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Saionji Slapper
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Re: [Welcome] Introduce yourself here!!


Registered: 10-21-2006

I've been absent quite a while ago... A lot of things have happened and changed, but the love for Utena is still... I'm Jonathan and I'm from Venezuela and I thought it was a good idea to present myself again. Recovering account and the likes of loving Utena once again... I'm ready psychologically... xD I know some ppl here, but I might review everything.

I am in debt with for Spanish scripts of the series, I will sent them to Gio for review and publishing.

Ask whatever you want!

"... and all of this is all an illusion. You will wake up, open your eyes and see that you are alone, in the middle of the night, crying and wishing to have someone by your side holding you and wiping out those tears.

That will be also an Illusion."



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Re: [Welcome] Introduce yourself here!!

We mostly party on Discord now.

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