would probably relate to the cast if I was a student at Ohtori. Feel free to post your own opinions.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Touga's a good example of how I'd be about most of the cast. If he ignores me, I'll hate him. If he pays attention to me, I'll know it's for no good reason and I'll hate him more.

Applied to other characters? Let's say Juri. Ignores me? God damn superficial athletic chicks look down on everyone. Pays attention to me? Ugh, so I'm the loser buddy? Anthy I would wonder about from a safe distance. Saionji I would lust over from...a very very safe distance. At the end of the day, I'd be chummy with the faculty--in all my years of school, it's never been the students I've been most familiar with. Given a centimeter in which to do so, I'd be hanging around Mikage and Akio. (Often as an excuse to get away from the counselor. Yeesh.) It doesn't hurt that aside from being obscenely hot (I'd try to ignore that part in hopes of being able to speak like a human being, a capacity I lose on the odd occasion I meet someone I'm attracted to), they're both nerds. I could listen to them rattle off about science experiments and mythology all week. emot-dance

Edit: In light of the 'debate' I just had with Yasha, I'm forced to admit I would hunt Akio down like a heat-seeking status missile because I'm a massive scholastic suck-up and he's the most powerful person in the school. This would have nothing at all to do with his sex appeal until I was aware of it. Then I'd stutter, jumble up words, blush, and try never to see him again.

This would get me in a lot of trouble.

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I've thought about this a few times, and the only thing I can say for certain is that I would think Juri was a major bitch. emot-gonk I'll admit that I would partially be frightened by her, but I would also resent her for being so cold and unfriendly. Look at Utena-- she's also athletic and not held down by gender roles, but she's very warm and approachable. I'd admire Juri to a certain degree, but I'd never try to speak with her.

I like to think that Shiori would actually be a friend of mine. Aside from her interaction with Juri, she can be a very sweet girl. She is seen walking with a group of girls at one point, and later in the series, a girl waits for Shiori after class. She's also polite and friendly with Utena and Anthy the first time she meets them. It could be an act, but hell if I'd know. I think Shiori would be the closest to a friendship I could establish with any cast member. Well, and Wakaba. I think anyone could get along with Wakaba.

I'd also hate Touga while secretly loathing myself for finding him attractive. Same goes for Saionji, which is ironic, because I can get behind his Anthy-slapping in the series, but if this were to be a reality, hitting his girlfriend would be a major no-no.

... I'd still probably have yaoi daydreams about the two. emot-redface

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I'd probably molest Miki. I'd love to make him blush. But since he's popular, and 'd be new, that would be hard. I'd probably stalk him with notes in his locker, telling him naughty stuff. But just kidding, i'd love to be his friend.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

hmm...I see this more as a teacher than as a student I'm afraid, so it's hard to think of the characters as peers. But I'll try to answer as both, just for fun.

Utena: As a student I would probably worship her from afar as I did with pretty much all of the girls in high school. If circumstances put us together in class or something, I could see us being friends. I've always liked shiny people, you know? As a teacher I'd have adored her. I like shiny students even better, so I would probably have tried to mentor her. Which I'm sure would have frustrated the hell out of both of us. emot-tongue

Anthy: Hard to would depend on how much I knew about her. As a teacher, sadly, I'd probably ignore her.

Miki I would probably resent for being smarter than a teacher it would be  a lot the same, but I would console myself with calling him boring.

Juri I would be to intimidated by to be friendly with. Hard to say how much I would like her though. As a teacher I would maybe make an attempt to get to know her, which would no doubt fail embarrassingly.

Touga I would despise. Mostly jealousy if I were a student...hell, even as a teacher that would figure into it, but either way there's no way I could get along with him.

Saionji I would hate even more than Touga. Like dollface said, the slapping thing is excusable in a cartoon, not in real life. And slashing another student with a sword? Geez.

As a student, I would hate Nanami as well. As a teacher, I MIGHT try to mentor her, but she would probably quickly get on my nerves and lead me to wash my hands of her.

I'd maybe try to be Kozue's friend...but that probably wouldn't work out too well either. Especially if she ever heard me say anything unkind about Miki.

As a student I would steer clear of Akio, but as a, I can't imagine ever hating anyone more than I would hate him. If there were anyone remotely like that on a faculty I was in, one of us wouldn't last long.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

dollface wrote:

I've thought about this a few times, and the only thing I can say for certain is that I would think Juri was a major bitch. emot-gonk I'll admit that I would partially be frightened by her, but I would also resent her for being so cold and unfriendly. Look at Utena-- she's also athletic and not held down by gender roles, but she's very warm and approachable. I'd admire Juri to a certain degree, but I'd never try to speak with her.

Actually, I wouldn't see myself getting along with Utena, at least not right away.  I would view her and Juri in almost the same degree.  They're both strong and beautiful and cool -- too cool for someone like me!  I'd be so conscience at first.  Utena's kindness and being approachable would only add to the stack of things labeled "too good for me."  But over time, I'd see them as just two other people, and maybe then I could chat with Utena and get to know her enough to notice she has flaws of her own.

Juri, however, I may not easily warm up to.  As soon as people tell me that she can make the teachers scared, I'd be pretty hesitant to talk to her myself.  But depending on whether or not I'd want to learn fencing, I could get to like her; and if I became bold and happy enough with my skills, I'd try to befriend her. Or I'd quit because I've no balance and I'd suck. cool

I'd also wonder just what the hell is the Strudent Council responsible for.  Let's see, tutoring and leading the fencing club is something a normal kid can do.  Being a pimp or abusive boyfriend is another thing any random hot guy or wifebeater can do!  Most likely, I'd know nothing about the duels, so I'd ask my new friends or whoever just what the heck are those people for.

The people who I'd want to befriend outright would be Shiori and Anthy.  Shiori because she'd seem very nice and approachable, but without the intimidating sense of Utena or Wakaba (who isn't really intimidating, but would just seem so eccentric and all if I witness her glomping Utena near the window).  I'd want to befriend Anthy because she seems just a little shy and awkward (what with her carrying a little monkey wherever she goes -- not to mention snails and snakes...), just like me.  I'd love to get to know her, join her in the rose garden, and play with her little monkey.  But I don't think Anthy would let just anyone in like that. 

The rest of the cast would be predecitable.  I'd want to pinch Miki's cheeks and ask him to make me smarter.  I'd watch Kozue from afar, at wonder that she looks just like Miki but is completely different, and considering her far hotter than Touga and Saiounji's lovechild.  I'd look at those two and avoid them, because they're just sexy assholes -- and there are so many of those types these days that it's just not sexy anymore.  And chances are, I'd never meet Akio or Mikage.  But if I met Akio, I wouldn't fall for him -- because really, he's old, engaged, and he's the Chairman.  I'd respect him as a superior, and probably consider him as a good guy (I'm not that astute!) if we chatted, but that's it.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

This is an awesome topic! Because as much as I love absolutely all the characters in their own way, I'd hate most of them in real life. emot-tongue

As for the Student Council in general, I'd resent it like hell. I tend to end up despising student organizations with too much power and whose members rode in on popularity, and uh, that's basically them. Or at least, what they would seem like.

I would love, love Utena and Wakaba. Approachable, fun to be around, great confidants. Wouldn't be best friends, maybe, since I'd need at least one person to talk about random intellectual bullcrap, but you could do a lot worse in the friends department. I feel a great affinity towards Utena from wearing the boy pants in Catholic school and beating up assholes. poptart

With Anthy, I'd probably try to talk to her a few times, possibly make a concerted effort if I was in with Utena. Eventually I'd be off-put by the fact that she seems pretty closed-off and fine all by her lonesome, but would be okay with being around her in social situations.

I'd actively hate Shiori and Nanami. Nanami, for being the incredibly obviously fake, powertripping bitch she is. Pretty obvious there. Shiori, because I hate people who will do anything to fill the void of their own self-confidence, including screwing you over when it becomes convenient. What's the point in being friends with people like that? No matter what you do, they're only going to pity themselves and keep doing the same thing to you. I've put up with enough black-hole people like Shiori in my life.

And of course, I'd absolutely hate Saionji and Touga. With Touga, I might be unwillingly attracted, but ultimately so disgusted with this and him that I don't think there's any chance I'd become a groupie. I think we all would hate Saionji for the same reasons.

As for Juri, I'd give her mad respect and kind of admire her, but not exactly try that hard to befriend her. Maybe make a joke or comment to her in an appropriate social situation, but not try to push it farther than that. She can be a little off-putting, so I wouldn't want to take my chances.

I'd have a major crush on Miki. Shy, humble, smart boy? He's like anime Michael Cera. Sure, I like looking at pictures of manly magnificent bastards and all that, but my true preferences lie in a boy who I can smush with lurv and give an embarrassing nickname. etc-love

I'd join The Shadow Play Girls. That's just the type of weird creative bull I tend to go for. Make way for D-ko!

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Stormcrow wrote:

As a student I would steer clear of Akio, but as a, I can't imagine ever hating anyone more than I would hate him. If there were anyone remotely like that on a faculty I was in, one of us wouldn't last long.

Oh shi- you just reminded me of something I've wanted to do as a joke for years. :gets on it:

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Giovanna wrote:

Let's say Juri. Pays attention to me? Ugh, so I'm the loser buddy?

So you know this is funny becuase that's totally the Shiori way of thinking in part?

If I went to Ohtori I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be socializing with any of these people.

Touga I would think was a jerk just on principle.

Saionji I would be afraid of and think was a jerk.

Juri I would secretly lust after but be too afraid to actually talk to her...maybe. If there was ever a chance I was alone with her in the same room I might be inclined to strike up a conversation.

Nanami I would think is a spoiled brat and who made her queen of the school.

Anthy I would wonder why she stays with Saionji.

Miki I might see being more social with just becuase he's a nice kid. He'd probably be my math tutor.

Kouze would take my virginity for hanging out with her brother. ^_~

Utena I suppose I'd just consider I nice popular girl.

Wakaba insane but cute.

Shiori I could see us crossing paths and becoming close only to have the friendship disolve once we no longer have classes together.

Akio I'd wonder what he does in his spare time.

Mrs. Ohtori if seen wandering around the campus would be my secret ultimate crush and I would get hearts in my eyes everytime she walked by. etc-love_ etc-love

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Utena: My first impression of Utena would be, "A crossdresser! Yay, I love crossdressers!" However, I think I'd start to believe that she pitied me if we became friends.

Anthy: I can see myself approaching Anthy and trying to be her friend. Sadly, I doubt that I would have much luck, because she is The Rose Bride, and I'd have to win her in a duel for her to be my friend. emot-frown

Akio: If he's anything like the headmistress at my school, I'd never meet him, and I wouldn't even know what he looks like until my third year in high school. Works for me.

Touga: I just know that I would end up sitting next to him in class while hating every minute of it as he talks about parties he's gone to and how many middle school girl's he's fucked. Then, when I finally get my hopes up of being moved somewhere else, the teacher would only move my seat so that he's sitting in front of me instead of next to me. And then I wouldn't be able to see, because he's so damn tall! emot-mad *Spaz-rant*

Saionji: Assuming that hitting Anthy isn't public knowledge, I would neither like nor dislike him. He'd just be one of the boys that a lot of girls have a crush on.

Juri: I would think that she was hot, but I wouldn't be able to talk to her easily, nor would I make much of an effort to do so.

Miki and Tatsuya: As boys who aren't total jackasses, I think that we would be the bestest friends in the whooole wiiide wooorld. I think that this is true more and more every time I watch Tatsuya's episode, and while Miki's popularity might lessen the chance of us being friends, we'd still get along well.

Nanami: I like Nanami as a character, but, no... just no...

Kozue: Aww. I'm a bad friend for having a crush on Miki's twin sister. ):

Shiori: I would definitely talk to Shiori, and I think we could be good friends.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

That's exactly what I thought when I read that, Alithea. "OMG, Gio sounds like Shiori!"

And now I guess it's my turn.

Utena: I don't think I'd like her much at all. She's a role-model to so many people and yet she doesn't pull herself together and use the brain I know she has. She's naive beyond belief and a lot of the time she stays that way while trying to have this "princely" aura about her. I simply couldn't take it.

Wakaba: Other than her lusting over Saionji, I think I'd like her a lot. I'd love eating all the food she brings. When it came to Saionji, however, I would most definitely want to slap some sense into her.

Touga: Large quantities of absolute hate in his direction. I always have been disgusted by men who look to women as one night stand objects, but even more disgusted with the women that would  flock to him without care. I do believe that's jealousy.

Nanami: I don't think I'd care about her more or less. I don't care for social gatherings, and I don't think we'd even notice each other's presence beyond what I caught of her insanely immature antics.

Saionji: As long as I didn't know about the slapping, I think he'd be my favorite person on campus. His aloofness would keep me distanced from him in terms of talking, but I'd gather onto why pretty quickly. I'd probably join the kendo team just to see if I could do it, and from there organize egg-cooking in woods.

Miki: He would drive me absolutely insane. I'd have the same mentality Juri seems to have of him: Cute, boyish, "innocent", but kind of like a little toy. Despite his "smarts" I wouldn't think him a very clever person. His logic is lacking.

Juri: She'd intrigue me to no end with her coldness and her ability to chase around teachers. My pride would get to me here, and I would do everything in my power to talk to her and see if she could scare me the same way. Heck, I might even try to piss her off just to see that evil death glare. In the end, though, I'd probably find her just another person with talent that everyone craves after and pity her for her sucky life of fame. After the initial few weeks we might actually get along, especially since death glares tend to make me burst out laughing.

Kozue: She'd be intriguing, and she'd confuse the hell out of me. I'd never approach her, or even care to, but Kozue-types seem to like me, so if I caught her interest, there wouldn't be much escaping.

Shiori: We probably wouldn't notice each other at all. Under the freak chance we sat next to each other we might talk and become mild acquaintances, but that's about it.

Anthy: This would be my source of frustration and curiosity throughout the majority of the schoolyear. It's obvious she's smart, and obvious she's quiet for a reason. I'd probably get my kicks off of asking her innocent questions like Utena does and seeing the different ways she responded. Not necessarily scary, but intriguing to the point of aggravation.

Akio: Oh hell no get away. I don't do well with "heads" of schools. I have an automatic dislike for them, especially if they start getting friendly. His "my responsibility" speeches would make me sick. And the fact he was good looking? I would hold that very much against him.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I would probably meet, befriend, feel sorry for, make fun of, and then hopelessly fall in love with Tatsuya, before we both realize we're better off just being friends.

I would despise Juri, Utena and Nanami, for mostly the same reasons.  Their all popular and practically worshipped, which would annoy me to no end.  Most especailly because they are mostly all well known for things other than academic acheivement, such as money, looks and athletic skill. 

I'd probably attempt to be Saionji's Wakaba at some point, with much the same luck.

I would hate Touga, but just like with Akio, I would also find him incredibly sexy.  But also scary, so I would end up avoiding both.

I think I would love Miki, but would never find an appropriate opportunity to meet and befriend him, and would admire and be jealous of his brains in a detached, impersonal way.

Me and Wakaba would get along, and I think me and Shiori would too, but I wouldn't be that close to either, since I like friends who are tad more low-maintenance and have a hard time keeping up with people who like to go out and do lots of stuff together, when I prefer to stay home and dork around on the internet.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Kaelyndra wrote:

That's exactly what I thought when I read that, Alithea. "OMG, Gio sounds like Shiori!"

I know, I figured it'd get a chuckle. emot-keke Really though I'm much more on Saionji's end of things there. Not so much with the boyfriend stealing and acts of spite, more the bitchy commentary and wondering why I involve myself with such assholes.

If Frosty is any sign, I'd get along well with Wakaba. emot-keke If Wakaba's any sign, we'd spend most of our friendship sharing fantasies about Saionji and Akio. Oops. emot-redface

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I would generally act as I do at my college - friendly and polite. I'm way too shy to be anything but. Plus, I don't really see the point in being rude just for the hell of it. I'm not exactly timid, but I have a hard time coping when other people don't like me. Because of this, I'd probably find a small but supportive group of friends. If someone wanted to be friends with me, there would be very few instances where I'd draw away.

I wouldn't really like the Student Council. Not so much the individuals in it, but I'd hate the concept of the Council itself. A privileged group of so-called special people who get unlimited privileges? It would disgust me immensely. Regardless, I'd be curious about its level of secretiveness and probably pursue more knowledge about its members as a point of research.

Individual members. I wouldn't like Touga in the slightest. I'd consider him spoiled and arrogant, and without knowing of his cunning, probably incredibly stupid too. Not that I would ever say this directly to him. But if I ever had the chance, I would enjoy subverting him. Saionji...hard to say. I'd admire his talent and dedication. At the same time, he comes as fairly reclusive to most of the students.

If I ever saw his abuse of Anthy, I would angry. Really angry. I can't stand to see apparently vulnerable people get hurt because I've always had a huge weakness for anyone with a weakness. As for Anthy herself, I would like her quite a bit. Her seemingly gentle mannerisms and quirks would definitely appeal me. I would feel the need to save and protect her. In other words, she could hurt me quite easily.

Utena would get major appreciation from me for not wearing the goddamn uniform. I actually would never stay at Ohtori long, because I would rather go to the neighboring craphole of a public school than wear one of those skirts. They would make sooooo uncomfortable and I'd walk paranoidly thinking everyone is staring at my thighs. Based on that fact alone, I'd be a fan.

Juri might come off as cold, but her fencing and elegance would impress me. If there were ever a character I'd look to as an inspiration, it would be her. She would come across as very strong to me. If I ever saw deeper, I would relate the vulnerability beneath her facade. However, her general demeanor would make it difficult for me to work up the courage to approach her.

I'd like Miki, but consider him relatively uninteresting. I've known too many Mikis in my life, so I'm a bit jaded. Kozue I think I would get along with if, although I would get a bit uncomfortable from time to time. Especially if she flirted with me. Surprise. Despite my sense of humor, I can be rather conservative IRL if I don't feel safe around someone.

I think it'd fit in most at the Black Rose Seminar. It would definitely be my niche. I'd love to acquire knowledge and secrets. Often, I get bored at school because I find my work mundane. But the philosophical goals of the Black Rose would appeal to my intense imagination. Furthermore, it'd allow me to influence things behind the scenes. I would become intellectually obsessed and spend my every waking moment thinking about it. Mikage...I would probably be very drawn to him. He's the kind of man who would inspire my thoughts and infuse my work with purpose. If I was good enough to work on a project with him, I could see myself becoming attracted to him as well. However, I'd find objection with using people quite so ruthlessly. Ultimately I would be torn between my intellectual obsession and my morality. Mikage would both repulse and fascinate me. If he wanted it, I would likely have sex with him. I'm not sure which nature would triumph.

If I were to meet Akio, I'd find him a bit strange and deeply frightening. If I were to somehow talk to him, I'd be fascinated by his somewhat anarchist/nihilistic philosophy. His observations on school would resond deeply with me. Like him, I'd perceive the walls of Ohtori as a cage: a metaphor for the limits of my own mental freedom. Ultimately, it would end poorly. If I could manage to impress him even once, I'd want to do it again and again in some expert performance. If he were to give me time of the day, it would probably amuse him deeply to brush me off. Then I'd collapse into myself and ask me why I couldn't do better. It would likely be a source of acute paranoia that I'm not good enough.  And if he ever put the moves on me, I would have horrible flashbacks act even more like a nervous wreck. At least he'd never sleep with me because I'd vomit and pass out from sheer anxiety. It would be too damn easy for him to fuck with my head.

If Frosty is any sign, I'd get along well with Wakaba.  If Wakaba's any sign, we'd spend most of our friendship sharing fantasies about Saionji and Akio. Oops.

We're probably similar in that regard. I'd find her a lovely person and appreciate that she wouldn't be the type to judge me. Because she can make people very comfortable, I'd seek her out whenever possible.

Nanami: I don't think I'd care about her more or less. I don't care for social gatherings, and I don't think we'd even notice each other's presence beyond what I caught of her insanely immature antics.

Hmm. Not much love for RL Nanami, eh? I would think she's probably the most hilarious person ever. Her pranks would brighten up a bad day. However, the way that she treats people would irk me. And she cuts in lines. That's one of my biggest pet peeves ever.

"You said you would do anything for me, right Mamiya?" Mikage purred as he slithered close. "Yes that's right" Mamiya said with a rosey blush. Mikage's smile was evil and cinister as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a banana. "Eeny meeny myny moo. I wonder where my banana will go?" - The Forbidden Passions of Nemuro



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Kozue would be my best friend. Maybe not best, I guess, but a very close one. She's edgy, into saving animals, and has the type of emotional issues that draw people to me. I might despise her to some point at the same time, thinking her a compulsive liar when she tells me about being a famous pianist and that she slept with the school chairman, as well as envying her ability to seduce so many, but her low self esteem would make mine look better.

Utena is a jock. It just wouldn't happen. Whether I found her gender-bending refreshing or poseur-esque, intimacy would not develop. She's also too popular, which I would probably resent.

More resentment would go to the entire student council. I have to govern my school and I wouldn't understand why I couldn't get onto it. At first, it might seem simply that I'm not good enough to be invited, but when Nanami gets in... emot-mad I would create my own SOS Brigade and subvert all their attempts at order. FIGHT THE MAN. That also sort of states my opinion on Nanami. Two faced ditzy hobag! I think I'd see the individual members as slutty (Touga), creepy (Saionji), bitchy (Juri), pitiable (Anthy), and the most adorable thing on two legs (Miki). As Kozue's friend, I would find Miki the cutest thing ever, though kind of annoying and sad too.

I think I would pass Akio over as being the older man that everybody liked. He doesn't have enough of a soul or badass personality (from where most people are standing) to be indie enough for me.

Wakaba, Shiori, Tatsuya, Keiko, Yuko, Aiko, and so on would go under my radar because they are ridiculously normal. Oh, more pretty boys? Oh, more followers? Oh, more fangirls? Wonderful.

Suzuki, Yamada, and Tanaka would be my buddies. I love collecting creepy loveless nerd boys for friends. I would groan at their Nanami crushes and encourage them to go for more interesting people and browse 2ch with them all day long. It would be wonderful.

And if Mikage existed, I would have the hugest crush on him and think he was the absolute coolest.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that everyone would crush on Mikage. We are all a bit nerdy.

...Er, I guess that was my confession on Mikage. Probably the only guy in school I would like. Everyone else is too cute or a total womanizing jerk.

I already covered Shiori, but I'd like to add in that I'd slowly fall in love with her. When I confessed, she would either use me for personal gain or reject me, in which case I would become lonely and bitter. This, however, would not create a bond between Juri and myself. I would still dislike her. In fact, I'd probably find myself crawling towards Kozue to make me feel better (she could temporarily provide comfort, but ultimately just make me more miserable). Although, if Shiori did use me, I wouldn't be unhappy about it. Unlike Juri, I would probably accept my love and I'd do anything to be around Shiori. Juri resents her feelings and hates the fact that she feels this way, hence the bitterness. So here's to hoping that Shiori will use me! Perhaps I need to get in good with Utena so I can become populer, giving Shiori more reason to use me.

New Synopsis: I would make friends with Utena, then make friends with Shiori.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I'm actually a bit surprise by how many people say they would be attracted to Mikage. He's never seemed to get the attention that's usually garnered to the more conventional lovelies of the Utena cast. And here I thought I was being a tad original. emot-rofl

So here's to hoping that Shiori will use me!

Ah. Now that's romantic. emot-tongue I will say that it's often better to be needed rather than loved, and I would think that's very true for Shiori. Because she detests so much about herself, her hatred is reflected in others in the form of envy. Not that she's truly incapable of loving. But it would be a slow, arduous process. She didn't really even love Ruka, did she? Not really. She needed him as an excuse to love herself.

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"You said you would do anything for me, right Mamiya?" Mikage purred as he slithered close. "Yes that's right" Mamiya said with a rosey blush. Mikage's smile was evil and cinister as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a banana. "Eeny meeny myny moo. I wonder where my banana will go?" - The Forbidden Passions of Nemuro



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

In general, I'd try to make nice with everyone until it is either a) a waste of time or b) revealed that they're crazy and/or stupid.

Utena-- I'd probably get along pretty well with her. I would probably get tired of having to explain things to her, though.

Anthy-- I think I'd like her, but she'd probably wind up being a "project" more than a friend. I'm sure half of my statements would start with, "You'd be so cute, if....".

Wakaba-- She's a little too hyper for her own good, but we'd be okay. I'd probably get pissed off whenever she made her little backhanded comments about Anthy. At the same time, I'd be trying to convince her to get over Saionji and date that nice Tatsuya boy instead.

Tatsuya-- So ordinary that he'd be my best guy friend.

Mikage-- He'd intimidate the hell out of me. People who are visibly smarter than I am tend to do that.

Saionji-- I'm sure I would attempt to kick him in the nads at least once, more if I knew he was knocking Anthy around like that.

Touga-- Real!Touga would probably be hot. I wouldn't hit on him, just make incredibly perverse comments to Anthy, Wakaba, and Utena about him. Then I'd find out that he was hitting on anything with a vagina, and I'd just make man-whore jokes while secretly wondering why the hell he hasn't hit on me and my awesome rack yet.

Nanami-- I'd be okay with her until I realized how unpleasant she is. Every time she or her minions messed with Anthy or Utena, I'd be gunning for her. Seriously, you don't mess with me or my people. Payback's a bitch, and so am I. emot-biggrin

Keiko, Aiko, and Yuuko-- I can tell they don't like Nanami, so I'd try to get them to bail on her as much as possible to avoid my wrath.

Miki-- He'd be a male Utena to me. I'd be trying to push him and Anthy together, or trying to corrupt him every chance I get.

Kozue-- She'd be my "slutty friend". Every girl should have one...unless they are one.

Juri-- If she comes off as frigid and emotionally distant upon first meeting her as she does in the series, I'd want nothing to do with her.

Shiori-- Honestly, I don't know.

Ruka-- same as Touga.

Kanae-- I probably wouldn't give her a second thought unless someone pointed her out to me.

Akio-- same as Touga, only worse.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?


First off, I would violently hate Utena. To the point everyone would know, and I'd be like BRING IT.

I'd probably get along well with Anthy. We'd probably never see eachother outside of school, but hey. Though, I might think her horrible grades are a turnoff for being a class buddy and all.

Honestly, I don't think I'd give a rat's ass about Touga.

Saionji and I would be sorta friends. We'd have similar interests and all that good stuff. Maybe we'd do stuff together sometimes, but we probably wouldn't be too YAY about it. (Maybe we'd drink cheap beer and watch violent movies on occasion?)

I don't think I'd even know Miki exists.

I would never have any reason to know Nanami at all.

Really, I couldn't stand Juri. She's a stuck up bitch, and not worth the time honestly. And really, I'd know her toughness is an act, cause I do it all the fucking time.

I don't think I'd know Wakaba or the other black roses, but I'd have girls just like them I'm sure, just as I did in real highschool.

Ruka and I would be NURSE BUDDIES. Really, I can't see me having any reason to talk with him at all, but I'd probably know of him and have nothing against him. I'd only be friends if he decided so.

I'd always try to dress up ChuChu. In fact, I'd volunteer to ChuChu-sit all the time.

I might be friends with Mikage. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'd think I would. We wouldn't be like, confessional buddies though. Maybe we'd play-argue. Eventually, I'd be pretty sure he's insane, even though I'd be guilty of it in the same way. I'm not sure if I'd keep putting up with it or try to avoid him though.

...Dude, Akio has a mullet, he'd be the basis of every wisecrack I'd make at school.

Seriously though, I'd probably be friends more with the normal students. Regardless if I was in the student council or not- if I was, the other guys would probably just be acquaintances.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I'm sort of with Gio in that I would probably get along better with the faculty than with the students, but not for the same reasons.

Akio would probably be really dangerous for me. I can see myself having delightful conversations with him - assuming he even gives me the time of day - and I can even imagine myself developping a crush on him. If he put the moves on me I'd flee in terror, though. However, I don't think it would ever get to that point, because in the normal course of things I'd never see him more than in passing. And from where I'd be standing at that moment, he'd just be another school official like any other. Well, maybe younger-looking and more handsome than the average teacher, but nothing that special.

I'd probably be intimidated by Mikage. Same goes for Juri and Ruka

I'd think Saionji was a bitch-slapping asshole, and I'd avoid him like the plague.

Utena would puzzle me. I wouldn't understand her popularity with girls, and I would probably not know her personally at all. We just wouldn't gel, but we wouldn't be enemies or anything.

Touga's popularity would really, really annoy me, especially if I knew about his reputation as a player. The knowledge that half the girls in school lined just to be used by him would enrage the feminist in me. I'd be vocal about it on more than one occasion.

At first, I think that I'd be morbidly curious about Nanami. I thought that superficial popular girls who did horrible things for petty, malicious reasons were just an exaggerated teen movie stereotype. I'd steer way clear of her and her posse, and probably be successful, unless she takes exception to girls who DON'T think her brother is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can never really tell with her.

Small talk with Miki would probably be the extent of my relationship with him.

I probably wouldn't notice Anthy existed.

Wakaba and I would never see each other outside school.

Kozue would strike me as distant and self-absorbed, so we probably would never talk. Since one of us would have to approach the other first, and neither of us would initiate contact.

I could be friends with Shiori. Not best friends, but friends nonetheless.

ChuChu would freak me out. I'd honestly be afraid of it.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Wait, waitwaitwait.

. What the hell am I talking about?

If I was in Ohtori, I would rape Saionji. 

End of story.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Can I lure all Ohtori to Colorado for a ski trip that ends in opportunities to showcase my superiority to the entire cast, numerous jokes about color coding, and passionate flaming lip-locks?



Assuming I'm a student, I'm likely to have a crush on Utena.  This will never go anywhere because I find her intimidating and she doesn't trust me anyway because I have testicles.  Nevertheless, we play badminton sometimes.  She always beats me.  We're sort of friends, though I often have to remind her what my name is.

I don't trust Touga or Saionji because they have testicles.

I think Juri is cute, but it never occurs to me to make a pass at her.  After graduating, I grow to appreciate her personality in recollection and wonder if I missed an important opportunity.

I fap to Kozue sometimes but don't even try to get into her head.  She scares me.  I want to stay under the radar as far as that one's concerned.

I resent Mikage because he's the only kid who gets better grades than me.  I think about starting a competing seminar, but decide it's better not to create drama.

Nanami comes to me sometimes for help with school.  I look forward to it because she seriously underrates herself scholastically and the expression on her face when she realizes she solved that algebra problem all by herself is priceless.

I peg Shiori as trouble immediately.  She has a weird vibe that I can't define but want no part of.  I stay away from her.

I view Akio as the symbolic head of the school.  It never crosses my mind that he has a personal life.

Ruka and I meet in the cafeteria and have a heart-to-heart about our lives and dreams over Salisbury steak.  I think he's the wisest person I've ever met.  I never see him again.

I have a fling with Wakaba after meeting her while trying to get Utena to notice me.  It ends in tears because she thinks I'm smothering her and I don't think she's committed enough.

Miki sometimes plays on my side for badminton doubles with Utena and Wakaba or Juri.  He's hopeless.  I get really mad at him all the time.

Anthy sits on the sidelines and claps.  I never have any idea who she is.



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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Hahaha! Satyre, I wanna come. We have to protect each other from Ruka, "TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE!!!" emot-rofl

I think I could get along with all the Ohtori gang, but the face I'd have to wear for each one would be slightly different - the only one I'd even consider being realistic with would be Anthy because it just so happens in real life, I notice the quiet, more reserved people and they're usually the wisest. Besides that, she's a codependent's DREAM COME TRUE! emot-biggrin I wouldn't be able to sleep at night for all the rescue fantasies I'd have in my head!

Utena - she's friendly, so just being friendly back would ensure a friendship. But because she's so into sports, and I'm so not, we really wouldn't have much in common to talk about. I'd really respect her ideals, and so I'd call her up as often as possible to go do stuff - since you become like the company you keep. But it's conversation that makes friends connect, so if we didn't - she wouldn't be a close friend. Unless we were both already friends with Anthy and discussed how great she was!

Nanami - I think she's really funny, her bitchiness, and I'd laugh every time she made a snotty comment. She'd notice I thought she was a riot, and we'd be friends. But then, I'd immediately start lecturing her about how it was wrong to do her three girlfriends like she did. And how she mimics their desperate behavior when she's around her brother so she should have some sympathy, lest he treat her like she treats them.

Touga - actually, I've been noticing more and more what a great sense of humor he has. Always laughing through the events of the show. That laughter is endearing. Though I realize approaching Touga as a possible dating candidate would sabotage all hopes of friendship, so I'd approach as a buddy. In middle school, I happen to get seated next to the most popular boy in school (the kiddie Touga) - well, I liked the bad boy, not this jock next to me, so it was easy to talk with him. He was really funny, and since all the girls were reduced to piles of drool around him - he liked having a female friend who didn't react like that, and I liked having a cute guy as my 'status symbol' friend. Since my last name J and Touga's is a K, we'd be sat next to each other and get along fabulously...I'd privately joke about how he pulls that "standing in the circle of girls, giving a weird 'notice me' stare."

Saionji - if I were gonna date any of the guys on campus, Saionji would be my pick. I'll assume he hasn't HIT Anthy yet (or think he loves her =/), and explain to him that if he beats up THE RIGHT PEOPLE, he'll be a hero to everyone...including me, and everyone would respect him endlessly. But if he hits a girl, especially me, I'd be in Akio's office every single afternoon complaining that that violent student needed to be expelled. Also, I'd round up the boys in my family to mutilate him to such a degree that he ended up in the hospital, toothless, and eternally lost his pride! But it wouldn't come to that, as Saionji would choose to fight for the right reasons and everyone would adore him. Also, he carves wood - and so can I! We'd do it together, awww!

Akio - I like to talk to teachers, I wouldn't know he was a bastard right off, so I'd probably gravitate over to the planetarium. Of all the people on campus, he'd be the most interesting which I mean, to debate ideas. If he spoke honestly of his philosophy, then I'd consider it a personal challenge to meet him every single day and argue against it. People are expendable pawns, no people are valuable individuals. It's fine to manipulate and trap people into doing what you want, no, that may get the desired result, but it's more fulfilling when they choose to work with you because they love you! Back and forth, it would be very stimulating. Neither would, because with attitude like that, even though he's attractive on the outside, he appears so ugly on the inside that sex would never cross my mind...UNLESS, he convinced me that sleeping with him would once and for all prove my ideals were the right ones.

Juri - series makes her look mean, why she just slaps Anthy! Don't slap at my Anthy! emot-mad But after reading lotsa fanfiction, and especially recently Ashnod's fanfic, Juri was characterized so realistically, and so humanely, I think she'd be a good, strong friend. I like strong people, and her strength would be comforting. I'd not know about her Shiori weakness, so that would never come into play. I'd probably innocently ask her about her locket one day, and if she fidgeted AT ALL...I would make a mental note that there was a story there. One day, after we'd been friends long enough, I'd go to Juri and ask again about what was up there. Saying, well you know, if it's a troubling you and you're my friend, then you should tell me and it'll make you feel better. (it would) She probably still wouldn't tell, but if she did... then I'd have to meet Shiori to see whether or not I recommended Juri confessing her feelings.

Shiori - seems kind of timid, and I have a weakness for timid people. I notice them right away, and then pick out their merits and try to convince them there is no reason to be timid as they're just as good, if not better than all the other people in the world. (being MY friend makes it so - what makes you special as a human? other people's love) Just like the merits of the quiet, stoic person - the timid one is usually briming with potential, they just BELIEVE they're not, due to some bad circumstance/person making them feel otherwise. She'll be fine, like my mother told me when I got depressed, I'd tell her: "You just have to STOP comparing yourself to others. You are your own unique person!" Then, I'd test out some girl-on-girl jokes and make special notice of her reaction. If she laughed in kind of a 'scared freaked out, but I'ma agree with you anyway way' then I'd tell Juri to keep her mouth shut. If she was into it, well then I'd go find dollface to break her in! ;D

Ruka - I wouldn't make friends, only speak when spoken to. He publicly humiliates Shiori like a douchebag & makes strong Juri look weak. I don't like people who make my pillars of strength weak. This is why I hate watching strong people fall in love. How can the love be good, if it makes them LESS than what they were before? Shouldn't they be MORE!!! Anyway, no Ruka. Bad vibes. Regardless of his motives, I see him treating both Shiori & Juri badly. I wouldn't like him at all.

Wakaba - high energy people make me feel tired. I'd think she was bubbly fun to hang out with in the Smoking Area (assuming the cast is equivalent to my age and we can), but she wouldn't be someone I'd call up to visit.

Miki & Kozue - I'd wanna interview them for social experiments on twins. Kozue would probably agree, Miki might decline...except that we'd have build a solid friendship as he was teaching me to play the piano (since he's kind and doesn't lord his intelligence over the heads of others) so he might fold and allow the experiments. If I picked up on Kozue having a sexual desire for her brother, I'd be floored and wouldn't have a clue as to how to handle the situation. Usually a problem appearing makes me zoom toward a person, but in this case, I might retreat due to being ineffective at finding a solution.

Mikage - probably the one person I'd have trouble befriending outright. Intelligence being the factor I respect the most, which intimidates me the most, and he's not exactly the type I see sitting in a diner at night explaining his theories to me in layman's terms while I ask wide-eyed questions. No, I'd have an easier time getting to know him by first befriending either Tokiko or Mamiya. Otherwise, I'd just be another face in the crowd. Attending lectures because I so wanted to grasp the information, feverishly taking notes, only to have every bit of the information slip my mind the minute I walk out the doors. =/

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I would most certainly be a teacher. For all my brilliance as a kid, I was too much of a behaviour problem to get into Ohtori as a student... wait... that's the point....

As a student, I would be one of her distant fangirls, but I would do more than drool over her. I would totally be talking to her about our aunts; mine are as outre as Yurika-one being a drunken banker and the other a drunken blackjack dealer. I would have hilarious stories to tell. As a teacher however, I would check on her from time to time and give her a pamphlet on how to deal with stress.

I would like her from afar as a student, not really understanding why other kids picked on her. As a teacher, she would be my despair. She IS an awful student...

I would adore Wakaba. Either as a teacher or a student, we would just be so totally genkii together. We would also be lucklessly in love together.

I honestly can't say how I'd react to Touga. I'd probably be off his radar as a student, but as a teacher, I would have to deal with him. Personally though, we would probably share feelings of parental abandonment.

I see everyone taking mostly offense, but honestly, as a student, I'd probably one of his fangirls. You have to remember that the side that the Duellists know isn't the face he presents to the world. As a teacher, I would admire the Bushido Zen attitude he has.

I would consider her a rival. I would probably join the fencing club as a student to get myself forcibly in shape ("if you do any fencing, then you know a sword becomes of nearly infinate weight!") and want to do more than just last two seconds against her. As a teacher, I would try my damndest to deflect her hostility by being constantly sunny. I hate confrontation, so it's a guess as to how well that would work.

I would be happy to be his friend. As a student and a teacher. I'm a utterly non-jealous person, so I would probably beg him to teach me how to play.

I would be missing my family, so that's one thing he could control. I would be so laughably easy to control, but I have a Japanese attitude on taking compliments-I wouldn't believe it. I might present an interesting little diversion; but the seduction would happen sooner or later. I would probably talk existential things with him.

As a student, I would be at once repulsed and intrigued. I can't let well enough alone and would try to get to know him as a person. As a teacher, I would come to him and use him as a sounding board for frustrations and ideas and theories. He would probably be intrigued by my contradictions: overly emotional, yet logical, a genkii disposition and yet a meloncholy heart, outgoing yet never offering my true heart...

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Utena-  I'd probably really like her, and would be able to get along with her just fine. Most likely I'd try to become more athletic if I spent time with her, and would give her alot of advice that would probably get us both in trouble.  Her interpretations on the things around her would amuse me endlessly.

Anthy would end up disturbing  me a bit.  I'd always like her, but be deathly afraid that she hated me.  So, I'd be very polite and try to make conversation whenever possible.  I'd adore that she played piano, and I'd want to play with her when possible.

Wakaba... Wakaba.  I honestly don't think we'd like eachother one bit.  She'd dislike me for being strange, and I'd dislike her for being too... Wakaba.

Touga and I would get along strangely well.  I've known many men like him, and I've always made friends with them.  I'd ask him to model for me while I drew, discuss ways of seducing people, and in general just be a companion.  I'd play piano for him, he'd seduce girls and I'd be amused... it'd all work out.  I'd have to be careful not to get too far in his world of glitter.  Even if I wasn't attracted to him, I'd probably be oddly comfortable with his amount of physical contact.

Saionji... I'd try so hard to hate him.  It wouldn't happen.  If he and I where to exchange even two sentences, I'd either develop either a deep respect or sympathy for him.  The fact that he hit Anthy so publicly would bother me, but not enough to stop talking to him.  I don't know how he'd react to me... I tend to be very feminine and soft spoken, almost traditional but still twisted.  If he wanted to babble on about his love for Anthy, I'd sadly be more then willing to listen.

Akio... <3Akio. I'd do nothing regarding Akio, unless I caught his attention.  If he showed a smidgen of his true self, I'd quickly be a regular at his tower.  I love learning about the stars, I love hearing poetic things, I even adore learning about plants and symbolism.  His intelligence would captivate me, although I'd be suspicious of many things about him.  The way he treated Kanae would make me very very sad, and I'd feel guilty if I ever felt he was choosing to pay attention to me over her.  Which, he'd probably do if he saw that.

Juri... who knows how I'd react to Juri.  At first her hostility would scare me away, but if I had a particular reason to get to know her, we might get along well.  She might find my occasional softness cute, which would piss me off.  Most likely we just wouldn't talk much at all.

Miki would frustrate me, but, piano.  Piano in common makes everything better.  I'd want him to teach me how to fence, because I'd be unwilling to ask Juri, and unlikely to join the fencing team.

Nanami wouldn't really irritate me as long as she wasn't that cruel.  I'd compliment her on her clothing and be a regular at her social functions as long as their where other people I wanted to see.

Shiori is someone I probably would make no effort to befriend.  Although I wouldn't dislike her, and I'd be intrigued by the sorrow that followed her, I just don't think she'd catch my eye.  If I where to befriend her, she'd drive me absolutely insane with worry, even though I'd find it all very charming.

Ruka's beauty would fascinate me.  So so pretty and so so cold.  He would remind me of someone else I knew, so I'd avoid him for the most part.  If he talked to me and showed me special attention, I'd be suspicious and on edge.

Kozue would be my love.  Everything about her would amuse me.  Her sexual freedom, her insecurities, her wildness, her quotes.  She'd be a horrible influence on me, and I'd be an intellectual influence on her.  I'd try so hard to teach her how to play the piano again, and encourage her kindly about it.



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